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The Cantina! Episode XVI (thats 16): The 'Law' of the land...


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*Welcome to the Jedi Archives!


Please enter your authorization code for access...


Voice Authorization: Zeta-Kelpa-Delta-Nine-Four acknowledged.

Alpha One Clearance Granted.


Welcome Master Chi.


: Access Profile Sir-Vin




Individual Profile Irvine Sihen Palpatine:


Rank: Jedi Knight, Reserved Jedi Order.


Race: Naboo


Age: Mid-20s, Unknown.



Father, Cracken Hideki Palpatine.

Mother, Unknown.

Born: Unknown


Alliences: Reserved Jedi Order. Co-Amassador to the New Jedi Order, Coruscant


Known Force Abilities: Above Average.

Basic Force Affinity.

Moderate Light Side Force Affinity.

Minor Dark Side Affinity. Knowledge of abilities UNKNOWN








: Delete Profile Sir-Vin


Are you sure? Y/N


: Y


Profile Deleted.


: Access Archive for string 'Malachor V' with cross-reference with Reserved Jedi Archive




4 Records found.

Would you like to review? Y/N


: N

: Transfer cross-referenced data to external data node Quebec-One





: Delete Search records related to Sir-Vin, Malachor V

This requires Alpha One Clearance, Re-verify? Y/N

: Y

Search records deleted.

: Delete Transfer Records to external data node Quebec-One

This requires Alpha One Clearance, Re-verify? Y/N

: Y

Transfer records deleted.

: quit




Sir-Vin, other-wise known as the Son of the Dark Lord of the Sith Cracken Hideki Palatine, Irvine Sihen Palpatine.


His Loyality to the Orders of the Jedi were never in the public eye of either the New Jedi Order, or the Reserved Jedi Order based on Planet Chi in Wild-Space lightyears away from the great planet Coruscant.


However, with his bloodline to the 'Assumed' Dark Lord, Cracken. He was ever on the watchful eye of his master, Jedi Master Chi, til his death.


Now with no one to fill in the position, Irvine Palpatine was able to continue his duties with no apparent suspicions, even after the fact of his meeting with his Father on Korriban.


With Irvine's training he was able to with stand the great Sith Training ground's massive pull to the Dark Side of the Force.


But that, to Irvine, wasn't enough...*


Irvine *leaving the Jedi Archives* "I have it! Now I shall prove I'm worthy to my father and to the Sith!"


*Ever since Cracken's, whom known as the Sleeper of Order, epic battle with Irvine Cracern, a Sleeper of Chaos, Cracken's pull to the Light Side of the Force won him the battle, but the war was never to be won.


Since then, even with Darth Bane's 'Rule of Two', Cracken had remained to be the Dark Lord of the Sith by rightful title for no one had challenged him for it, not even Cracken's apprentice, Starr Heilfire.


One to be the embodiment, one to embrace and crave it.


Yet, the despite the existence of two Jedi Orders; There remain meny Dark Side users of the Force, either claiming themselves has Dark Jedi or Sith with no official title.




The rules are broken.

The broken rules are in need to be re-writen.

To re-write them, we are in need the guidance with the force.

Through the Force, one had to re-unite them.

To re-unite them, one had to lead them.

Lead them into Peace amog ourselves, but all know the truth:


Peace is a lie, there is only passion.

Through passion, we shall gain strength.

Through strength, we shall gain power.

Through power, we shall gain victory.

Through victory, our chains will are broken.

The Force shall set us free. *




Corucant: Jedi Space Port


*Wearing his Jedi Cloaks, Irvine Palpatine boards an Improved Lambada Transport.*


Irvine: to the waiting Captain "I'm sorry for the wait, but can we get underway now? I need to get to Maw Installation as soon as possible."


Captain: "Maw Installation? That's Imperial Space!"


Irvine: "I know." *smiles* "If we have to keep this peace between ourselves, The Republic and the Empire, somebodies going to have to go there."


