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The hidden worlds


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New York City, USA. Present Day


*It was nightfall, yet due to the pouring rain it was dark well before dusk. In the skirts of Long Island, near the sound it was peaceful, dispite the chaos and consistantancy of the rain hitting like bombs on everything it hit. Rocks. Cars. Roof tops. The pier streching out towards the water, into the sound.


This wasn't the normal type of rain that usualy passed during the wet season. Hurricane Irvine crept up the coast before degrading to a tropical storm. This rain was thick and wet. Was more flooding then wind damage...


But still it was nuts to be out in this weather.


...Yet. On the road on the boardwalk, near the beach and the peirs, there was one man wearing a white trenchcoat, buttoned up and soaking wet. Drenched, the man attempts to find a little shelter under one of the shoppes. He appears to be of Native American decent, his hair stright black as the rain trickles from the rooftop and still hits him on the forehead. He lifts his hand and blocks the rain..*


Man "I have to be crazy to be out here in this."


*He looks down and notices his boot is untied. He gives a quick sigh and picks his foot up and rests it on a near-by chair and proceeds to tie it.


When he is about done pulling the final loop he pauses, and darts his head down the road.

Another man walking with his hands in the pockets of his dark leather trenchcoat, unbuttoned and blown open in the wind. He appears strangely dry, dispite the weather conditions.*


2nd man "Come on now. Thought I'd find you out here. You know you look like a darelict, soaking in the rain like this... 'Should keep outout here on the streets, like the homeless barely able to find a box to live in..."


*The first man tugs in the loop, tighting the knot on his boot and stands stright on the pavement.*


1st man "If I were like you I'd be using my power like a beacon to alert just about anyone who can sense it."


2nd "Falcon Lightfeather. You know you'd be at least dry."


Falcon "Funny. Just like our fathers before us in all the years that both of our people came to this world long ago... My master's mentioned a few of you who had a quite a sense of humor."


2nd man "Humor? yes. Considering that we could never, in at least in our children's-children's lifetime, see any technology that would help leave this planet to find a way back."


Falcon "Doesn't matter now does it? There are more of us now then you."


2nd Man *beginning to walk towards Falcon* "Doesn't matter. Number's aren't always the defining factor in any confrontation, large or small."


Falcon "Never really. But sometimes helps."


*by this time the two were within feet of each other, the mood was definately like the two were about to fight each other...*


2nd man "I always wondered how you kept your weapons functioning..."


Falcon "Same here."


*Falcon throws out his arm and a small rod connected to a thin flexable metal tube, ment to protect power cables inside, which traveled into his sleve.

The other man grabs a rod of his own from his belt with his right hand. His right hand wore a 'glove' that had metal connecters laced along the palm which lead to its own wires that lead into sleve.


They stopped with approximately ten feet of each other and flipped a little switches on each of their 'rods'. Both had a simular event occurence: At the end of each rod, a small flash then a beam of white light was created at the end roughly 4 feet long.


Both let out a yell and charged each other...*





Not a long time ago, and on a world not so far away...


Star Wars


The Hidden Worlds


Several millena ago before THE BATTLE OF YEVIN and the evil GALACTIC EMPIRE, on a distant world far from the galactic center Coruscant, the old republic dispatched a team of well trained Jedi to a planet known for the eperimentation of new technologies funded by the SITH.

Upon entering the facility the SITH attempted to defend the facility, and in the end accidently activating a new portal device which teleported the few Jedi and Sith on a foreign world, lacking in technoloical advancements and no hope of returning home.

Both groups separated from each other attempting to find their own ways, every now and then running into one another for a conflict.

Now, centuries have passed and the knowledge of the JEDI and SITH have been passed down to decendants of each individual, hoping one day returning to their home.....




ok, new RPG, and with that an idea i thought of, although im sure Red can say 'its nothing new...'. hopefully for those whom are jones'n for some RP but cant due to waiting for some people. no offence guys :)


So here's the deal: Jedi/Sith here on present day earth. obviously mentioned by their technology of their sabers, they dont have 'conventional' lightsabers. (this would be due to lack of technology to keep up on building the sabers...)


haven't thought much about how the force is different here.

... and they obviously cant leave earth for that matter too.


So those who know how to RP, well we know how to... :)

for those who dont...

1. No god moding (sry bd i know i have that habit, but ill work on it lol :D)

2. no killing another person's character unless one has permission.

3. try to keep the chatting out unless it has the (( & )) tags around it. helps everyone from getting confused :)

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