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Republic Commando Mods?

Lando Griffin

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If you install the Sandcrawler Mod you'll all be able to see a variety of mod features in action. I recommend the manual installation as the executable version was built for XP.




This image is a little out of context but the left side guy is what you'll see.



And the Darktrooper.


hey arramus i know you are 1 of the admins on sandcrawler forums and i post a new topic about how to create a stormtrooper skin in RC like in this video

can you help me? :D

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Mandalore5 ... If in multiplayer you have the map HANGAR then you already have the UNREALEDITOR installed in your Lucasarts GameData System folder if you go in there and look for the Icon you can select it and right clik create new desktop shortcut,...and get modding from there...

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