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[Download] BAP Map Tool (Obi.exe) + Manual


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Zanzibar, is it okay to keep this video on youtube or the mod is just for personal use and to not show anyone?




(This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)


They certainly had the right idea! :p


Really glad to see this forum active again. I did try and do some modding when Zanzibar first released the modding tool (thanks again - awesome stuff) but I found it very difficult and confusing.


If anyone has any updates to the manual they would be much appreciated. Anyone have any mods they want to post?

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Awesome work dude this is amazing. I've been trying to figure out all the formats in the TPM and I've gotten everything except BAF (especially its model data). I know it uses an underlying 3DO but I can't understand how they are implementing the 3DO I really only want vertex data from the models. The ROCK.BAF was what I figured a lot out but never found the vertex data, or its normals but seeing PKUNZIP.EXE in this archive makes me wonder if they are compressed. These tools may shed more light on BAF, I know it has some weird messaging service in it so the game can talk to entities which would use it but that elludes me, I've also tried decompiling the game itself but to no avail. However I did find the Webdemo of TPM a few days ago, it has different BAF's so all is not lost there. Also I'll be spending my summer to figure out that B3D format, does your contact have anything else he'd be willing to send, would money interest him, I'm really interested in getting model data out of the BAF format.

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I think it's pretty daunting, with a whole helluva lot of trial and error, so therefore is pretty frustrating.


I Zanzibar, I'm a big fan of this game, its programming and everything. I know you might get tired of everyone picking your brain, but this may be our only chance to keep the work put into this game alive.


So I ask you pleadingly can you tell me everything you remember about the .BAF format? Like even a small memory, of we used Zlib compression or even that it has compression or that it uses 16bit floating points. Because I've really tried and while I got all the other formats, this one alludes me and its become personal, since I've spent a lot of time trying to figure it all out.

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