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  1. Yeah, it's one of the more overt Disneyland nods in an installment that some might consider a bit light on that particular series staple. Though I guess the Big Whoop theme park in general counts for a lot. I'm also doubting this is coincidence: It wouldn't surprise me if the Spider Monkey segment originally had more characters in it. The last act of CMI is where all the most brutal cuts were made when the budget ran dry.
  2. The father/son characters would be the voices in the game's postscript, no?
  3. Mike Levine is sharing some promotional posters for old games. Laser got an even better source of the Rescue on Fractalus! covert art from David Fox himself, but it's still cool, rare stuff. https://twitter.com/HappyGiantGames/status/1358899396868513795/
  4. The photographs for the Mojo Does Cardiff article have been mysteriously missing in action for something like ten years. Fortunately, @s-island was able to correctly interpret the glyphs faintly etched upon a series of windswept runestones in order to divine the secret location of a backup of the article's complete photo gallery, and now one of Mojo's most irrelevant articles is once again an honest to Pete multimedia experience.
  5. I used to bring the MI2 hint book with me on road trips to read in the back of the car. And I'm still waiting for someone to track down Jo ' Captain Tripps' Ashburn and ask him how much he wants to write a narrative walkthrough for TMI and complete the set.
  6. Quez! Nice collection, and nice to have you back.
  7. Skunkape extended their 50% off deal for customers who already bought the original version to January 15th.
  8. A fan recreated a promo for Culture Shock from back in 2006, using footage from the remaster. Hats off for dedication.
  9. From Skunkape's lovely write-up: When I read that paragraph, I was wondering why this seemed vaguely familiar. Then it hit me. Back in the summer/fall 2006, when every last pixel of every bit of media Telltale was putting out was being put under a microscope, this huge render of Bosco's Inconvenience was among the assets shared with the press: Notice how the magazine here is "Playbunny," rather than "Hot Bunny" as it is in the published game. As I recall, someone noticed the discrepancy at the time, and I think it was guessed - maybe even explaine
  10. It's not my collection, and it's a month old, but I figured this was worth embedding. I've never seen the Maniac Mansion T-shirt at this resolution: https://twitter.com/MikeJMika/status/1333114880249958403
  11. Interesting how the reviewer took exception with the decision to leave Chaikin's voicework in Culture Shock alone. I always thought that artifact made the season reminscient of an actual television show, where it isn't uncommon for recasts to occur after the pilot. I guess I understand where the expectation would come from, as Telltale did set a pattern of retroactively applying recasts (Thorn in Bone, Lechuck in Tales of Monkey Island, Biff in Back to the Future), but I always thought it was cool that they respected that a different guy voiced Max for the first episode by not overwriting it.
  12. I remember when the Maniac Mansion Mania project appeared something like fifteen years ago. I lost track after the first handful, but I admired the plucky ingenuity of the whole thing. The idea of enthusiasts carving out this homegrown framework for making bite-sized adventure games using recycled Maniac Mansion themed assets was so weird and cool...sort of a fan game precursor to Telltale. That it is apparently still going on is something to behold. I wonder if any of these "graduates" of the MMM "academy" went on to work in the industry?
  13. Your words are kind. We're about the same age, so I know what you mean about feeling like you found the LucasArts web scene just in time to be too late. I wouldn't hold out any hope for Sam & Max: The Lost Cases happening in this reality, but I do think that all the cool Sam & Max material that this particular team was generating, only for it all to be thrown in the trash, deserved to have more sunlight thrown on it than prior retrospectives have been able to. The idea that the Freelance Police team just sort of moved over to Telltale and got their Sam & Max
  14. While I liked Season 1 from the start, I do think there is something to the idea that the game was trapped under these absolutely brutal restraints in presentation. The fact that the remaster is such a revelation despite changing none of the fundamentals goes to show that those fundamentals - design, writing, environment art, animation, voice work - were always pretty strong. They just needed to be released from the chokehold.
  15. While I believe she's done some directing as well, I think Brown's credits are primary as Voice Editor/Producer.
  16. I thought the voice direction in the Special Editions was good. I think the dodgier results stem from the fundamental awkwardness of performing dialog that was written to be read. The exceptionally capable Darragh O'Farrell (The Dig, CMI, EMI and pretty much every voiced LEC game from 1995 onward) is at least credited as Voice Director on those.
  17. Personally, I am not sure Elaine's personality has ever been successfully captured in the later sequels, at least if the objective was to evoke her personality from the first two games. I know CMI Elaine is often seen as something of a "damsel," though I think a lot of that is simply story related rather than an execution problem: she spends most of the game as a statue. To be fair to the CMI team, they had plotted a big moment for her in the climax, but it was embedded in ambitious cutscenes that were the primary casualty of a drained budget toward the end of production. Elaine in
  18. Spaff's hard-hitting journalism from E3 2001 to the rescue:
  19. The header art has just been updated. From Eaken: It caused me no hassle, because I simply made Remi do it. Enjoy! Also, @Laserschwert, I am happy to confirm that a "naked" version of the art is forthcoming. I look forward to both being inducted into the venerable poster thread.
  20. New gameplay footage will be unveiled tomorrow at 9am PST, per these guys.
  21. Holy hopping Huey P. Long in a Houston whorehouse! What were we thinking publishing this insane thing? Were there no grown-ups in the room to put a stop to it? Well, it happened and must be dealt with, so here's a discussion thread for that feature we put together to give some awesome Will Eaken artwork a context. Sam & Max 2: we just won't let it rest in peace.
  22. Unless they are recasting Jimmy Two-Teeth as well, Joey Camen's work will continue to be heard throughout the game, so this decision doesn't seem to be a repudiation of a voice actor. The reason for recasting Bosco appears to be the reason Skunkape has given.
  23. That's awesome. I wonder how many other noble heists like that occurred. Bill Tiller made off with a CMI standee, which found its way to the Autumn Moon office during the very brief period of time that the studio had one.
  24. This thread is the internet's best work. Also, here are some photos of the LEC lobby from Mojo's 2001 trip: Were all those poster-sized adverts junked, or tucked away in a closet? Imagine: We could be one short bribe to Craig Derrick away from a proper scan of the Herc's Adventures cover.
  25. From an old interview Mojo conducted with Mark Ferrari: It immediately sprung to mind when this alternate angle was shared, but Ferrari seems to be describing yet a third background related to this location.
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