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Bleach: Ressurection

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Its been many years since the attack on the Soul Society. Things have returned to normal for the Soul Reapers now that the arrancar have been defeated...or so it seems. Out of the ashes of one tyrant rises another. A mysterious yet powerful being known as Baurakku Kaisei is now threatening to destroy every soul reaper and harvest all their spirit energy for his own. Baurakku has done the impossible, he's brought the dead back to life. For every arrancar that died, he brought back to life. The arrancar now have new abilities and forms making them far more deadly than before. Baurakku Kaisei must be stopped at all costs before both the spirit world and the human world are consumed by hollows.


Character Sheet

Soul Reaper:


Age(The age can be anything including somewhere in the 1000's. They age very slowly and there fore will look like they're 20 even though they could be 400):





Appearance(Though you can only see them in the inner world):


Shikai(The second form, it can look like anything and is achieved by saying and command and then the Zanpakuto's name): (Ex: Roar, Kisuke)

Bankai(The final and most powerful form. Not only can the Zanpakuto take the shape of any form of weaponry it wants but can also alter the wielder's appearance as well. Its achieved for many years of training.):

Kido(a magic spell. There are three types, binding spells, destructive spells, and healing spells. You may pick 3 of which ever type.)






Appearance(Human Form):



Appearance(Hollow Form, they suppress their true hollow form inside their Zanpakutos.):



Hollow(all hollow's have white masks):






Cero(their most powerful attack. A giant beam of energy however some hollow's have different looking Ceros):



((These are just some classes you can be. If you have something else in mind don't be afraid to ask me))

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Name: Shiro Kamikaze

Age: ?

Mask: http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs43/f/2009/145/b/2/ichigo_vasto_lorde_by_hovsec.jpg

Appearence: pretty much hollow ichigo Vasto Lorde form with black hair, and ulquiorra wings

Personality: lazy and calm, but when fighting he is the recarnation of despair

Cero: cero blanco a pure white cero that blinds opponets a bit stronger than a normal cer, the cero can be blocked but not avodide

History: Shiro was killed when he was 17. protecting his friends and family from a group of murders, but as he died he saw that none of his freinds or his family cared about him or his sacrafice. rage and depretion consumed him and he turned into a hollow and consumed everyone in his town before the shinigami came. he eventculy after centurys of killig other hollows Shiro be a Vasto Lorde.

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Kaiden Hirotashi

Age: 300 but looks about 20

Appearance: Kaiden has blue eyes and white hair. He wears the traditional black and white robes of a Soul Reaper as well as a black mask that lets some of his white hair stick out. He stands at roughly 6 feet and is an average build. He usually carries his sword on his back.

Personality: Kaiden is a very easy going type of guy. He's easy to get along with and still thinks being a soul reaper is cool. He's very funny and usually breaks tension in troubled times.

Zanpakuto: a katana

Name: Kira

Appearance: Kira minus the weapon

Personality: She's very witty and a bit cocky. She's the queen of sarcasm. Unlike Kaiden who likes to prolong battles, Kira prefers to use Bankai right away to get the job done.

Shikai: Kira Shikai form. This form is activated when Kaiden says the phrase You are my sword and shield, Kira. Alternetly when he says Bankai, Kira in reference to her wanting to use it so quickly and in return she only grants him a small portion of her power and the sword stays in the current unreleased state.

Bankai: Kira Bankai. Kaiden himself changes when he actually activates his Bankai. He is encased in a somewhat advanced layer of armor. Kaiden Bankai. In this stage Kaiden and Kira almost become one whole being. As the armor is part of Kira, she is able to communicate with him mentally and aid him in the battle if she thinks he needs it.

Kido: Shakkaho (Destruction spell that shoots a red ball of energy), Sajo Sabaku (Binding spell that creates a large amount of energy chains that tie up the arms), Konki Nami (Destructive spell shoots out a wave of energy)

History: Kaiden's life was very short lived as he died at the age of six. However due to his heroic actions of saving a group of people from a fire he was sent to the Soul Society where all good souls go. While at the soul society he was taken in by a soul reaper due to having a large amount of spiritual energy. He trained to become a soul reaper and graduated at a young age. He befriended many other soul reapers including Zaraki Kenpachi. He was influenced by Kenpachi so much he wore a black mask that it suppressed some of his spiritual energy much like Kenpachi's eye patch. Kaiden claims the mask makes him look cool and it also lets him enjoy fights longer. He joined up with the 11th division and is the 4th seat. He has chosen this seat specifically because he does not wish to challenge the Lieutenant as he thinks she's too adorable. He also will not challenge Ikkaku for the 3rd seat as Ikkaku helped him achieve Bankai.

