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Casting Call: Pirates


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Feel free to join this RP if your interested. This will be loosely based off of the (rare) game Claw. Here's the story:



Tales and legends passed amongst sailors speak of a powerful amulet. This amulet, called the Amulet of Life, is said to give the user near-immortality, and is said to have been made by the lost people of Atlantis. Many explorers and sailors and even pirates have long looked for this legendary amulet, but all met without success. The legends say that it is hidden in one of the jungles of the New World (the Americas) on an incharted island. However, to find the Amulet, one must gather two different things. The first is to assemble a map that shows where the island is located. The other is to gather nine different gems that belongs on the Amulet. However, the map has been spread across the land, and only a few powerful individuals possess the needed gems.


Now, in the New World, a pirate captain is about to assemble a crew of swashbucklers to help find the Amulet of Life. However, individuals who possess the gems have heard of this, and plan to stop this new crew. The criminal activities of the pirates have also put an arrest warrant out for them...



-No godmodding

-Do not take on huge plot decisions without my permission

-I'll only allow one character per person, if you want more then PM me.

-Try to be creative. Don't borrow characters from, say, Pirates of the Carribean.

-Be as descriptive as you possibly can, so no one liner posts.


Character sheet model:





Picture/Description: (The picture part is completely optional. If you can't find a picture, then give a description)

Nationality: (I'd prefer if this category had a European nationality, but I don't really care if it's not.)


Weapons of Choice: (try to make it period appropriate, think late-1600s early-1700s; you can have two or three weapons)



And here's my character:


Name: Captain Alvaro Dias

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Description: Short, brown hair, green eyes, somewhat tall, medium build, wears one of those black, three cornered, triangular caps, wears a blue coat.

Nationality: Portugese

Personality: Very analytical, thinks quickly, he can be blunt, a bit more polite than your average pirate.

Weapons of Choice: Cutlass, pistol

Bio: Born in Lisbon to merchants, Alvaro grew up in the city. He would later become a sailor, and set off for a new life in the New World. However, his new life did not meet success, and due to his love for the sea, he turned to piracy. He soon gained noteriety for his success at raiding much larger ships that would sometimes outgun him. Though he has the gruffiness of a pirate, he will sometimes let people who are unlucky enough to encounter him live, as he believes if one can survive a battle, then they are worthy of living. Due to this, sometimes he is called a "merciful pirate."


After learning about the Amulet, he seeks to get it before his rival, another pirate captain, does. However, after an intense battle with a privateer of which he barely survived, he is now attempting to form another crew of pirates, to beat his rival to the Amulet.

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I was thinking about 1640ish would be a good timeframe.


name: Blaze Sharpe

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Nationality: Born English but never really distinguished himself due to being raised in St. Augustine

Picture: devlin.jpg

Weapons used: Long Spanish Sabre, Dual Barrel Pistol, grenades, Florentine Dagger

Bio: His father, Nicolas was once the most feared Buccaneer ever, but after his death, his four children, Blaze, his twin Bonnie, their half sister Beatrice, and their other half brother Jack inherited some of his fortune. When Blaze was 21, he set sail on his father's Barque "Quicksilver" to Bridgetowne where he was approached by a strange messenger with a stunning secret....

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Glad to have you aboard (No pun intended :xp:), Darasuum! My only critique is that the bio could be a bit more fleshier. And about the time period, I was just giving a general idea of the setting. I hadn't really thought of a good specific year or decade. ;)

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Name: Hector Santero aka El Rojo Muerto or El Muerto

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Picture/Description: Clicky

Nationality: Spanish

Personality: He's cunning, quick on his feet, and very quiet. He tends to keep to himself and only talks when he feels like it. Since he's always on the run he has trust issues.

Weapons of Choice: Two Daggers, a collection of throwing knives, and red smoke bombs.

Bio: Hector was born into a very poor family. His father died when Hector was only 7 leaving him alone with his mother and his baby sister. Seeing that he wasn't old enough to work he had to find another way to help his family; Unfortunately that way would be stealing. He got pretty good at in, in fact people didn't even realize he had stolen something from them. However as he got older he learned he would have to steal a different way seeing that people suspect teenagers of this sort of thing. He found a way around this by breaking into people's homes at night. One night though he was caught and had to flee. Now that he was wanted by the authorities he could no longer be seen as Hector Santero. He wore a large cloak that had a hood on it and placed a mask over his face. For a while he was simply known as the thief Rojo however one night in a kill or be killed situation he not only killed the man who ratted him out but the guards as well. From that point on he was known as El Rojo Muerto or The Red Death.

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Sounds A Very Interessting RP :)


Name: John Clarke

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Picture/Description: White, Wears Normal Pirate Clothes But Choose to Wear a Mask that Covers His Enitre Face.

Reason: To Be Revealed


Nationality: Irish/Mexican

Personality: Younge and Fast. His Acrobatic Skills have Earned Him the Respect of those who Know Him. Can Find a Way out of Nearly All Situations

Weapons of Choice: Two Twins Daggers. And A Pistol When he has to. A Rope


Raised By a Drunk Aunt and Abusive Uncle, When John got the Chance He Ran from his "Care Givers" They have since Never stopped Hunting Him as His Skills Have earned them much Coin. He Escaped them by Holding on to the Side of a Ship and stayed there Til they Docked in Spain. Rumours Have it he Carries Many Scars Under his Mask but No-one Knows for sure. There is a £3000 Bounty on his Head for Him Returned Masked. £4000 for Unmasked.

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