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Exciting ??? would you it made ??  

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---- > Request :


Is it realisable to make a new weapon ?????


Why not the flame thrower of the Fett Family ???

When you have it and you use it the special gauntlet appears and when you press fire a big flame burn all which is around you ?


Cool no ?

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Nah maybe balls of water so that when you are sick of seeing them on fire you just do secondary or if they are dead on the ground and still on fire then you squirt (LOL):D:):D:) ! Oh and onece they catch on fire the flames should not stop (LOL) unless 1 you shoot a ball of water at them or 2 they die and when they respawn it is gone!:):D:cool::rolleyes::eek:

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You're still not listening.


Originally posted by Avengerio

just a flamethrower like bobafett !!

Boba Fett's flamethower was not a weapon, it was built into his armor. So, here's your flamethrower:


Originally posted by TK-8252

helpusobi 1

playermodel boba_fett


Use lightning... there you go, flamethrower.

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The .sab files can contain the following option:

//0 - if set, saber model is bolted to wrist, not in hand... useful for things like claws & shields, etc.


If you want to code a flamethrower weapon into the game source, I'd expect it to be fairly easy to have it bolted to the wrist instead of in hand, possibly reusing the sabre code. I assume this is the effect you want?


I'm already finding it hard to make time to complete JMMod, so someone else can code this :) Try asking on the OJP forum.


TK-8252: If you are willing to mod the game source code, pretty much anything is possible.

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how about just add it in as an inventory item then?

if you can't add weapons but you can invetory then make it and invetory item.

and if you need to make the program that tells it what to do different then do so and make it do what lightning does, but with flame graphics.

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