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New Mini Sets: Universe Huge and Champions of the Force


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Yeah, I kept around 15 for myself and wanted to do some trading to complete my set. I have about 6 bagged ones I am trying to unload onto someone along with some other UCs for that R2. I don't wanna buy him off eBay too! Oh, by the way, just got my Wampa and Dewback. They're nice minis.

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My cases shipped today. I should get them no later than Monday. Kyle I see is now alot cooler. His hair is fuller, I see the Bryar on his left hip, and his saber is green. Pity he's VR. I'm gonna get 6 outta 10 VRs, one of which is PT and I don't want, so the odds aren't bad. Other than Kyle, the ones I want most as usual are the Fringers. The aliens and beasts both kick ass. :D

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Rancor (w00t! :D)

AT-ST (one's better than none I guess, but I was hoping to pull two)

BARC (gonna trade off for another AT-ST)



Flash Speeder

Hailfire Droid


X-1 Viper Droid


Normal - VRs:

Dr. Evanan x2

Prince Xizor x2

Baron Fel

Grand Admiral Thrawn


Normal - Rs:

Dash Rendar x2

B'omarr Monk



Ponda Baba x2

Darth Vader, Jedi Hunter

Chewbacca, Rebel Hero a.k.a. Endor

Luke on Tauntaun

Nien Nunb

Wedge Antilles


Still Missing:

Lando Calrissian, Hero of Taanab ®

Admiral Ackbar (VR)

Han Solo, Rebel Hero a.k.a Endor ®

Princess Leia, Rebel Hero a.k.a. Endor (VR)

Kyle Katarn (VR)

Luke, Jedi Master a.k.a. NJO (VR)

Nom Anor ®

Warmaster Tsavong Lah (VR)


I can trader my dupe VRs/ Rs easily for the ones I'm missing. I'm hoping to trade few UC huges for one VR at a time. Wonder if there would be any takers for that. I'm so excited though I pulled the rancor and an AT-ST :D

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Only vehicles planned after Universe so far are the AT-AT (this November.... it's MASSIVE) and a Snowspeeder in the next Huge set which should come out summer next year. There will probably be a few other vehicles in that set. I'm hoping for an AT-PT.


I already have a few trades lined up. Xizor for Kyle. How could I not resist? Also got Ponda Baba lined up for an RS R2-D2 (last mini needed to complete that set!) and 2 of 3 duplicate banthas for Lando, Hero of Taanab.

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