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Surfin' the Highway - I thought we were past this ****


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So I thought I'd buy a copy of Surfin' the Highway as a gift for someone. After all, with Telltale's 2008 re-release, those dark days of paying ungodly amounts for the collected work of Sam & Max were surely behind us.


Except not. Telltale's version is apparently just as out-of-print as the first edition, and already commanding a torrid average price tag in the used marketplace. Seriously, what the hell? How long has Telltale stopped selling the book? A quick glance at their site, which I admittedly haven't visited in years, suggests that they don't really sell merchandise anymore.


I guess 2008 was already a long time ago, but geeze. This again?


Just wanted to pout.

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They stopped selling all physical merchandise after they changed their website last September. I'm glad I grabbed Surfing the Highway (as well as the Sam and Max soundtrack CDs) before the website changeover.


They're slowly starting to sell physical items again (the Walking Dead Season Two and The Wolf Among Us collector's DVDs are shipping now), but I doubt they'll sell the Sam & Max stuff again (especially because Dan Connors made it sound like the upcoming merchandise would be different than that which was on the site before).


Maybe for Sam & Max's 30th anniversary in 2017, a further updated edition will be printed that includes The Big Sleep... Hey, I can dream, right?

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