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Cantina Character Biographies!

Cmdr. Cracken

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JUUUUUSSSSTTT in case everyone forgot the "Who's Who of our Star Wars Universe", I thought this would be a good idea. I'll start it...


Cracken Hideki Palpatine

Title: Emperor of the Empire, Dark Lord of the Sith


Description: True age now unknown, physically placed at about 30. about 5'10" tall, slimly built. Has brown eyes, straight black hair, tied in a short poneytail in the back. Usual garb is a pair of black slacks, military officers jacket with no rank, and a cloak/robe. Considered by many one of the best looking men alive.


Force Abilities(if applicable):Choke, Lightning, Destruction (Ultima derived therefrom), Throw, Saber Toss, Rage, Protection, Jump, Push, Pull, Minor Protection, Mind Transferense (a form of Spirit Preservation, SEE: Qui-Gon Jinn, Master Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker.)


Sleeper Abilities(If applicable): Ultima, Shield Wall


Equipment: Holocommunicator, Lightfoil



Cracken was born during the waning era of the Old Republic, from an unknown woman, but whos father was none other than the then Supreme Chancellor of the Republic Palpatine, from Naboo, also Darth Sidious. Trained by Count Dooku, also known as Darth Tyrannus, he became very proficiant with a lightfoil, and continues to use one to this day, the hilt styled after his former masters.


After his father took over the Republic, and reorganized it, Cracken worked with Darth Vader and helped to hunt down and exterminate the Jedi. Most of his work was based from the Corellian System, where he meet his love and eventually, in secret, married his wife, and had twins. However, before they were born, Cracken was called back to Coruscant to help oversee his fathers latest weapon, the Crimson Star, being built in secret into one of Coruscants' moons. His wife, abandoned, had the twins, but seperated them, due to the in ability to afford to raise them both. Irvine was sent into an adoption agency*, and Alysara stayed on Corellia. Cracken never returned, due to the demands of his father.


During the Battle of Endor, Cracken was the first to retreat after the Death Star II was destroyed, taking a small fleet to the Rishii Maze, where he had set up prior manufacturing and military training and cloning facilities, based off of what he was able to salvage and his researchers were able to repair from Kamino. There he bidded his time, and layed in wait for the perefect time to strike back. During this time, he trained his apprentice, Starr Hailfire, who is still his apprentice. The Vengence, Fade, Titan, ** and one other Super Star Destroyer were built in this time. The Crimson Star also was completed, buy droids, at this time.


Cracken first appeared to be a simple Admiral that went rogue after the Battle of Endor, and offered Deac and his crew of do-gooders aid in thier quest, which quickly was side tracked as it was revealed soon that Cracken was a Sith Lord. A fight ensued on a Star Destroyer, which resulted in Cracken's body to be destroyed. Using a mind transference technique, he transfered his essence withing the Force to a clone of himself, aged to about 25-30. He had the entire cloning apparatus destroyed.


Then he launched the invasion of the galaxy, and activated the Crimson Star, a weapon which won him the war. In control of the Empire proper once again, he felt secure, and satisfied that his fathers vision once again flourished through out the galaxy. That was short lived, as teh Crimson Star was destroyed, and he was forced to sign a peace agreement with the Republic Government, and his territory was outlined therein. Shortly thereafter, an Imperial Civil War broke out, where Cracken unmercifully broke the rebellion, and had thier "capital" of Ulna Sharrdes completly devistated via firebombing. Then a series of events began which altered his perception of everything all togeather...


Cracken found his daughter, Alysara, and began to train her in the Force. Despite his better judgement, he let his daughter find her own path in the Force, much to the confusion of those around him. Then began the incident on Coruscant, which involved old ancient beings, and the awakening of his innate "Sleeper" powers, which let him bring untold destruction upon those who stood in his way.


During what is now known as the Republic Civil War, Reletha Darkstarr, former leader of the Imperial Seperatists*** took control and corrupted the Republic, forcing many of it's own to defect and fight against it. Cracken dissapeared for sometime, leaving Alysara to run the Empire, who she also dissapeared, and Starr then lead the Imperial Forces. A clone of his son, Irvine, set about and in his name, began to carve a path of destruction across the galaxy. Cracken, who's Sleeper status made him very powerful, had his abilities artificially enhanced by an unknown being, and was sent to destroy the Clone of his son, also a Sleeper, fighting for an opposing being. Cracken was sucessful, during a joint invasion of Coruscant with the Rebels against the Republic, killing Reletha and the clone of his son. During the fighting with the Clone, the two Sleepers tore apart the Imperial Palace, and much of Corucants city scape. In a moment of enlightenment, Cracken let go of his anger and hate, and became an incredibly powerful Light Side user, destroying the clone. Shortly thereafter, he meet with the Jedi Council, and forged a cease-fire, ending open hostilities between the Sith and the Jedi.


Cracken now oversees all of the Empire once again, still called a Dark Lord of the Sith, he doesn't let on, but is slowly beginning to acess the Light Side of the Force, despite his training and indocternation tells him to do otherwise. It is doubtful whether or not Cracken will ever revoke his title and the dark side entirely, but it is also equally unlikely he will re-instate his fathers own policies and attempt to once again destroy the Jedi, as he views them in a more positive light than his father. He currently has an extremly loose working relationship with Jedi Master Skywalker.


*I can't remember where Irvine was really sent....

**There is one more SSD that was built, bringing the Crimson Star War count to 4, and after the Executor was built, 5 SSD's, one of which was destroyed in the invasion of Coruscant.

***Probably wrong spelling... (Sorry Deac!) and the events are probably muddled, as I wasn't around for most of it.

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Bit low the Force powers there, C.


Taklin Flax


Position: Jedi Master & member of the High Council. Republic General (retd.)


Age: 50


Height: 5'10" aprox.


Weight: 10 stn.


Eyes: Hazal


Hair: Dark brown.


Build: Slim but muscular.


Description: Although middle aged for a human Taklin Flax appears suprisingly healthy, looking closer to 40 than 50. Although not exactly a handsome man he is well formed and posessed of an air of authoriety and inner calm. Despite this he can have an intense stair which many find unsettling, among those who do not know him well his demeanor appears grim. Taklin Flax has a powerful personnality, a strict moral code and a biting wit, in his youth he was also known for a short temper. He does not suffer fools gladly.


Class: Level 40 Weaponmaster


Combat Feats (KOTOR style): Weapon Mastery: Lightsaber, Finnesse: Lightsaber, Master Jedi Defense, Master Conditioning, Force Fucus, Master (Flurry, Power Attack & Critical Strike), Weapon Specialisation: Blaster Pistol, Improved (Power Shot & Rapid Shot), Master Dueling, Inner Strength (III), Unarmed Specialist, Toughness.


Force Powers (KOTOR style): Master Jump, Force Wave, Battle Pregonition, Stasis Field, Destroy Droid, Master Speed, Master Valour, Advanced Sabre Throw, Heal, Force Immunity, Force Armour, Master Energy Resistance, Breath Control.


Weapon of Choice: Silver Light Rapier (Long-hilt)


Wears: Blue and grey Jedi Robes.

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