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Hapslash's EP III Anakin model *spoilers*


Do you want Hapslash to finish this model, and put aside his other projects for now?  

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  1. 1. Do you want Hapslash to finish this model, and put aside his other projects for now?

    • Yes!
    • Hrm... I think I can wait.
    • No! It stinks!

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It is great to see you're still doing such great work for JK!


I haven't visited these forums in a long while, but it really is nice to see some familiar faces (Namely Hap, NeoMarz and Psykosith)!


I'm even happier to see you working on these ROTS Models... very very nice :)


I like the "neutral" Anakin as well.

If you were only to do one version, I suppose I would vote for the angry version... but having a "neutral" (Or Light) version would be excellent.


Thanks again for the great art that you create... these things make this game live on for ever.


May the force be with you.

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Originally posted by HapSlash

So far you're the only one who's said they actually like it.


There were a lot of 'sad' comments about the new face. So, I changed the eye texture so it wasn't quite as bright, and made the lower eyelid less defined




I had been giving thought to including both Jedi and Sith versions for the skins. But, no one seems to be responding well to the new texture; except for Buffy of course,... And if the only difference is going to be the color of the eyes, I'll probably just skip it.


Well, yes I like the first one as well... Anakin pretty much looks angry through most of the film, so it suits the model. The eyes look better for sure. Hair looks good. Sith eyes can always be included as an alternate skin (like for a hooded version). Progress looks good all around. The body seems a bit straight and narrow and not as brawd as it should be, but maybe the robe is creating that impression. Thats my only comments... Your detail has always impressed me. Cant wait till this one comes out. Mars out

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It's really hard to notice, unless you're watching it on the big screen, but the scar on his face actually goes into his eyebrow.


... can't seem to find a pic that gets close enough to his face, but trust me, it's there.

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Take your time. Quality first, you know? The model still looks snazzy no matter when it comes out (and I expect it will get the same reception;) ).


Out of curiosity, I've seen pictures of Obi-Wan wearing Anakin's suit. Will that be included in the final cut, or is it just pre-release madness?

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