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Clan/Team Name: The Force Confederation

Structural Leadership: Council, with Advisors

Founder: Narsil, Octavius

Tag: TFC (colors depend on rank)

Accepting Members: Anyone with the right attitude

Ladder: None

Type: Group of Friends who enjoy playing

Alignment: Member Preference

Main Game Type: FFA, Duel, a good variety usually

Website: Official Site

Recruitment/Personal Forum: Clan Forums

Other Contact Info: Hit the forums, messenger names etc are there

Requirements: A good attitude, skills will be worked on once you are recruited

Brief Background:TFC used to be the JK/JO clan ISO. After ISO fell, Narsil and Octavius formed TFC. After two more clan restructures, TFC is how it is today, with a council of 4 members and three advisiors, Narsil, Octavius, and Ging.



Server IP:

Server Name: TFC Battleground

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Clan/Team Name: kor|

Structural Leadership: Democracy

Founder: Schism and Solidflows

Tag: kor|

Accepting Members: CTF Only

Ladder: TWL until it went down, PG, vL-

Type: Ladder Team

Alignment: Yea we don't get into that.

Main Game Type: We play it all FF.

Website: Team KoR

Recruitment/Personal Forum: It's on the site.

Other Contact Info: Just go to the site.

Requirements: Very skilled. 16 Years of age unless we say otherwise. Microphone would be nice for our Ventrillo server. Able to handle themselves without whining to another person. Intellegent.

Brief Background: We were created in August of 2003. Most of the early members were in the clan =|ERO|= and we weren't happy with where the clan was heading. We split, and kor was created. Since then, we have been an extremely skilled clan getting better with each passing day.

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yeah it's me again posting in this cus well i changed clans :-D


so here i go:


Clan/Team Name: Alliance of the Sith

Structural Leadership: Council of 7

Founder: ZeeMan and Scan

Tag: -]AoS[-

Accepting Members: Definately :-)

Ladder: none

Type: Community

Alignment: Sith, but we dont' really act it ;-)

Main Game Type: FFA, CTF, Duel

Website: http://www.swaos.net <-really kick @$$ site :-D

Recruitment/Personal Forum: Yes to forum, yes to recruitment

Other Contact Info: ZaZeeMan on aim for more details

Requirements: Dedication to a clan.

Brief Background: -]AoS[- is a breakoff of the clan -|DLS|- that originally was to allie itself with -]AoG[-. Unfortunately -]AoG[- isn't on very much anymore so we just kinda go about our business. We usually hold in-clan tourneys about 3 times a week and usually get a clan to challenge us to a match once a week. This is a very active clan that needs more dedicated members.

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Clan/Team Name: The Pyscho Mandalorians

Structural Leadership: Me [Montross] and Co-leader Jaster Mereel

Founder: Montross and Jaster


Accepting Members: Rarely, u got to be really good


Type: Dueling based clan

Alignment: Mercenaries

Main Game Type: Dueling in FFA


Recruitment/Personal Forum:http://tpmforums.no-ip.com

Other Contact Info: montross@kawanda.net

Requirements:To get in, u have to impress me or jaster, which is not an easy task, basically u have to be really good, as we are jk2 veterans

Brief Background: Started on jk2 by Montross and Jaster, we accepted a few more members, each member can hold his own and we accept nothing even resembling a newb, we moved on to jka [even though it became very newbish]

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Clan/Team Name:}Jedi Council{


Structural Leadership: [Committee, Democracy, Just Friends, so on, so on]





Accepting Members:Yes


Ladder:Ranks based on skill in game in a tourney we hold anualy. Council and admin ranks/members are based on skill and merrit.


Type: Ladder Team/Community


Alignment: [Republic, Neutral, Jedi so on, so on]

Main Game Type: [FFA, Duel]

Website:N/A (Yet)

Recruitment/Personal Forum:N/A (yet)

Other Contact Info: [E-mail: death_whitch@yahoo.com]


Requirements:Serious about being a clan member and have a good attitude! Skill and merrit come later ;)


Brief Background:The Founder Knife left the clan and may come back but he created the clan some time ago as a JK2 clan (where it still stands today) It's newest leaders (DeathWhitch and Crazy_Hacker) Have decided to expand it to JA as well and started holding tournaments for its members. Maps are being made with custom rooms for EACH member so join now and get yours.

