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Keepsake looks very promising.

It's not only that I dig the graphical quality of the screenshots - they are definitely a treat - but the setting seems nice and the animal companion could be great. One doesn't often get a full-on fantasy adventure either.


The talking wolf seems to introduce you to the places of the beautiful Dragonvale Academy and also give direction and hints.


"Play at your own pace, the game challenges your wits rather than your dexterity"


Nowadays, sometimes you have to be grateful that there's an inventory in an adventure.


It's Canadian developer Wicked Studios' first game, but their links page and web design gives me high hopes. While all eyes are turned to Telltale, Vampyre and such, this might be the real adventure hightlight.



More screenshots at the French site Aventure News.

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And yet, something about it spells disappointment to me, months before the game is released. Maybe I'm afraid the pace will be too slow, or that too much emphasis will be put on the (beautiful) graphics rather than the story and playability.

I hope we'll get a bit more than a fantasy adventure with this game. We don't really need another Kyrandia when the genre has progressed to The Longest Journey.


Anyway, don't you just love, love, love the dialogue in these games? "It seems this doll is important to you. Why would you say this doll which you are holding is important to you?".

This is why I'm not cut out to make adventure games. I'd just write "So what's up with the doll?".

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There's a German trailer for Keepsake and Adventure Treff has posted a preview. It says that the game will most likely consist of "machine puzzles". You know Myst style. Even though it's estimated to be "not an adventure for everyone" I still think I might like it. After all, The Dig is mostly ignored even by LucasArts fans, but I hold it dear. And it had some of Keepsake's traits: not really up-to-date technically, lonely locations, abstract puzzles...

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I'm playing it and don't know whether to recommend it or not. The graphics are nice, sure, but there is always this dragon theme throughout the game. I'm getting tired of it. And yet I make tons of screenshots... :)


The story with the wolf is a little tedious, too. That might be due to the kinda bad German voices. I hope the English version gets more talented speakers.


The puzzles are so-so. Some are nice and logical, others are just frustrating. One wants you to associate each of 4 books to one of 8 possible runes. The book has a very vague rhyme and the runes are sometimes quite similar in meaning (Fire, Energy, Ghost, Nature, Earth...). Thank god the game has a hint system which can take you through alright.

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