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Triumvirate Lords Of The Third Dimension

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The second set must be from the Automatic Unwrap; I prefer to use that, cause it does the job in a few minutes. It saves a ton of time for me, then setting up the second channel on each mesh by hand.


Cause, in some of my bigger models I got hundreds of objects, I'dd go insane of all the mapping after a while :p

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Hey Q, can you do a test of an export of any of our areas prior to us swapping out files for the new KA?


I cannot export out anything now, I get an error about map channel 2. I tried to simply open up a cut of the rich area that I never experimented on for lightmaps, just clicked on the AB and hit export, and got a maxscript error about map channel 2.


Can you export out anything without a lightmap now?

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Hey, Dis, I think Magnus code now DEMANDS a second channel :lol:


He mentioned it in a post higher up, the export script checks if there's a second channel and freaks out if there is none. It seems you get the same message as I had with the walkmesh( which had not a second channel).


I'll think we'll have to wait a bit till Magnus, fixed the code a bit :)

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Ah i forgot that from yesterday :lol:


Should i send him an area of ours for sleheyron, or is your test area you sent him enough? Should we give him the most complicated test we can to work with? Better yet, you have all of the files as well, and probabaly know exactly how he needs it sent, if you feel its a good idea send him over one of our areas and textures :)

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I think my test area covers it. Followed the same modelling methods we use on Sleheyron. As well the same tricks I use to get the textures and all OK.


Of course, if we run into more unexpected trouble we could send the files over, but for now I'll wait a bit on Magnus :p


We're close, jus not yet there :D

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No go for me, I still get bad texture mangling. See:




I have rar'd up everything I think you requested before. Here is the files for the cut in the photo:


Ascii file:



Regular textures:



Lightmap textures the "render to texture" generates:



Please tell me if you need anything else

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Had more luck then Dis, with my small test model.

Shadows are now perfect :p

Well almost, its hard to spot, but there still some faults.

Mainly in those small borders of the lights, in the pillars.





I'll now dig up a more complex model, see how it gets handled.

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Ahoy, gave the candidate 2 a test on a TSL model I made.

Lightmaps turn out like 50/50. Some are OK, others.... not so much :lol:


Its powerfull stuff though, look at the super white walls o.O





Anyway, I'll try out Nr 3, see what it does :)




Had another test run with my TSL model, this time I took my Binary model, which contained no texture faults. And imported it back into Max.

I de-linked all of my meshes and gave them a render to texture session. No troubles there and no troubles with exporting.


Though when I tried to load in the new ASCII into Kauraro( lastest version Nr3) it crashed.

Giving an error about UInt32, being to low or high :lol:


Not sure what that was about... I did get a SanityCheck failed, when exporting, but I have that kind of thing all the time.

And Kaurora didn't complain then. Kind of odd.


Still, it seems, whenever you add lightmaps, older UVWs, who where working fine in game, get stretched and mangled. Just by adding those

lightmaps :'(

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Well, I'm kind of out of ideas at the moment on what I could do differantly in Max.

Mainly on previously made areas, who look fine in the game already.


But whenever I go back and edit them, to include lightmaps, things go broken... on the texture side; as well the lightmaps.


Not sure if its the export script that can't get the right info out of 3Ds Max or if it's Kaurora. Or a combination of both :lol:


Or... it's still something I'm overlooking in my 3Ds Max, when I build my model.

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It's KAurora. The problem is that when 3dsMax exports textures, it doesn't care about keeping the same number of vertices for the model, the texture and the lightmap. It doesn't need to, since he has the information about the model faces, the texture faces and the lightmap faces.


The Kotor engine works differently. There's nowhere to store texture and lightmap face information; it just uses the model faces and assumes texture and lightmap ones are the same; which also translates in having the same number of verts, tverts and lverts.


Whenever I get a mesh having different number of vertices I'm forced to make a translation to convert it into the format Kotor expects. But while converting only the tfaces was a solved problem, now that I also need to convert lfaces it becomes more complex. That's why you get some lightmaps imported correctly and some mangled; the mangled ones are those who come from objects which generated different number of vertices for model, texture and lightmap.


There's probably some option hidden somewhere within the 3dsmax menu structure which forces it to generate a model keeping the number of vertices constant for every channel, but I have no idea where it is. I'll keep working on the translation functions to come up with the correct ones.

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Well, I'll try to look up some info on 3Ds Max. I knew the program did something horrible about hiding how many verts a real Mesh is made off.


It kind of screws every programmer atempt at making good working plugins, like NWmax because of this nonsenses. Grrrrr... I'll do my best to come up with something, that might be usefull.


Though it might get to technicale and math crazy for me :lol:

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Thanks Magnus, for all this wonderfull support :p

I'll test both versions out, right away!




Man, hate to say this, you're almost there with candidate 5. The textures come out 100% correct.

Saddly the lightmaps went crazy... in the model I tested in TSL.




I then re-compiled my Kotor 1 model, lightsmaps stayed the same, like 98% of them are okay.

Just a few small ones, on narrow borders of my pillars stayed messed up. Oh, all normal texture where fine. No mistakes.


I then tested it out candidate 4, but that made textures go wonky again... boy, this is annoying stuff :p


EDIT2: Packed up my TSL model. Included textures & lightmaps, also the module file, a ton of files for in the override folder. Mostly extra model parts of that area.

Though I only made lightmaps for part name_01a. Of course there's an ASCII file and my 3Ds Max file.



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:( No change on the lightmap being mangled...


EDIT: I'm starting to think the exporting script just doesn't handle the UVW stuff correct.

I haven't done new export of my test areas; and I keep having the same faults in the game.


I'll redo the export and compile again with the Nr 6 version.

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Hmmm. That's weird. If I import your model and visualize it with the KAurora modelviewer, the lightmaps are correct. I don't get those weird effects. This means KAurora is converting them correctly. I'm not sure why it gets mangled within the game.


Do you have any complex K1 model to test? Also are those small errors in your K1 test area still present?

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Hmm, well the only real differance between my 2 models is, that the one for TSL, has the UVWs for the normal textures baked into the mesh. And so only has the Unwrap UVW from the lightmaps on top of it.


The little test room for K1, has 2 UVW modifiers on top of the Editable Mesh.

And yes, those smaller errors are still there in the K1 model.


I'll take out a Sleheyron model I have to test K1 more.

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