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Clan/Team Name: Skyline Academy


Structural Leadership: We have three big leaders(Councils) me, Slice and Skyline), but high ranked members can also make big descisions.


Founder: {SA}Skyline


Tag: {SA}


Accepting Members: Yep


Ladder: What is it?


Type: Just hight ranks


Alignment: Most members are dark, but we have some light members too.


Main Game Type: Mostly Duel and FFA.


Website: http://www.hem.Passagen.se/skyaca


Personal Forum: no, we use MSN


Requirements: C how good they r


Brief Background: Skyline and blade started the clan, then Slice joined, he was in Sith Alliance before,,,but then blade got out.

Then i became council and so on!

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Clan/Team Name:Defenders of Sovereignty

Structural Leadership: Republic

Founder: Starfury

Tag: DS

Accepting Members: You betcha

Ladder: Negative

Type: Butt Kickers, name takers

Alignment: New Republic

Main Game Type: FFA, siege


Recruitment/Personal Forum: Guests Q and A

Other Contact Info: [E-mail,MSN messenger

Requirements: Breathing, internet, everything else, we train

Brief Background: Founded 9 january 2001, we are a Fun Loving World wide Clan of some particularly goofy individuals.

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Clan/Team Name: Legend of the Jedi Knights

Structural Leadership: Democracy

Founder: AgentFox & Ozzy


Accepting Members: Always

Ladder: no

Type: none

Alignment: Jedi Knights

Main Game Type: FFA, TFFA, CTF, Duel, and Siege

Website: http://www.geocities.com/ljkacademy

Recruitment/Personal Forum: http://ljkacademy.proboards31.com

Other Contact Info: ljkacademy@yahoo.com

Requirements: Activity

Brief Background: A skill based clan

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Clan/Team Name: Wolfy

Structural Leadership: Empire

Founder: Naruto

Tag: {Wolfy} or [Wolfy]

Accepting Members: Rarely

Ladder: None


Alignment: N/A

Main Game Type: Power Duel/ Duel

Website: N/A

Recruitment/Personal Forum: N/A

Other Contact Info: N/A

Requirements: Powerful

Brief Background:


This was, like, the evil leading clan on the 1.00 servers for a pretty long time. I tried to join once or twice, but to no avail. I've never seen someone on the defense in Power Duel go undefeated 10 times before, but Naruto did it more than once. Unfortunately, it evaporated when Naruto left for UT2004. At one point he came back for like a week, but then he left again...never to return *sob*.



Status: Dead

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Clan Name: Nexus Warriors

Command Structure: Democracy/Senate

Founder: Meteora

Clan Tag: (-NW-)

Accepting Members: Yes

Ladder: No

Type: Community

Alignment: Neutral

Main Game Type: FFA

Website: None, yet...

Forum: http://nexuswarriors.proboards37.com

Other Contact Info: My Email: mjh@ehclc.com

Requirements: None, we aren't picky ;)

Brief Background: hmm, i dunno.... :o

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Clan/Team Name: Knights of the Round Table


Structural Leadership: Balance and Checks system between the members and the council.


Founder: Shane, Steve, Valas Hune, James


Tag: <-KRT->


Accepting Members: Yes


Ladder: Not yet


Type: Community


Alignment: Neutral


Main Game Type: Whatever makes us happy at that given moment.


Website: Knights of the Round Table


Other Contact Info: shane@icldesigns.com


Requirements: Good attitude and lots and lots of patience. Plus a bit of maturity, activity, and a fairly humble personality, because that's what our group consists of.


Brief Background: Ok, this might be a little difficult making our background brief.


We were founded after the fall of (-CL-), Crimson Legion, October 2004. We grew from a humble community who had no plans on creating a gaming group as we are now, and we eventually grew.


Civil War broke us apart and we fell into dark ages, (but we never died thanks to the spirit of the members), and a new government was born along with new standards for several things.


We currently run a system where the people help decide on important things, then the council takes the lead in performing it. We're all friends and all have a good time together. We wish any who wish to join and who can fit with the requirements to come check us out.


