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  1. As reported on the front page, the game got its GOG release. Special thanks to Skunkape for putting up with the usual brigading pre-adolescents so I could buy my offline installer.
  2. The project's been acknowledged, but only in the vaguest terms. That it was to be based on the trilogy is news to me. Talk about a video game series that can't catch a break.
  3. I want to bring some attention to Jimmy Maher’s superb and ongoing interactive entertainment chronicle at The Digital Antiquarian. Though the articles devoted to LucasArts represent only a selective fraction of his overall exploration of game history, they amount to a superior work of scholarship about our favorite subject, replete with rare photographs and can’t-be-found-anywhere-else anecdotes. I get the sense Maher’s achievement hasn’t been as trumpeted as it should have been, so as a public service here’s the full list of all the LucasArts-relevant pieces he’s published so far: A New Force in Games, Part 1: Fractal Dreamers July 10, 2015 A New Force in Games, Part 2: A Habitat in Cyberspace July 17, 2015 A New Force in Games, Part 3: SCUMM July 24, 2015 The 14 Deadly Sins of Graphic-Adventure Design (or, Why Ron Gilbert Hated Adventure Games) July 31, 2015 Loom (or, how Brian Moriarty Proved That Less is Sometimes More) February 18, 2017 Monkey Island (or, How Ron Gilbert Made an Adventure Game That Didn’t Suck) March 10, 2017 Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (or, Of Movies and Games and Whether the Twain Shall Meet) September 28, 2018 Day of the Tentacle June 7, 2019 Sam and Max Hit the Road June 21, 2019 The Second Coming of Star Wars February 5, 2021 Full Throttle July 2, 2021 The Dig July 23, 2021
  4. Skunkape has been mum on GOG unfortunately, but I have a hard time believing it won't eventually make it there. In the meantime, the soundtrack is out.
  5. So people have this thing in their hands, yet LRG still can't confirm what archive builds were included? On a related note, what's Vegas saying on how long it'll take the contents of that USB stick to be uploaded safe and sound to Archive.org? Not that I would condone such a thing, of course.
  6. Remember those great parody trailers that were originally made for the Season 2 episodes? Based on what was done for Season 1 I'm sure Skunkape will be collating all that stuff on their own YouTube channel, but in the meantime:
  7. Remaster of the second season drops December 8th. Check out Skunkape's official announcement with web presence, trailer and screenshots: https://mixnmojo.com/news/Another-year-another-Sam-and-Max-remaster-from-Skunkape
  8. Maybe @Remicould extort motivate the readership on Twitter? "Get Laserschwert the scans he needs...or Mojo will continue hosting Lemonhead's Maniac Mansion review."
  9. Well, at this point I'll be happy just to hear they've got the thing safely in the can. It's been a long, bumpy ride, and I think there's still a substantial amount of shooting to get through. At least Ford's looking good and the locations seem like a welcome return to globe-trotting after an installment of soundstage-trotting.
  10. The recovered detail is staggering, and I appreciate having the options. When placed side by side, the first one is a bit warmed up for my tastes (though still valid and stunning) but the other two are Sophie's Choice for me. I never knew the FM Towns version turned that blueish hue into gray. I am being seduced in multiple directions!
  11. Pictured below: what none of us will look like at age 79.
  12. With regard to the involvements of Nazis... SPOILERS The evidence points to the storyline taking place in the "present" of 1969, but that there will be a prologue sequence set during WWII. One thought is that Mads Mikkelsen plays an ex-Nazi who could be introduced in that prologue.
  13. I don't have the energy to cover every set leak on the front page, but for people who want to go down that particular rabbit hole: the production is currently in Sicily, and people seem to be photographing the hell out of it. https://www.instagram.com/p/CUusPm6DqgD/
  14. Thanks to both Jake and Laserschwert for joining forces in this contribution to humanity.
  15. I've never heard this complaint about Psychonauts before. Unless we're talking about playing the PC version without a gamepad?
  16. I think they realized they made a tragic mistake in eliminating the Ultimate Insult sketch and are willing to pull out all the stops to atone for it.
  17. Unceremoniously pushed back again, to 2022. I prefer to think @Laserschwertfound a subatomic flaw in the box art and halted productuon by heaving his body into the gears.
  18. I've been re-downloading my LEC purchases from GOG, and I noticed some of the games have the native interpeter stuffed into a directory called "other". So that's pretty cool, even though it appears to be an inconsistent inclusion. Another wrinkle is that some of the earlier Steam releases of the LEC SCUMM catalog (the two Indy games and The Dig) came with the Windows-friendly executables that Aaron Giles made for LucasArts in the 2002ish area. Allegedly he actually updated all the SCUMM games this way, but only Hit the Road and Full Throttle surfaced at the time (as part of a UK compilation box, I believe), then those few others quietly appeared on Steam years later. The majority never saw the light of day, and at some point it seems Lucasfilm just found it easier to bundle ScummVM for all subsequent digital releases. (GOG may also use ScummVM instead of the Giles executable for the aforementioned Steam titles, though that needs fact-checking.) Cataloging exactly what data files and launchers come bundled with the GOG/Steam releases seems like a worthy mission for someone unburdened by my laziness.
  19. I fixed all the broken links in the Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix article caused by the fact that Aric Wilmunder, who hosted the design documents, let his domain expire. I've noticed that this snapshot of his site seems to have functional PDF links to all the docs he'd uploaded before abandoning the effort: https://web.archive.org/web/20171216013851/http://www.wilmunder.com/Arics_World/Games.html
  20. For the record, the U.S. version of Psychonauts did not require you to swap discs after installation. That would have been outrageous, leaving me with no choice but to mail a letter so mean that Tim would still be recovering from it. I think the game might have required you to keep Disc One in the drive while playing, but if so that was for asinine copy-protection reasons rather than anything needing to be read off it.
  21. I presume they are only de-aging him for a flashback sequence, but that he will be playing his own age for the majority of the story that's set in 1969 or whatever. The horror scenario I had in mind was quite a bit more far ranging.
  22. It seems like the more pessimistic reports were true and that production has been more or less suspended since Ford injured his shoulder in late June. They did proceed without him for that much-publicized Glasgow shoot, but maybe that booking would have been particularly difficult to break and they decided to go ahead and get coverage of the wide shots and stuntwork for that sequence. In a way I'm relieved, because this suggests we aren't going to be subjected to some pioneering experiment in grafting Ford's performance onto a stand-in for the duration of the movie or some other CGI horror along those lines. Allegedly filming finally resumes sometime next month, and let's hope it's without further incident.
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