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Hello. I'm sorry for posting without previous search, but I was tired to find something with such keywords. Also please excuse my funny english.

I will explain the situation: I was playing JA 1.00 on LHJ Siege server on map siege_desert. Not sure if it's important but here's enabled nMod. I have played with jedi which (on this server) has single saber and as far as i remember I had yellow style for all time.

When I proceeded to rancor arena, this rancor accidentally eaten me. The most interesting part, that after it's finish I was still alive inside him. I was shocked for some seconds to realize that. He tried to move but without luck just as me. I sabered him from inside and made my way through. After that I was still alive, I could use all my powers but was completely invisible. That's it.

Additional information, when rancor holded me I used kata and crouch in random. If i'm not finally wrong, when it was supposed to finish it's dinner I fallen on earth and just in a moment i became inside him. But this may be from another time, i'm not sure.

I tried to reproduce it several times, trying different combinations, but... without luck.

That's why i'm posting it here, I want to know is this a known bug, is this because of server's modifications or it can be reproduced anywhere. Anyway, it's cool bug (and yea I know in which way it can be used though).

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Yes, nizwiz. This is exactly what I saw.

How stupid may i be to think that for so many years there was left undiscovered bugs.

And this one is more than simple, what disappoints me though. ^Amazon name is familiar to me.

Never seen this player as bug user, which is playing to his advantage. Thank you for dispelling my doubts!

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