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Republic Recolor to Sith Colors


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Thanks for the feedback! I know my reskin isn't the best, but as I said, it's my first reskin. I was thinking about adding alpha channels on someplaces, but I don't know a whole lot about texturing. And no, I didn't use any layers. I did all with free select... which was a bit of a pain....


Anyways, I will probably work on my skills for any future reskins. This was more for my personal use, but I decided "Hey, why not share my creation?"

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looks pretty decent, I can attest that the republic uniforms are rather difficult to deal with at times, too bad I lost my modding abilities with my computer.


The only things I have trouble with Republic uniforms, are when looking at which areas are which. Example: Leg texture could be next to back torso peice.


If anyone has suggestions, feel free to ask/tell me what to do. I'm thinking of retouching this soon.

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