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Custom Republic Commando Armor

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If anyone wants a custom Republic Commando armor they have come to the right place. Here i will use Prime's Republic Commando armor and helmet to make you a custom set of both(dont worry i have permission). This will be done on a first come first serve basis(so the order you ask is the order you will get them). This is for both kotor and TSL but i dont have my copy of TSL with me at the moment so for a while K1 will have to suffice. If you already have Prime's Republic Commando mod this won't work. This is the order I want things in:


1: Primary Color

2: Secondary Color

3: Just armor, just helmet, or both

4: Extras(bulletholes, rank, symbols, ect.)

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4.Bulletholes, Pentogram on back, General rank on shoulders


Scratch what I said earlier. Instead of the same 4. would instead be shiny and (if possible) slash marks diagonally across the chest that make it look like he/she was attacked my some vicous creature.

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I've got one. Can you make one that the main color is tan (all over, no white) with grey shoulder guards, forearms and hands, and kneeguards, with the helmet tan, shiny face slit, and two black stripes on the helm starting over the eyes and ending at the back of the head, with a few small bulletholes?

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Can you do it with the main color being white, with red shoulder pads and knee pads the helmet being like blue black eye and mouth slits. Along with, bullet holes on each arm and 2 large scratches on the chest. Also, can you do Sergeant Major Insignia's on each shoulder.


Thanks Alot,


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I think I'll take one... provided you aren't overloaded.





4.Gunnery Sergeant's shoulder flash and some carbon scoring on the armor... choose wherever, I don't really care on the location.

Oh! And as for shiny/unshiny, flat colors would be best.

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1.white like the basic color

2.darker orange, kind same style as Commander Cody had in Ep. III

3 both and BtW is it possible to make it so that the visor is reskinned dark as the normal clones had cos i skinned all the clone commandos in the commando game so that theyr visor were black.. i didnt like the halo thing going on :D if it is possible if not the leave it be. and a commander rank plate in hes right chest thanks! :D

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