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Best versions of MI soundtracks


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Hi all,


Just wondering, have we got to the stage yet where the fanboy community has what is regarded as the complete and best version of the soundtracks to MI 1-3? By this I mean versions which are complete and have been EQ'd or treated to sound the best that they can.


Also, are there any TOMI soundtracks knocking around?


I've rippped the MI2:SE music from the game and have been listening to them but there's something a tad amateurish about the mix - has anyone else thought this? It's things like too low-endy and certain instruments far too loud in the mix (Kate Capsize's theme with the loud-ass panpipe things for instance)





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try: http://www.soundtracks.mixnmojo.com for MI1, 2 3 + 4, MI1 and MI2 are played from an MT-32 Synth and recorded (with some re-mixing of the sound-levels) onto MP3s. The composers composed the music for those two (and other MIDI SCUMM games) using an MT-32, so it's as the composer envisioned the music, not replayed using crappy windows midi emulation, which really distorts and ruins the sound in my opinion.




you can try: http://www.s-island.mixnmojo.com They have the original MT-32 Music without any re-mixing as OGG files, which you can play using VLC media player. (All they did in the first site I listed was change a few sounds, and add some reverb really).


Basically, if you want the Vanilla music, as oringally ripped from the original game, in best quality, go to the second one, otherwise if you don't mind them being a little 'remastered (slightly different sounds, different mixing) go to the first link)

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I Tried to recreate MI2 theme.. I don't have access to all the original instruments used on the soundtrack but here it goes:


It's not completely finished and especially the latter two parts would need some attention.

I took the midi notes from the original game files and replaced and mixed them with new stuff. Tell me what you think

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