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Jedi's: Final Test


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Your ship lands in the training feild, your a jedi. This is the final test before you be a jedi master or you could turn to the dark side. In This mission your will come face to face with your greatest fear. Will you past the test.


Here's want you need





Sex: male or female


Greatest fear: (weakness)

Lightsaber: color, duel ect.

Good luck


Name: Jon Landcaster

Age: 20

Speaces: Human

Power's: Mind control, super refleces

Greatest fear:Lot's of enemy's

Lightsaber green twin sided lightsaber


I step out of the ship to look upon the barran land thinking, I think i will ace this test.

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Name: Zoric

Age: 23

Speices: Zabrak

Sex: Male

Power's: Normal powers.

Greatest fear: Fighting a dark side version of himself

Lightsaber: Dual. One silver one orange.


I get out of my ship and see a few other jedi. I looked at the test area and saw a barren wasteland. "Wow this looks easy" I said aloud.

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Name: Calo Kora

Age: 28

Species: Human

Sex: male

Power's: Skilled with a lightsaber, average Jedi force powers.

Greatest fear: Falling to one side of the Force or the other

Lightsaber: Cyan/Blue, single-bladed, activated by the force (no buttons on this saber).

Note: Calo is a Gray Jedi and has no true affiliation with the light or dark side, which is why his fear is to fall to either side.

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name: Troezen

Age: 28

Spieces: human

powers: any force related abilities

greatest fears: an un-honorable death

lightsaber: duel sabers. One is black, one is white.



He walked off his ship and saw the other jedi assembled. Two were fighting.


"Is this a private party or can anyone join?" he asked sarcasticly.


((when and where is this set? Is it after the films and Luke Skywalker is testing us? or is it set during the time yoda, mace and co are on the council (before the films).


Also, which planet is it on?))

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Zoric blocked the saber. Then suddenly a wall came up around the combatents. ((I might aswell keep this story up since XHacker hasnt posted in this lately)). Then a row came out into the desert wasteland. It was like a passage. Zoric deactivated his saber and walked to the beginning of the passage. "I think the test is gonna begin now" said Zoric.

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