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Lost cartoon episodes?


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Any news on this? I've found several episodes on eMule, but they were just the ones from the videos, and I have those already (on video, that is).


Anyone encounter any of the unreleased eps online, or have them recorded for digitizing? If you do, check out http://arstechnica.com/guide/audio-visual/videocapturing/vidcap-1.html. And for the love of god, DO NOT encode them into RealPlayer files. Do Divx or mpeg.

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Whoa, I get TWO replies to my last post, nearly FIVE YEARS after I made it! In a thread that is SIX years in the making.


This blows my mind.


Enough blathering. Here's some real info:



Looks like it's the "full series", so I would expect the previously unavailable episodes to be on there. The shorts ARE going to be there too! Looks like they're going for full completeness here.


At last, I can box up and ignore the VHS tapes (if I haven't already, since I don't own a VCR anymore and I've moved several times since I bought them) and replace them with the latest technology! Well...actually I guess that would be digital (I refuse to acknowledge the existence of next-gen physical media formats) but I'll settle for the shiny spinning disc.

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