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PC Games Involving Cults


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There's a game by the name "Cult", an old, very low-fi indie game. The lone developer was Israeli, that's all I remember. The game is set up as you being an investigator infiltrating a cult building and trying to resolve a hostage situation... or some such.


The Dead Space trilogy involved a cult as a major plot element (a very unsubtle satire on Scientology).


Come to think of it, cults sound like a very common horror trope.

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The Taris outcasts could be seen as a cult... And there's probably other Star Wars games that have cults. Jedi Outcast's Sith cult, for example. The Old Republic has a cult. It's mostly all Sith cults anyway.


Off the top of my head, I'm also thinking of Tomb Raider, the Fallout series and Vampire: Bloodlines.

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