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Black Bag Ops SWBF2 Server Manager 1.10


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SWBF2 Server Manager 1.10 is now publicly released! It went through three separate builds during beta testing. One of the popular servers out there has been running it since early evening Friday the 4th, without any bad reports.


Let's all hope whatever was ailing the 1.09 alpha build, has been resolved!


SWBF2 Server Manager 1.10 Public Release




Cool! Maybe now we can set up servers for Battlefront II!

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The 1.10 Black Bag Ops Server Manager isn't the server manager included with the 1.1 dedicated server download from Lucas Arts (and at SWBFFiles). The 1.1 dedicated server download there has the 1.08 version of the Black Bag Ops Server Manager included in the package.


The 1.10 Black Bag Ops server manager supports mod maps and has kick/ban for [bLANK] player names. The 1.10 version was provided to us in the SWBF2 community by Kevin Lockett (Kevlar, the DEV for the BBOSM and RM) after the release of the 1.08 dedicated server manager package was already released because of the mod map and [bLANK] player name issues. As bokkenblader56 said... Kevlar's site is down now but the files are still available here:


Black Bag Ops Server 1.10 Server Files


There's 3 files. One for the BBO Server Manager 1.10, the BBO Remote Manager 1.10, and the BBO Server Manager User Guide. Remember, if you use the 1.10 BBO server manager, you also HAVE to use the 1.10 BBO remote manager. The 1.08 version of the BBO remote manager won't connect to the 1.10 version of the BBO server manager.

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