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you will notice that in the stores now are a bunch of MINI sets, including a Mini AT-AT and snow speeder set and a Mini Xwing and TIE andvanced set, these are all quite small and cheap.


that Millenium Falcon you saw is the MINI version that is going to be released in june.....i think.


thats why it's so small....but it does look like a good size comparison for the Death Star, which is nice.

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there is not a Lego version of Coleman Trebor at the moment, we don't even have Mace or Lando :)


the 4 mini sets that are available now are :


MINI X-Wing Fighter™ & TIE Advanced™ Set384x288us004484.jpg


MINI Sebulba's Podracer™ & Anakin's Podracer™ Set384x288us004485.jpg


MINI AT-ST™ & Snowspeeder™ Set384x288us004486.jpg


MINI Jedi Starfighter & Slave I™ Set384x288us004487.jpg


every set contains an EXTRA lot of pieces so that when you have all 4 of them you can build a MINI TIE Bomber :) :) :)Alt384x288us004484.jpg

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