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Secret of Monkey Island - CD Talkie Edition Project


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Not checked the thread, but is there any command to lower the voice volume that is different from the music volume?
Not that I know of. They probably though that it would suffice when you can adjust the music volume. You would adjust the volumes with the mixer tool which came with the sound card. In DOSBox, there should be no need to adjust volumes, but I remember some cheap soundcards having insane default settings, unfortunately.

They added sliders in later SCUMM V6 revisions, finally.

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dosbox has a mixer tool (for all soundcards and cd audio too) which might be good enough:



MT32 is a different channel from Soundblaster so i'm probably sorted.




allows me to lower the voice to 50% of the normal, but not music (and other sound effects unfortunately but ce la vie). Also the sound scale doesn't seem to be linear, i put it to 10% and it only sounded slightly muffled, so i guess i'll end up to about 50-60% to just remove the outrageous high (i guess they wanted it to be higher than the music all the time without hacking the exe, but this was a bad move imo).


to use different sound cards for music you first check out the monkey.exe comand line options, running it once with

monkey x

will show them. The voices always seem to run through soundblaster so for me

monkey r1

works for roland + soundblaster ... somehow.



One thing i noticed, the ultimate talkie monkey island 2 is not saving the voice+text settings yet, is this intentional?

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I can't seem to get scummvm to play the midi music to my midi device. I have gotten my midi device to work fine with other scumm games but not the ultimate talkie edition. Midi works fine in dosbox but scummvm refuses to use midi even if I put a blank track 1 file in the directory. Any thoughts?

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Hey folks, just curious as to whether anyone can speak to an issue I've encountered: I downloaded the most recent builders from LogicDeLuxe's website, and when trying to install them my antivirus program flags the "dottcd.exe" file as having malware.


Specifically, it lists "w32.malware.gen" - is my antivirus software being super sensitive, or is it a real issue? Has anyone else dealt with this? It's true of both the MI1 and MI2 builders.

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