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Burger King cups, ive had them before i was born...

Bob Gnarly

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Goto eBay and search for them. ppl sell a lot of SW stuff there, and a lot more buy SW stuff from there. . . .






*cough* me *cough*


That's how I got most of my Action Fleet collection. . . i need like 2 more then I'll have all of the old ones, then I gotta keep my eyes open for when Hasbro releases the ones that WERE SUPPOSED TO BE RELEASED LAST MONTH or so.


You can drool to my superior Action Fleet Collection thereZ:




You can also stare at my Library

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My parents just told me a story about when they went antigue shopping. They said they saw a Burger King Star Wars Cup that was priced at $125! Marked down from $180! They thought it was 12 bucks., and they were debating on whether or not to get it for me. Then some lady came and looked at it closer and told them what the price tag actually said. I couldn't stop luaghing when I heard how much it cost. That's pretty stupid. They aren't worth more than 10 bucks if you ask me. Keep them and have fun drinking from them



Oh, and thanx. My collection is my "Prescious" ^_^


ok, i know I misspelled it but you get the point.

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