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Light Side VS the Dark Side

Master Temporal

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WARNING --- Spoilers may be contained below.



Okay, so I'm playing Academy and get to the part where you finally catch up with Rosh and are basically given the chance to reek some revenge on his butt. Out of sheer instinct I naturally chose to spare his life (stay on the path of light) and did so in such a instinctive hurry, (this was after a few brewskies too btw) that I seriously did not realize you had a choice whether or not to kill him and join the dark side.


After finishing the game, I read somewhere that you could actually choose to join the dark side, and truthfully had no idea there was an alternate ending to this game.


So I went back and replayed that level just to find out what the difference was.


Out of sheer investigative reporting only, I chose the Dark Side, and you know what?, it turns out you get all of these great perks, like a cell phone, free checking, frequent flyer miles, and 10% off all credit card purchases!


Who Knew!


No wonder it's so easy to be tempted by the Dark Side!!!


As a Jedi, all you get is a crazy hair cut and a robe! (lol)


Anyway, I ended the test and saw the alternate cut scenes and end game scenario.




In truth, I prefer the light side, and will never turn to the Dark Side (unless they throw in a time share on South Beach and a new set of golf clubs).



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force heal is awesome but i also really love lightning. i am a raccoon king, personally. but if i have to choose, like in MP, it all depends on my opponents.

if i am playing noobs, i go dark side on their butts, because dark side is mainly offensive and i dont need a lot of help surviving against noobs. if i am playing the pros, i stick with the light side cuz i need the extra defensive abilities in order to hold my own with experts.

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you fight Alora and Tavion with both endings, but only the light side has you battle Possessed Tavion, you kill her and then battle Kyle in the Dark Side


I'd love to see a non-canon spin-off game that shows Kyle hunting down Jaden and battling him, perhaps even throw in a dual ending, where you get to redeem Jaden and destroy the scepter or kill him


heck it doesn't even have to be a long game, just like a DLC version

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