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and Bao-Dur dies...


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is this thread necromancy? there seems to be a trend right now... how old is too old for resurrection? this thread is on the first page... and besides, when i saw it i *had* to post my annoyance :firemad:

im with melly on this


Necromancy is "ok" should it spur discussion and contain some meaningful content rather than more than "Yeah, something-something PWNZers" :lol: It tends to be a case-by-case situation honestly.


Generally though.. if a thread is very old.. often times it's best just to create a new one, assuming the old one isn't still on the front page ;). Since we get so many new members often, especially during LA game releases (TFU anyone?) many people haven't had the chance to explore the entire LFN forums to voice their opinion.. hehehe.


This thread for example, is only bumped after a month.. not so bad, so it's in the clear :)

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I met him on Telos, and a friend of mine watching me play it heard his voice and said, "Oh, I really, really like his voice! He looks like a cool character!" I smiled, agreed, and inwardly grimaced.


She now says, "I wish he would speak up. That is such a horrible voice!" :xp:


Also, once she saw that the only thing he could do was tap a stupid force field with his stupid arm, and she saw his DS tattoos, she said, "Um...what's with the dumb little ridges all over his face in the LS? Why not give him some tattoos?"...


We both agreed on Hanharr and Zaalbar.


DIE, FURBAGS!!!!!!! :lol:

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