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  1. A poor Portugal, but Germany is pure class. Big favorite.
  2. Hey! Yes, long time no see! I indeed got a bit tired of the game. I think it's partly the game's fault, but eventually I get tired of every game, so it was going to happen sooner or later. I don't think I've actually logged in since September last year. Played some singleplayer games since then, which is what I prefer anyway. But, you know, I might check in on it once in a while, I still feel I should at least finish the Agent's story.

  3. Dat Pirlo. The Costa Rica victory was great. Totally unexpected, but against an uninspired Uruguay, who can't seem to make the game against lesser opponents.
  4. Belgium, obviously. We've been waiting a long time for our team to return to the international competitions, so it goes without saying everyone is getting into it! And we actually stand a chance of getting some remarkable results. If we get through the group, we don't have to be afraid of anyone. I don't see us actually getting farther than quarterfinals, though. Other than that, I've always supported Australia, but... yeah... they'll get stomped in their group. Chile, as well. They charmed me 4 years ago with their open, attacking style. I'm hoping they qualify in their group (preferably taking the place of the Netherlands ^^). And I always support the little teams, just for the heck of it. Honduras, Costa Rica, Iran, always fun to watch.
  5. Plus, Boba Fett's dead at this point, right? Considering one of the first new novels is written by John Jackson Miller, who wrote the KotOR and Knight's Errant comics, we might already see some old EU stuff brought into the new canon. I can imagine for these veteran Star Wars writers it'll be hard to shake off the old EU and they might unwittingly already be writing about planets or starships or whatever else that at this point aren't canon.
  6. "While the universe that readers knew is changing, it is not being discarded. Creators of new Star Wars entertainment have full access to the rich content of the Expanded Universe." Well I expect more than a few things finding its way back to official canon. A lot of elements have been cluttering the EU beyond repair, but there's also a lot that wouldn't make sense to disregard. Starwars.com pointed to Rebels already including elements of the EU. I'm a bit saddened Thrawn won't be considered canon, as I feel it was a big part in Luke's arc and established some great elements in the EU, but again, Thrawn and Mara Jade, to name two, might find their way back to the new canon in no time. Either way, it won't diminish my enjoyment of the stories of the EU I like (but now I'll probably do have to resign to never knowing what happened to Sev ). Oh, and now no more "Revan Vs." threads, because he isn't canon anymore. Muahahahaha!
  7. Does this apply to people as well? I'm becoming unsure all of a sudden. :/
  8. For me it's not really that it's Star Wars that makes me come back to them. It was the major reason why I got into them and it's still one of the reasons why I like it so much. But in the end, that's not why I keep coming back. I had to think for a minute why I do, then, and the reasons aren't really different from why I keep replaying other games (it's a small bunch, really: Republic Commando, The Longest Journey & Dreamfall): they have great characters (HK-47, Kreia, Scorch, April Ryan, etc.) and interacting with them, even though you know all the lines already, is always a treat. Also, the locales you get to explore are so special they're etched into your mind and draw you back in when you suddenly think of them. For me personally, the ocean view on Manaan, the eery Peragus, the creepy abandoned ship in Republic Commando, Casablanca in Dreamfall, those are the places I love coming back to. What makes them so special for me as a gamer, though: KotOR for introducing me to RPGs and TSL for being my personal favorite game ever.
  9. I didn't know what the Guardians of the Galaxy were either, but I've read some things about it and it's apparently exactly the kind of thing Star Wars fans would like, so naturally I'm interested. And it looks great. It does seem like the riskiest thing Marvel has done so far. People seem to say the thing with the talking raccoon will put people off, but seriously, that raccoon is the greatest thing ever!
  10. LucasArts' demise is still fresh in everyone's minds and you might wonder if another look into LucasArts' history is worth it. Well, Gameinformer's LucasArts Post-mortem article "Fall Of The Empire: How Inner Turmoil Brought Down LucasArts" is definitely worth the read. It goes into the mismanagement, the unrealistic ambitions, George Lucas crazyness and more! Some quotes: On Jim Ward: On Lucas' imput: On what could have been: On LucasArts' relationship with the defunct Battlefront III project's Free Radical: And there's so much more George Lucas madness and tragic anecdotes. "B.J. Dart". Haha.