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Name: Akira Takada

Age: 300 (looks 20)

Appearance: Black hair, medium build, nearly 6 ft, brown eyes, wears traditional Shinigami black robe, wears a straw rice paddy hat.

Personality: Affable, but shy. Laid back and nice once you get to know him. Often prefers to take the logical method.


Zanpakto: Nodachi

Name: Literally translated, "Fire Dragon"

Appearence: Looks like a large, snake-like Far Eastern dragon. Its scales are red and are made of embers, so it always looks like sparks are coming off of it.

Personality: Tends to be impulsive, unlike his reserved and analytical owner. Also likes to see things either on fire or blowing up.

Shikai: Achieved by saying "Smolder". The sword takes the form of a naganita that can shoot fire at the user's will. It also gives a burning sensation to whoever it slashes.

Bankai: Turns into an arm cannon in the shape of a Far Eastern dragon head that can shoot fireballs. It can also charge up a fireball to make it bigger, causing even more destruction. The fireballs also have explosive tendencies. It is also able to become a flamethrower. Bankai also causes Akira to have fire cover most of his body, forming a type of armor.

Kido: Horin (Binding, fires a large rope that attempts to trap the target), Byakurai (Destruction, Pale lightning), Enkosen (Binding, summons a shield of reiatsu)


History: Belonging to squad 8, Akira died at a young age in the real world due to disease. He was able to graduate from the Shinigami academy with scores that were above average, but not considered the best. He later joined squad eight, where he now holds the position of Sixth Seat. Akira, upon joining, liked his captain's signature hat enough that he decided to wear his own. He often keeps to himself, though he has befreinded some Shinigami in his squad. He often completes the assignments he is given, albeit with large destruction. However, he is so good and efficient that Soul Society is willing to turn a blind eye towards his actions.


((I might add pics later)).

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Too many zeros


Facial Appearance

Silvery smooth metal as a base layer, with enigmatic symbols carved in and no familiar facial features such as a mouth, nose, or ears. Neck and face are mostly covered by a wrapping of brown cloth, with the exception of what look to be eyes engraved in the metal and a set of goggles to cover said eyes (No night vision installed). He also wears a hat.



This outfit, minus the face. He stands at about 2 meters with a medium build and weighs in at about 450 kilos.



Clumsy and knowledgeable, with a sense of compassion that is tempered by his pragmatism. He is quick in decision-making and is very blunt and direct to the point, rarely sparing people's feelings except in situations in which it would be beneficial for him to do so. He not afraid to run in the face of impossible odds, and will often be the first into an impossible foray if not other viable options exist. He loves contradictions and occasional discussions about morality, physics, and his species.


Physical Abilities

Stronger than the average human and about as fast as one though he has occasional fits of imbalance given that his species developed in a zero-g environment and his weight, which also makes him less than adept at hand to hand with the exception that the weight behind his punches could crush a man's skull. His natural armor is tough enough to resist normal weapons fire and being struck by a object going 160 kilometers per hour, but not tough enough to avoid damage from a high-powered rifle or pole flying at him at 340 meters per second (learned the hard way). It is highly resistant to extreme temperatures to the point that Meta almost considers it laughable when other species attempt to use energy weapons against him, though he's still afraid of being in a spaceship when its core overloads or nearly being shot into a star. Meta's species developed with the ability to see beyond the normal ranges of light to perceive all electromagnetic magnetic frequencies from microwaves to x-rays, though this in itself can be a liability when he has to focus on something in particular. Meta wears a pair of goggles to block his peripheral vision and help him focus more effectively. Meta's species is also naturally deaf given that sound does not travel through space, so instead he has to rely on the actual vibrations of the sound waves to reach him and then he has to interpret those sounds, a process which can either be instantaneous or take a few seconds given what he is wearing and his mood.


