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Go Red Sox!


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Originally posted by Darth NeoVenom

That doesn't mean diddly squat. Just because they are good in this series doesn't mean they are better than every team out there from now on. Come on now...I know that that comment is towards Lieutenant_kettch, but I gotta post on that.


Now I do have to say that they are better. They had the 3rd best record in the regular season, that there makes them a better team than all of the teams that were worse. And the two teams with better records...the Yankess and the Cardinals and the Red Sox showed that they could beat them.

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Originally posted by Lieutenant_kettch

how can you call yourself a yankee fan with comments like that?!?!?! i don't care if they do deserve it, you don't tell them that!!!no true boston fan would ever say that aabout the yankees


i can't say i've been a yankee fan for 15 years, but i have been for about 11 years(i wasn't old enough before then, was 6 when i became a fan) so all my life i have been a yankee fan, and yes, they won fair and square, and they were the champions, but i would never publically respect them(a pride issue, i guess)


oh, i am not a sore loser, just saddened when my team loses, ask Shok, i don't think im a sore loser, otherwise i would act differently in competitive situations, and they are red sox, they are not equal to the yankees, they may be"good enough" but they are nood deserving of special recognition, YOU, on the other hand, are a traitor


alright, here is where people need to read what people LITERALLY write, i specifically said"not publically" ohh, sure, i was glad they beat the cardinals, sure, they won, sure, they were a good team this year. however, they were not exceptional, or amazing, or anything constituting extra recognition, they deserve to be recognized for winning the WS, but they do not deserve to be held above other teams


edit: so no, the yanks are not traitors, because they congratulated them on their victory. you are a traitor because you called them great, etc.



You are ignorant because you totally ignore my message. You are bigoted because you refuse to believe that anyone other than the Yankees can win the World Series.


And I've just plain had it with you.

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