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Just a scene from my upcoming fanfic, which involves Mind Control, Raz and Dart (and countless others, imagine Raz being stuck in Sasha's mind) switching minds, and plenty of hilarity tied in with weirdness and an original plot.


But first, I've got to write my crazy uber-short story about Raz. Seriously. It'll be better than you can imagine.

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Going to post it HERE.


In fact, here is a prologue.


Deep in the eastern deserts, D'Artagnan studied his psychic arts hard. Here, they were considered magical powers, amazing gifts that lifted those in posession of them above the average, to emperors and nobles. He opened a scroll, and read it aloud to himself. "Po...session," he read, very slowly. He read the words across the paper, a chant to awaken his mind control.


"Ano Mak'ht Zein, Le Kjh't Nomr,

E Knei ze Leig,

nas Khag ein Krigzel,

op Auerur sles Karantu,

sies Tran, Tran, Trentua."


As he uttered the words, he realized all too late he had made a mistake. As he dropped the scroll to the ground with a thud, he let out a shout as his mentality left his body, into the Collective Unconscious.


At the same time, Razputin cast forth his mental projection towards Sasha, who clumsily lost his footing and fell to the floor. Razputin was flung into the Collective Unconscious, flying straight through D'art, into his body in a hectic flash of fear.


"D'Artagnan? D'Artagnan? Why did you scream?"


Dart, or rather, Raz, looked up at the old man standing over him.

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"I'll teach you not to mess with my body, Cappy!"


"Bring it on, Four-Eyes."


With that, Razputin charged forth at D'Artagnan, shoving his hand into his stomach at such an angle he was flung to the ground. They stood on a tall, sandly plateau so high one could not see the ground. Dart made a quick recovery, and punched Razputin in the stomach, grabbing him by his arm and bringing his knee to the wounded area. Razputin doubled over, his leg kicking forth, so high Dart's chin flew straight up. Razputin snuck in one punch and a roundhouse blow, before D'Artagnan tossed a punch right into Razputin's face.


Raz narrowly avoided it, and took Dart's extended arm, flipped him over like a pancake, across the plateau. As he charged towards him, Dart put his hand out and the plateau erupted, cracking in half and spreading apart to reveal a magma-filled grave for the loser.


They began firing psi-blasts tactically at eachother. A stunned Sasha and Milla climbed the plateau, barely mobile, to see the events that transcended.


D'Artagnan jumped across the gorge, when Razputin made a psychic disc and held him back with a Psi-Pulse. Dart jumped back onto the canyon wall, jumping up in a wall-jump fashion, onto Razputin's side of the new canyon. Razputin made a psychic shield to protect himself from Dart's blind fury. D'Artagnan, however, penetrated the shield, and left his fist in place. He turned around smashing another opening with his elbow. He put his back in, to make one last hole. He struck a fist forth, knocking Razputin flying towards the edge of the plateau, right next to Sasha, at the cost of Dart's own hand. "Gryaaaaaaaah!" he screamed, his eyes turning red.


Two figures in cloaks stood on the other side of the canyon. "The two fight with ferver, but I have no doubt my D'Artagnan will win," one said. "He has refined his sheer anger into pure force."


"I doubt that," said an old, cracking voice. "I know Razputin, and I know he can take quite the challenge." They both laughed.


Razputin rose up, near Sasha and Milla. Milla climbed onto the platform, hoisting Sasha up. "Razputin. Now normally, darling, I do not encourage of fighting. But this boy, you must take everything you've learned. He is very strong, and there is no way around this."


"Razputin. Remember my advanced technique." Raz produced a psychic sword, grinning with his advantage, but his smirk was wiped off of his face. D'Artagnan did the same, and the two of them began to duel. Raz brung his sword down in a vertical manner, while Dart brought his sword sideways.


"This is my Holy Pilgrammage, Razputin," said Dart, bringing his sword back. "They did not intend me to fight. But should you interfere, I must."


"I only thought you were trying to take over my body."


"I the same, one with Goggles. But, why?"


"Razputin," said Sasha. "I may be to blame for that. I tought you wrong, and sent your mentality packing."


Razputin and Dart put their swords to the ground, in sheer sorrow and self-blame. As they moved towards eachother to shake hands, a sudden shout occured. The first dark cloaked figure took off his cloak, revealing his face.


"My god," said D'Artagnan, "it's you."

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