Other Abilities

Meta's natural means of communications typically involves a broadcast of radio waves that another Versewalker would then receive and be capable of interpreting, which would be equivalent to verbal speech among human beings. In the event where this would not be viable, such as in a one-on-one conversation, two Versewalkers could touch and exchange information electrically. Neither of these methods works in communication with human beings, unless they have a proper modulation device or desire to be electrocuted to death, so Meta has a voice modulation device attached to his neck that can mimic a wide rang of voices and noises. In the event that the device suffers damage he knows sign language, Morse code, and other forms of non-verbal communication. In terms of combat, Meta will often employ a wide variety of weaponry based primarily on whatever he can get his hands on. Whatever he does get his hands on, he extensively modifies to a point beyond any recognition with an exponentially more deadly weapon as a result. Generally all of his modifications will have the ultimate goal of making a weapon plasma-based or magnetically-accelerated, though that is not a common achievement given the conditions he has to work in at most times. Currently, he carries a Plasma Repeater, a nifty weapon he picked up from the last universe he was in.


Means of Travel

A lot of running and jumping with the occasional walk on the beach and a free fall from orbit.



Meta is a Versewalker, a species which developed the ability to travel between universes. They initially evolved as a metallic organism in a planetary system with seven stars that all orbited a single asteroid field. They evolved from this collection of rocks until they had an empire spanning multiple galaxies and, eventually, universes. The empire then collapsed as an experiment to replicate the Big Bang went wrong and destroyed every universe it was conducted in, which was every universe controlled by the Verserwalker empire. The surviving Versewalkers, who had been in other realities on expeditions or diplomatic missions, were hunted down by a coalition of races formerly under the control of the empire. They were not even aware of what had occurred until they were hunted to the point of extinction. Meta himself was the last to be captured and be put on trial for the crimes of his people, though instead of executing him like all of the rest, the coalition decided to imprison him as an example for all eternity. He escaped and since then they have never been able to track him down, lacking the lifetime to hunt down a being that can hunker down and simply wait for them to die. Currently Meta wanders universes, sometimes getting into situations. Sometimes they turn out good, and sometimes they end with all life in the galaxy being wiped out. Sometimes.

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Name: Ayame Dai


Age: 200






Personality: Calm, Understanding, and warm-hearted


Zanpakto: Chi and Mizu, her two katanas


Shikai: When saying "Chi", the blade can look like a pile of rocks and can make an earthquake towards the enemy when smashed on the ground. When saying "Mizu", water is formed from the blade and shoot out water towards the enemy.


Bankai: The two katanas, when combined, can turn into a staff like weapon that can shoot out beams


Kido: Binding Spell: Mika, Destructive Spell: Akai Hi, Healing Spell: Chiyu Yousha


History: Ayame Dai died at the age of 19 when she rescued her little sister from the ocean during a storm. When she placed the little girl on the boat, a wave splashed fiercely on Ayame, drowning her to death. Because Ayame cared for her little sibling, who made it to shore, and didn't think of herself, the young woman was sent to the Soul Society.


She loved her new home, and despite anything else, she'd keep her promise to stick with the Soul Reapers and protect the innocents. Even if she is a spirit. She's in 2nd Seat.

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Name: Tomasu Uedojju


Age: 200(ish)




(Also has pentacle-shaped birthmark 19mm's to the right of his heart)


Personality: Cold, distant from the other Soul Reapers due to his history.


Zanpakto: Thanatos (Sharpened halves of his former Bow)


Shikai: Blades are combined to form the bow in the appearance image using the words "Aim pure and true Thanatos!". The energy arrows fired from it are red instead of white due to the fact that he uses his own spirit energy to fire instead of collecting spirit energy from the area.


Bankai: Resembles the Quincy Final Form although the primary colour is black and the spirit particle wing is red:



Kido/Ginto: Using his own energy instead of the Quincy vials he can use the following Quincy Ginto as Kido:

Heizen (Destruction spell beam of red transparent energy)

Gritz (Binding spell creates a man-sized pentagonal Quincy cross which envelops its target)

Ransotengai (Allows Tomasu to his body using spirit threads)


History: Tomasu was a Quincy who fought against the the Soul Reapers over 200 years ago he lost his life protecting the family of his fellow Quincys, because of this noble act his soul managed to enter the soul society and train as a Soul Reaper.


He no longer wishes to eradicate the corrupt evil souls, as he remembers a lot of his past life which has lead to him creating his own skills and outfit which puts him at heads with the rest of the Soul Reapers as he stands out from the so called normal low rank Reapers.


Because of this he isn't in an assigned squad but will follow the orders of the Squad captains.


(Bear in mind that I am a relative novice to Bleach but I have watched quite a few of the first series episodes.)

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