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Looking for modeller

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My name is Martiscus Lyerus. I'm looking for someone who is highly experienced in modelling with Jedi Knight III: Jedi Academy models. I'm sure I came to the right address for I believe there are some outstanding, but few modellers out here.


My request is pretty large, thus I hope a modeller is up for the task. I'd be the best if you could Personal Message me to let me know if you are interested in taking up this request.


Of course replying in this thread will do as well, but preferred by pm.


Thanks in advance.


¬ Martiscus Lyerus

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Message- It's not a hat, it's a hood. lol


Anyway, this would be a great model/skin, but only if SOMEONE WOULD MODEL my damned Intimidator pistol then I'd be happy, as well as a few other things from Galaxies (model, not port because you can't port from Galaxies and it's also not legit really) But, still, your model idea sounds nice. :) I'd love a cloaked Coleman Trebor model with the hood. Also might make for a good jedi species for the execution of order 66 in my story.

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