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MI2 SE Question - Am I remembering this right?


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I bought the MI2SE years ago, but I only finished playing through it recently. Before I ask my question (which somebody here can hopefully answer), I just want to put it out there that I really enjoyed the special editions for both MI1 and MI2, and can't see anything but good things about having those games revisited and re-released in way that could appeal to new audiences. In fact, just today I found out randomly that one of my co-workers, who is mainly into GTA type games, had bought MI1-SE for his phone years ago, so it just goes to show you that if you keep making these games available, and keep people talking about them, then new players will continue to buy them.


Anyways, I'm prefacing my question like this because I don't want this to become a thread for ranting about all things that were changed from the original game(s), and the things that people didn't like about the updated graphics, interface, music, voice-acting, hair (for the record, I have no problem with Guybrush's hair in either special edition), etc., etc.


Okay, so here's my question:


When I played MI2SE I remember that along with everything else they updated the map of SCABB Island. For the first part of the game that's fine, but during the Four Map Pieces you could still see Dread's ship in the bottom left corner, even though his ship was also now anchored out near Woodtick at the top right. From what I recall, if you switched to Classic Mode you can see his ship near Woodtick, but not on the peninsula, due to the low resolution/lack of detail. In fact, I believe that someone posted something about this to Twitter a few weeks ago noticing the same thing. Okay, so far as I know, that's an oversight in the SE. But what I ALSO noticed, and this is where I want to know if I'm wrong or not, is in the original game you could return to the peninsula and the background art had been changed, removing Dread's ship. The location was pretty pointless as there was literally nothing you could do, but I thought that it was a nice attention to detail to see the same wooden docks, now with the ship missing. In the SE I tried going back to the peninsula but it had been removed as a location from the SCABB Island map. So... can you actually return to the peninsula in the original game, and they removed that in the SE to save on art, or am I just imagining that and my memory is shot?


Monkey Island 2 - The Peninsula.png

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I've just tried it in ScummVM and you can't go back there. I'd say this is a Spiffy the Dog scenario - something that used to be in the game, but temporal agents have travelled back in time to remove it in order to avert some unforeseen disaster arising from its inclusion - but I don't remember being able to revisit the docks when I first played the game, either.

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Hmm.. okay, I guess you're right.... For some reason I have a very clear imagine in my mind of that screenshot above without the boat. I wonder where I would have gotten that idea from...


Anyways, thanks for checking it out in ScummVM!

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23 hours ago, madmardi said:

So... can you actually return to the peninsula in the original game, and they removed that in the SE to save on art, or am I just imagining that and my memory is shot?


Hmm. I think your memory is shot. (I wonder if you're thinking of Curse? Can't you return to the close up of where you get the Floating Dutchman (I forget his name -- my memory is shot, too) and he's not there?)

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