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What the hell is up with the Force Rating in certain TSL areas?


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There are 4 areas in TSL where the force is not working properly:


Telos restoration zone - where all the cannocs run around, near the beach

Dantooine - near the enclave, the enclave itself, bridge connecting the Khoonda outpost with the grass plateau beyond

Korriban - pretty much everywhere, worst in the secret tomb.


The problems are:


Force regenerates slower than usual or not at all


All force powers cost more force points, even universal powers


All enemies and party members have some weird modifiers, either positive or negative. Beasts are excluded, only affects humans. E.g., in the secret tomb on Korriban, Revan and Malak phantoms have a saves modifier of +60, in addition to their standard saves, which are very high by themselves. But the other Jedi (Bastila etc.) have a modifier of -100.


Many enemies on Dantooine like Gerevick and his thugs have a modifier of -35 to all their saves against force powers.


Darth Sion on Korriban and all Sith assasins on Korriban have a positive saves modifier of +25/+35, making it impossible to use the force against them, even Plague doesn't work (DC100), as described by me on another thread on these forums.


I searched around and traced the problem back to the "ForceRating" set in the area files. E.g., the file 711kor.are (Korriban secret tomb) has a Force Rating of -100, which causes all the problems. If you set it back to 0 for all Rooms, everything works as normal.


I think this crap was added by Obsidian to simulate the crush of Korriban on the human soul. Same goes for Dantooine, because there are echoes and wounds in the force left in the force, similar to the ones on Malachor.


But why then isn't there a Force Rating on Malachor? And why on Telos in the restoration zone? Doesn't make any sense! And besides, it's not working properly, because the Revan phantom has a Fortitude of 40 + this weird modifier of +60 + potential roll 20 = 121 DC required to break through. This is insane! Your jedi consular would need a Wisdom of 100/Charisma 100 to break through! Just one example of why this is annoying


If you want to remove this crap, you need to edit all 4 areas and set the ForceRating back to 0.


But why can't I find any info on this on google? I googled and googled for hours, no information on this. I seem to be the only one who has ever noticed this problem

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why modding? this behaviour was programmed by Obsidian themselves. I am just asking why this limitation was created, because it's frustrating if force powers are not working properly in some areas

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Hmmm...good find! Can't say I've ever come across any mention of it either...


I have no explanation for the specific area limitations, but Sion and the assassins make sense, really - the Sith Assassins are described as feeding on the force, or absorbing it, or whatever. Can't remember verbatim. Sion is supposed to be massively more powerful on Korriban and unbeatable there. The Revan apparition could conceivably be set up the same way. May just be a difficulty thing regarding characters.


But yeah the area thing is weird. It might be the remnants of yet another feature that Obsidian had planned but were forced to discontinue, thus why it isn't on other worlds where it would make more sense.

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But why can't I find any info on this on google? I googled and googled for hours, no information on this. I seem to be the only one who has ever noticed this problem


Some of it has been discussed on these forums a few years back. Don't know why it doesn't show up on a google search though. Here are a few old threads I could find that touches on the subject:





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