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Darth Groovy's WTF of the week

Darth Groovy

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Originally posted by Katarn07

That's the only non-04 figure I still don't own. I'll get it for the sake of owning it. I think he's supposed to be falling in the reactor or something. Why is his hood up like that? Only Hasbro....:confused:


Oh, and we all chip in on goof ups like that over at out WTF of the whenever thread :p


Yeah but you got to admit, a figure that looks THIS bad deserves it's own thread. Seriously.

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Originally posted by daring dueler

low quatlity.no.


it just sux, i do have one....

one again for the sake of collecting, plus, it was short shipped.

the sculpt is the problem, the face is flawless, the hood screwed it up.


The ood scrws it up, so yes, it IS low quality.They obiouslly didn't spend much tiem on the hood.

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