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Let's Kill Something as a Guild.

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Can we kill something as a guild again? Not a major op, and it doesn't have to be a WB run. Just something that we can do as Walking Carpets for an hour or so that doesn't require everyone be at the same level.


It's just that yesterday I had to pay a visit to Ord Mantell and... I had an overwhelming urge (probably from the Darkside) to go to that island and just kill all the Savrips all at once, just for the heck of it. :imp:


I still want to kill that super-wampa Frostclaw in that H4 mission on Hoth. Killed me and three others in the group I was with in like 30 seconds--twice! Got another group a day later and...same thing happened. -.- His furry days are numbered. In fact, I might try to get him again tonight when I get home from work...


Or if we can't agree on what to kill, maybe we can try a pantless WB run?

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If you want to kill Frostclaw, then just yell this weekend and I will get Leyn'a (fast) or Brem (slow, but safe) and we will kill him.


Now if you want to kill Snowblind or Gargath we would need a few more for that. Depending on the time, could most likely get few from CA or pug and pull either off rather easily. Pretty much will do anything below Nightmare Pilgrim (Voss WB) with a few decently equipped 50s and a decent tank. Voss WB takes a full well equipped Ops team.

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