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Ok this thing is up and running again; The patch is out and we have had a few days to play with it, what do we all think?


I am pretty much at the stage of giving up on FOC and just modding it or moving onto other games. The patch changes were rather superficial and did not drastically change the Consortium, which was what was needed. Fair enough I could say that yes I can beat the ZC on medium and hard with both rebels and empire so I should be happy, but it is fought at such a frantic pace that it is not enjoyable at all. I take no pleasure in spamming TIE Defenders or B-Wings as quickly as I can to destroy the ZC space station before I am overrun by a fleet of Vengeance frigates and Aggressor Destroyers. Lame.


I am interested to know what changes people HAVE made to their XMLs to achieve balance.


Here is a few bugs I have also found.

*When an aggressor self destructed the audio for 'hypervelocity gun destroyed' played and in the casualties screen it showed a hypervelocity gun.

*When you reach maximum unit capacity in ground combta with ZC it says 'production halted'

* ZC melee heroes dont attack buildings unless moved to immediately adjacent to them.

*Some times IG-88 and Bossk dont engage the enemy they just fly around in circles.


One last point on balance...how balanced is it that in skirmish the ZC pays once for their plasma weapon on their station which recharges but the other factions have to pay for it wach time they want to fire theirs?


PG...you suck.

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I am still amazed that you still think that B-Wings can counter the Vengeance. I have been able to cope with everything with relative ease. I do not really see the IG-88 bug or Bossk bug. In addition the vengence can be countered by shear firepower. Although it does take a long time for the ZC plama cannon to fire, I have found I can only do it once in a battle. I have not really done that much skirmish so I have nothing to say on that part. Overall I have been thinking the game is relativly balanced. I have even added some extremely powerful units on the ZC side.

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GC is fine since its not simply pure space battles, its space skirmish that really doesnt work. Bwings do work well against the Vengeance unless there are some crusaders around. None of the ZC ships are invulnerable its just their comparative strength and the rate of their production that makes them nearly impossible to overpower...hence the space station rush.


With the Bossk/IG bug I would select on a point for them to move to and they would just continue to fly around. It wasnt until I repeatedly clicked on a point and forced them to perform some radical turn they would snap out of their pattern. It was weird; i got it a few times in GC.

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ZC are still ridiculously overpowered in space skirmish, although not quite as ridiculously overpowered as before.


Keldabe super weapon should NOT work vs stations


Boba's seismic charge SHOULD work vs starvipers (it really doesn't)


Crusader point defense should NOT shoot down incoming torpedoes


There's more but this is what's blatantly obvious while playing. I'm back to not allowing ZC when I host games. But at least I will play this online...before the patch I refused to even bother playing online since everyone wanted to be the overpowered ZC. And I refuse to play as ZC...ever.

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