P.S. We're not new, I just forgot to post here in the past.

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Clan/Team Name: Wookiee Clan


Structural Leadership: Just Friends


Founder: Wookieee and FuzzBall


Tag: |W|


Accepting Members: YES!!


Ladder: We have one, but not too fussed


Type: Warriors against arogant 'elites'


Alignment: Wookiee!!


Main Game Type: FFA, Sabers only, with or without force


Website: http://www.wookieeclan.tk


Recruitment/Personal Forum: check the website!!


Other Contact Info: wookieeclan@hotmail.co.uk


Requirements: Love Wookiees, hate leets


Brief Background: Started because we are fed up of stuck up leets who think that they can demand respect from everyone with even lifting a finger. Also people who abuse their admin powers and generally anyone who thinks that they are better than everyone else. Its all explained on the website...

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Clan Name: UnitedJedi, [uJ]


Structural Leadership: Democracy.

President and VP head clan, advised by Cabinet of 5 Ministers and their assistants (ass. Ministers have no vote).

All rules must be approved by the general membership to be accepted.


Founder: Space Goat


Tag: [uJ] or <(UJ)>


Accepting Members: Definately


Ladder: 12 feet.. i mean no


Type: Community of Friends who like playing CTF, FFA, and Siege and are good at it


Alignment: Jedi


Main Game Type: Siege, CTF, TFFA


Website: http://ww.unitedjedi.com


Recruitment Forum: http://www.unitedjedi.com/forums


Other Contact Info: Email or MSN me @ mephistox@gmail.com



1. No age requirement, you just have to be mature and not be a dumbass

2. You should be able in your gametype as we do have clan matches and like to win every once in a while :)

3. You play the game and participate on the forums

4. You are a fun person, you're not stuck up or anything.


Brief Background: UJ was formed as the first major Off-shoot of the clan <(IF)> imperial forces. We dont have many former members, though we still have a few.

We play competetive matches against allies and other clans.

We have a family atmosphere, so everyone knows each other. Being so, we dont really tolerate any racist or derogitory stuff. Everyone likes to have fun and we have clan parties monthly

We have 4 servers owned by the clan and up to 6 independant servers run by the general membership.

We're looking specifically for FFA'ers and siegers at the moment, though all are welcome.

We have a dedicated sieging team as well.

We're allied with TMBJ, JSA, JU, JoH, KD, and NJOC.


If you have any questions please contact me or post on our forums.


Our server IP's are:



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We are still looking for good members strong people.

http://www.bossclan.2truth.com is our website.

You can find all information about here.

web site hits: over 11638

members: 49 members the list of name are under members list

Leader: ~R@VEN~

main server name and ip: Extreme

We have a respectfull clan and all clients and members who needs training will be trained to become stronger and get a good clan position.

Other server ip's are:




look for more information about the servers at our website.

And if you are not realy strong or need training that's no problem.

One of the members take you as their padawan and train you until you are strong enough to be recruited so please let it know.

JOIN US and become one with the powerfull force LOL :vsd:

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this is the updated IGF info since the original from 2001 is incorrect:

Clan/Team Name: IGF (Imperial Ground Forces)

Structural Leadership: Military style

Founder: Ironlight, well at least he is the current leader

Tag: [iGF]

Accepting Members: Absolutely

Ladder: Military

Type: dont completely understand this question

Alignment: Empire mainly but probably other stuff too.

Main Game Type: everything

Website: http://www.darkjedi.org/club/IGF/


Recruitment/Personal Forum:



Other Contact Info:

My info: jtoups121@gmail.com

If you decide to join, put JT as your recruiter


Brief Background:

We have over 60 members and will probably have almost 70 by the end of the week.

What we offer:


Active members

Fun tournaments and competitions with other clans

over 60 members

Fun Fun Fun


Put JT as your recruiter if u decide to join.

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Team Name : Jedi Academy Aurochs

Tag : |JAA|

Accepting Members: Yes : You need to be a registered member of http://www.thejediacademy.net

Ladder: 3th

Type: Community

Alignment: Neutral

Game : Jedi Academy

Main Game Type: Team FFA, SO, NF, Friendly Fire on & some Duel.