*Irvine pats the Captain on the shoulder in assurance before he heads out of the cockpit.


The shuttle lifts off and heads out into open space, and as soon as it does, it jumps into Hyperspace.*




*Hours Later*


Maw Installation


Traffic Control Officer *into open comms* "Unkown transport, Identify."


Comm: "This is Irvine Sihen Palpatine, Authorization Omega-Kappa-Zeta-One, Ackowledge."


Traffic Control Officer*into Comm* "Rodger, your clearance if Verified Lord Irvine. Be advised no one else of the Royal Family nor Lord Heilfire is Present, nor were we expecting you, my Lord.


Comm: "That is expected, I have persona business to attend to, I request nothing to be made offical about it, requesting docking in port Five-Alpha"


Traffic Control Officer "That's oddly close to the re-fitting Fade, Leutenant send an encrypted message to Lord Heilfire of these events." *Into Comm* "Rodger Lord Irvine, proceed."


*The shuttle docks, and Irvine disembarks to a small troop of Stormtroopers at each side, and the Officer approching*


Officer "My Lord, we truely were not expecting you..."


*Irvine stops, almost ignoring the Imperial Officer to look around. He raises up his hand.*


Irvine "No need for the pleasantries Captain, I'm just here to look at something. You can dismiss your troops."


*With a wery look, knowning the stories of Darth Vader, he nods to the Stormtroopers, and they dismiss themselves. Soon an empty hanger is all that is left, other then the two.*


Irvine "To be honest, I want to know if The Fade is seaworthy again, and if you have a few squadrons of Elite TIE Interceptors at your disposal."


Captain "Ah, Um... My Lord, Yes, aside from what we can give you with the Interceptors; The Fade is ready, but she can not be commanded with out Lord Cracken at the helm."


Irvine *Staring into the Captain's eyes* "You forget, The Fade was built for me, by my Father. And It can ONLY be commanded by someone of his bloodline."


Captain *nods* "Yes my Lord."


Irvine "Good. Take me.*


Eclipse Class Super Star Destoryer: The Fade


*Irvine enters the bridge, and as much as he expected, the bridge crew was already assembled. The Captain nods and disembarks, and the current Commander in Charge approches Irvine.*


Commander "Lord Irvine, it is a pleasure."


Irvine "The pleasure is mine, so how [iare we?[/i]"


Commander "Um, we have a skeleton crew right now, but she's 100% operational. And the 3 squadrons of TIE Interceptors that you have requested are being brought onboard as we speak."


Irvine "Good, send word for additional personnel to be brought onboard with in the hour. I want to be underway with in the next hour and a half. See to it."


Commander "Are you serious? Even if we added a few..."


*Irvine sets his hand on the Commander's shoulder.*


Irvine "No need to worry, we.. will.. be back.. before any.. one.. knows it. I mean, Do I really need to be hearing this amount of disgruntlement, right now? Of course, you'd agree, that during this quiet time, everyone has had nothing to do? But really, if I were anyone one else, would you question me?"


Commander *getting 'the hint'* "No, no My lord, Sir! We'll get underway as ordered!"


Irvine "Good. Good."


*Irvine turns and sits down at the 'Big Chair'.


He takes feel of the wide arms, the Cold Unused Leather. The way that the Chair felt as he sat in it, it was as if it were waiting for him to sit in it.


He belonged here.*
























*Ivine, surprised at the automated announcement, he turns to the 'assumed' second in command, the Imperial Commander...*


Irvine "I suppose we should hurry up on this preparations, the ship is waiting..." *smiles*


Days Later


*Cloacked, The Fade exits Hyperspace and enters an unknown system deep within Imperial Separatist space.


There they see a planet, a horrible disfigured planet.

It has a small ring of rock and dust circling around it.

