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Mac people are KotOR players too


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This shouldn't be true. I know for a fact that Aspyr was having a sale on games for the launch of Lion. So it would be safe to assume the game would work.


I went ahead and googled the subject to check (since I have Snow Leopard still) and here is what I found.

You won't get the installer to run, though. The installer is PPC. The only reason I've got it in Lion is because I upgraded from SL and it was already installed. If you can extract the necessary files you'll be set, but I don't recall how it was set up.


So if you already have it installed (with the updates) then you should be fine. Otherwise, install the game and updates and then get Lion ;).

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Read through another thread, and now posting relevant info here.

To install mods on the App Store version of KotOR:


Go to Applications folder.

Knights of the Old Republic

Select "Show Package Contents"

Navigate to
Knights of the Old republic>Content>KOTOR Data

Create Override folder.*



*Causes Errors or has no effect pending mod type.

More info can be found in this post.


(For the newcomers¹)

Instructions on installing KSE on your Mac here.


¹Myself included.


I noticed you referenced to my post about Savegame editor from a couple years back.

My old mac had a broken disc drive so I was unable to play KotOR for quite some time and found the disc too scratched for an install on my new computer. After downloading the App Store version, CrossOver, and some mods (successfully), and KSE version 3.3.3

It reminded me of problems that I had with KotOR Savegame Editor that I have never been able to get around:

For the KOTOR 1 section of KSE, the Add Feats and Add Powers sections do not seem to work. I can open them, but since their lists have icons included, my computer seems to be unable to see them.

I thought I might be able to just transfer the saves over to my PC to edit the saves there, but the PC savegame editor isn't able to see the feats and powers sections as well.

This works fine for KotOR II saves on my PC, but anything KotOR I won't work with the Feats and Powers editing.

Does anyone know how to get around this? It's really bothering me since I would like to be able to edit those things for my characters.

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Hey can anyone give me kotor tools link? I'am planning on making force unleashed black lightsaber mod if anyone gives me link for kotor tools that'll be great


Mac version? Non-existent as far as I know. Bootcamp or Virtual in to a Win environment for the (any of) tool(s). Or any of these methods.


However, here's the link for KotOR Tool:



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