Website: http://aurochs.thejediacademy.net/

Recruitment/Personal Forum: forums.theaurochs.net

Other Contact Info: Check the forums

Requirements: You must be a registered member of http://www.thejediacademy.net

Servers : US, Euro

Brief Background: The Jedi Academy Aurochs |JAA| are the tffa representative's of http://www.thejediacademy.net we do not consider ourselves as a clan but more a team. To find out more please visit our website.

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Clan Name: The Jedi Order

Tag: [JO]

Game: Jedi Academy

Website: http://thejedi-order.com

Forums: http://thejedi-order.com/forums




Hello, we are the Jedi Order [JO]. We are a lightside only clan. We value quality members who are interested in having fun, learning, and building relationships while being polite and respectful of others. We also enjoy having people visit our server and forums.


Feel free to stop by our server for some friendly duels and/or conversation. Our rules and server info can also be found in our forums.


Hope to see you soon. :)

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Clan/Team Name: The OmniScience

Structural Leadership: Committee

Founder: Reece and RuuSan

Tag: -OS-

Accepting Members: Yes

Ladder: Not Yet

Type: TFFA ladder (when we start)

Alignment: Jedi

Main Game Type: FFA (Just Dueling)

Website: http://www.freewebs.com/theomniscience

Recruitment/Personal Forum: (Dont know what you mean, but if this is what you want..) http://www.setbb.com/oc453

Other Contact Info: You can Contact me (RuuSan) at; ruusando@yahoo.com

Requirements: Politeness, Honor, Determination, Dignity, and Humility.

Brief Background: This clan was formed in when two clans (JOR and TR) became good friends and decided to form one whole Clan, then OS was born. -OS- was formed in March 28, 2006 and is now at a member count of 7 xD, we plan to get a server quite soon, and we plan to become a Great Light essence in the JA Community.

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Clan Name: Ancient Jedi Order

Structural Leadership: Democratic Jedi Council and a head Jedi Leader.

Founders: Andan and Owl

Tag: [AJO]

Accepting Members: Yes, Open Recruitment

Ladder: No

Type: Saber only, neutral force based clan

Alignment: Jedi

Main Game Type: FFA

Website: http://www.ajoclan.com

Forum: http://www.ajoclan.com/forum/index.php OR http://forum.ajoclan.com

Other Contact Info:

You may email one of Council members:

Andan - andan@ajoclan.com

Owl - owl@ajoclan.com

Azlon - azlon@ajoclan.com

Pibal - pibal@ajoclan.com


No specific requirements other than normal expectations that you are not a clan hopper, you are not double clanning, you respect the rules, you respect authority, you are active, and you like to have fun.


Brief Background:

Our clan was formed due to the lack of clans that roleplay (but not to an extreme) and that do not give special treatment to specific ex-clan members.

We believe in having organized fun, competing with other clans, and roleplaying through our early Star Wars history.


How to Join:

Go to our website, and click on the link Join. Follow the simple steps, then just be active and a Council member will inform you if you have been accepted for denied.

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Clan/Team Name: Empire of Evil

Structural Leadership: a Council leadership

Founders: Archangel and Tanith

Tag: =EoE=

Accepting Members: Yes

Game : Jedi Academy

Main Game Type: FFA

Server Mod: JA+ ver 2.4(beta)

Server ip:

Recruitment/Personal Forum: http://s12.invisionfree.com/Chaos_Forces/index.php or http://www.eoe-forum.tk


Other Contact Info: My e-mail and msn spock0709@hotmail.co.uk


Brief Background: We are quite a new clan and are seeking members so please come and register at our forums and post in the join us section if you wish to join the Empire of Evil and anyone no matter what skill level you are can join.

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Clan/Team Name: Romanian Jedi Masters

Structural Leadership: Council leadership


Accepting Members: Yes, Open Recruitment

Game Type: Ja Saber only

Alignment: Jedi

Main Game Type: FFA (duel ) / TFFA

Website: http://www.jedimasters.lx.ro/

Forum : http://www.jedimasters.lx.ro/forum/

server 2 linkmania :

server 3 linkmania :

ja+ servers default damage jk2.

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