As for the atmosphere; it was dark and cloudy, even still black even when the system's star shone on it, as ravage ion storms brewed inside it. If it could support life, it would barely do it, if not it would tear it apart.

The surface was hard and black, unsmooth, showing its heart ached history.


Thousands of years ago this planet Malachor V, was blown apart for it's native connections for being a Sith training ground and sanctuary in the far reaches of space.

Since then, it's dark history with the negative powers of the force and the spirits whom still dewell in it, pulled it back together. Waiting...


And now, Irvine and his destined ship, sat in orbit. Sitting in awe at the mere sight, Irvine feeling the Dark engery that still brewed for countless thousands of years, calling to him.*


Commander "Your orders,... Sir?"


Irvine "Get me a shuttle, I'll drive it down myself!."


Commander "But my lord!?"


*Irvine gives him a serious and dark look...*


Commander "Y-y-yes my lord..."


*A half hour later...


Malachor V: Ruins


Irvine stood on the surface, standing in front what was a whittled sight of a Sith temple which he had only seen during his time on Korriban. But this was different, he felt the Dark Side's pull was strong there, but here it was emence.


Falling to his knees, has the rapidly changing gravity yanked him down.


He looked once again towards the temples, to find a single figure, a man standing in front of him.*


Figure "I've been waiting for you..."


Irvine "Who, What are you?!"


*The figure un-dons his hood, showing his face. A man, with his hair all fallen out, scars ringed around his head. An Eyepatch over an eye, where the other showed the distinct color of a deep Dark Side Corruption. His hands seemed to be replaced with cybernetic ones, based of technology Irvine couldnt recognize.*


Man "Why? I'm you."


*The man charges at Irvine and grabs him at the throat, unaffected by the gravity, he picks Irvine up and slams him to the ask colored ground.


A burst of light...


Then there was only Irvine, alone.


He stands up, feeling his arms, realizing that they were his. He then rubs an eye, the same eye that which the 'other' had a patch over.


Irvine feels like the weight of the world is but nothing now; Nay, apart of him now.


He stretches out a hand.*


Irvine "Dominance Inferno of the Dark Plane.."


*His eyes flare white as a wide arc of black flame bursts from his out stretched hand. It eats away at the surface...


Irvine closes his hand, and it extinguishes...


Satisfied, he returns to his shuttle and launches back to the Fade...*

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((Two things...


1) Sorry for the lack of being here. That's gonna continue for at least a short while longer. Have had a very rough year and it ain't over yet.


2) You kinda ignored the entire ongoing Cantina plot in favor of a plot centered completely around your characters. Might this not be better for a side story? Rather than a 'full' Cantina chapter? Y'know, not everyone is actually here and usually we agree on ending a chapter and starting a new one... and it's Deac who starts... etc.))

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((screw that! New plot!


thats how i roll! Who-ya! :D


besides, with your #2 there


first, i cant start by going up to a characters that not only do i not know that said character's player isnt going to be around, but


i also cant control said characters other than mine...


speaking of which, hell i dont even know what your characters are doing with Irvine Cracern!

i mean, i kept that open, hopefully you'd do something, but nothing happens. he was supposed to be sent to your dimension or something...


then we got my jedi, whom have to have some sort of interaction with deac's and battledog's characters (which those two basically run the new jedi order), so i'm dead there as well.


so, what do i have really? Irvine Palpatine. gez.


sry to get all b**** b**** b**** b****, on ya, but, i'm left with nothing here what do ya expect ^_^; ))

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((Two things...


1) Sorry for the lack of being here. That's gonna continue for at least a short while longer. Have had a very rough year and it ain't over yet.


2) You kinda ignored the entire ongoing Cantina plot in favor of a plot centered completely around your characters. Might this not be better for a side story? Rather than a 'full' Cantina chapter? Y'know, not everyone is actually here and usually we agree on ending a chapter and starting a new one... and it's Deac who starts... etc.))


it's not like you are ever going to have time to continue it anyway....

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