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vBulletin ate a long post!


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Where do you find the longest posts, the ones that have the most feeling in them? The ones we fans absolutely hate having to rewrite? Of course, it's the Senate Chambers. And I wrote a nice, long post, and clicked Submit. It locked up on me, and I had to do it over! :crybaby: This has happened several times. So, I'm curious: What causes vB to eat them? I myself am a member of vB forums with vBulletin 3.5, and have identical layouts, but even when they had the same version number as this forum, it never ate long posts like that. That forum got pretty bogged down recently, and I am known because I jumped to 800+ posts in a matter of months. :o A lot of those were long. What would cause long posts to be lost like that? It's very irritating.

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