  11. Burn it to the ground, Lynk, BURN IT TO THE GROUND! Feel free to be as open as you want about your depression and loss of lust for life (or games, as it's basically the same thing) when talking about ME3's ending. Anyway, commented on your article (yes, I read the thing): in short, I remember ME1 fondly.
  12. Not even the ones that deserve it?! Yeah, there's really no clarity on the what and the how and it might not be as drastic as it seems. A few questions do arise in my mind (for example concerning the status of certain post-ROTJ characters), but it's too early to tell, really. Anyway, Luke Skywalker with an Ozai voice. That's my wishlist right there.
  13. The actual release, yes. I think backers get parts of the game earlier (gradually as they are released). Which is, of course, only a Beta.
  14. Rockpapershotgun is doing a preview of 2014, for PC of course. It's not necessarily a list of most anticipated, but you might want to check it out, in case you're afraid you're going to forget one in the ocean of amazing games 2014 is obviously going to bring. Part 1 and Part 2 are online and there's still a Part 3 coming up. I'm just glad we all have so much free time to dedicate to all those games, amirite!
  15. Yeah, I hope they were expecting it themselves, otherwise they're in for some hard times. It's still sad, though. They launched some great comics within the SW universe. Let's not forget that the Tales of the Jedi series had a direct influence on how KotOR became what we now all know and love.
  16. Destiny The Witcher 3 Dreamfall Chapters Watch Dogs Transistor Would be my top 5, in no particular order.
  17. This can't be right. I just voted for game of 2012... Ugh, how time flies. Anyway, as always, have only played like 2 games of this whole list, and I went with Tomb Raider over AC4. There's a chance I'd really love The Last of Us and Rayman Legends (games I will definitely try out some time in the future), but can't really vote for stuff I didn't play yet.
  18. The midichlorian thing never really bothered me. Whether it's a retcon or it actually fits within the mythology, I feel that this is one of (more than) a few minor things that bothered people about the prequels, but detract from the real issue of the prequels, which for me personally is pretty simple: It didn't have the magic from the original trilogy. It's a pretty vague concept to pass judgement on movies with, I know, but I feel the things that made the OT so great were lacking in the PT. The adventurous nature of the OT, I feel, became lost in a story of Trade Federations and elections and trade blockades in TPM and AotC and RotS were more concerned with a love story and giving us so much lightsabers and pew pew and Yoda ballet dancing that it missed the opportunity of giving us the Anakin-Obi Wan buddy adventure that was alluded to even in the movies itself.
  19. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) Isn't this exciting!
  20. Don't have any ideas that haven't been mentioned yet at the moment but I just want say: amazing job, Lynk, we're glad to have someone like you who cares so much about this community and has the skill to keep it alive (nicest words you'll ever hear from my end to yours, so enjoy them while they last ). About the .net thing: okay, it might not be as recognizable, but eurogamer.net does it as well, and it's a damn good gaming site.
  21. Wow, McGann's good, isn't he? Anyway, looking forward to the special, though I'll be sad to see Matt Smith go. Having only seen the modern era Who so far, he instantly became my favorite when he first appeared as the Doctor.
  22. Sad to hear. I initially only knew him through the big help he was on the tech forum but through the folding project we had some conversations. He seemed like a nice guy. He gave me the link to his blog on Renaissance art after he'd seen one of my profile pics and wanted feedback. I didn't have the time to get into it much, but I bookmarked it so I could read it later. Sadly, as these things go, you tend to forget and I feel sad now that I never got to give him my thumbs up for his blog. There is the small hope Astro made a backup of himself and is now roaming the internet as an AI. If so, awesome blog, Astro! And may you rest in peace!
  23. Oh Sabre. XD No one ever seems to understand you.
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