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  1. So maybe after the Rogue One spinoff movie, can we get a TIE Fighter spinoff movie? Looks amazing!
  2. I think the rather mild popularity of KotOR 2 (in the grander world of gaming with its Grand Theft Autos and Call of Doodies) has meant Kreia has always been a bit overlooked when people make their lists of best characters in games. She occasionally gets the appreciation such a character deserves, but never enough, if you ask me. Avellone wrote her perfectly, and Sara Kestelman voiced her brilliantly. On that note, if you find any interviews with Kestelman where she talks about her work in KotOR2, be sure to post it. Haven't been able to find anything myself.
  3. Always good to see you, Glenn! Merry Christmas! :D

  4. The Taris outcasts could be seen as a cult... And there's probably other Star Wars games that have cults. Jedi Outcast's Sith cult, for example. The Old Republic has a cult. It's mostly all Sith cults anyway. Off the top of my head, I'm also thinking of Tomb Raider, the Fallout series and Vampire: Bloodlines.
  5. This made me realize I really would like to have a physical Pazaak deck. I do like what you're doing with your personalized Pazaak cards, but I prefer the "matte" colors of the original. Other than that, looks good.
  6. I've read some things along the way, but I've drawn the line after the teaser. No more spoilers for me!
  7. Looks great. Not convinced by the lightsaber myself, but Lynk's explanation would make sense. I'm not going to let the design of a sword deter me from giving the movie a chance, either way.
  8. So, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, eh? Could've been worse. Still, seeing it written out right now, it does read like a title of a fan fiction story.
  9. I'm not a fan of the animation. Too... bland, especially after what we've been used to in The Clone Wars series. The Wookiees in the premiere get the worst of it. Storywise it started off quite well in its first episodes. Some fun characters (Chopper, the astromech, is great) and decent action. And it does have the atmosphere of the OT, of the Empire versus the little guy, down. Some stuff is still hit and miss (Ezra doesn't entirely convince me and I thought the third episode lacking somewhat) but it does have potential. The most recent episode might be all the convincing you'll need. It's a bit darker than what comes before it.
  10. Looking forward to the series, it seems to get a lot of love right out of the gate. Haven't seen the premiere yet, I'm catching up on the Clone Wars series right now. Speaking of, a lot of EU stuff eventually did make its way into the new canon through it. Can you guess what EU element introduced in KotOR made it through? Selkath... XD
  11. Gillen eh? I'm not a comic book reader (anymore), and I haven't read any of his works, but I still remember him fondly from his days at RockPaperShotgun. A proper video game journalist if I ever saw one. Anyway, it's to be expected that this new age of Star Wars will initially focus on stories set in the era of the movies. I'm hoping they go back to exploring different times of the universe in the future. I'm much more interested in that.
  12. Yeah, I'm glad it's working out for them. They took a risk with GotG, not in the least by letting Gunn do his thing and it seems like a genuinely fun movie. Sadly I have been having to watch everyone gush over the movie on the internet while it's not even out hereyet. Waiting is so hard!
  13. Good job Germany, totally deserved. Anyone else thought this game was quite dirty, though? Both teams could (should!) have gotten red cards. Yep, I think there were a lot of players that deserved to win it more than Messi, including those three.
  14. That's all relative. Apparently their first real chance on goal happened in the last minutes of the first 90 minutes. They do have a good plan, though (courtesy of Van Gaal) that compensates for their lack of quality. So a deserved win against Brazil, at least (even though Brazil was again very, very poor).
  15. Neither deserved to win that game. I hope for the sake of football Germany win on Sunday.
  16. It's not like a second verse got them a sixth World Cup, so I'm hoping they shelve that idea in the future anyway. I'm not sure it's disrespectful per sé and I don't think it was intended as such, but I definitely found it obnoxious. I personally don't put much worth in national anthems, so others might disagree. Too much patriotism or nationalism scares me anyway. And I'm happy Brazil lost. Which is weird to say, considering I was rooting for Brazil in almost every World Cup I saw, including the 2002 final which they won against Germany. But all the obnoxious fringe activities, the overconfidence and the abysmal football they played (a farcry from the 'jogo bonito' that previous Seleçao have shown) have made me turn against this team and so I relished in this crushing defeat. Also, let's not forget how well Germany played. To me, it's the only team that really deserves this World Cup (not only based on their football, but through their hard work and the long term planning of German football in general that lead to this moment).
  17. Well, I think they were a bit too tame, they showed a bit too much respect. And ultimately, the attacking players, Hazard first and foremost, have disappointed. Didn't see the Netherlands, but I wasn't that surprised. They haven't impressed at this tournament. Neither has Argentina, to be honest. If I had to take a guess, the winner of this World Cup is the winner of Brazil-Germany.
  18. Yeah, Howard's performance was incredible. The US has been an entertaining team at this WC. Credit to their tenacity. But finally a performance of Belgium to be proud of, the win was in the end wholly deserved.
  19. Who knew that'd be the most exciting match of that group? (thanks to a blundering defense, it must be said) But who expected Suarez to bite again? What a weird little dude. I'm a bit sad Italy is out. They didn't play good in their last two matches, but even only for Prandelli I'd have wanted them to go through. And now we're getting a Costa Rica-Greece second round match-up. What the hell... This World Cup is so strange.
  20. I think you meant Iran - Nigeria. In all seriousness, I'd personally go for Brazil - Mexico. Though the intensity of both games are to be admired.
  21. I hear ya. The one thing that I've missed the most is teaming up with you guys, really. I've never been a multiplayer guy, but the social aspect has been really fun. I've been looking for another multiplayer game that could deliver that (not necessarily an MMO or RPG) but none that really interest me.

  22. You could see Ghana was the better team. In fact, Ghana probably is the best African team on this tournament, going by the first group matches. They did have a lack of creativity in the final third. USA played to their strengths. Left possession to Ghana and waited for quick counterattacks. The very early goal dictated the rest of the game and the quick 2-1 after the equalizer was a decisive blow to Ghana's belief. Good job, Chile and Croatia! I was expecting this outcome for Spain, to be honest, after their match against the Netherlands. Because I feel like Chile is a better team and has been more impressive than the Netherlands have been so far. It'll be interesting to see who's gonna go out on top in that group, because number two gets to play against Brazil in all likelihood.
  23. Boy, I must have punched a hole through the air after the 2-1. First half was really bad, second was better but they can still do so much better. The tempo is the biggest working point for this team, if they can up their tempo, they'll be a force to be reckoned with.
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