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Toir Fair: 2003


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Well, hope is lost in Hasbro's logic. Any of you dissappointed at this year's line up? There are some nice things coming, fortunately. Lots more repeats to come on a new card, a few new ships (2 repainted), and what appears to be the dumbest figure to hit the shelves yet. Well, here's a link if you have no clue what I am talking about. Clickie!!!


Yup. Yoda - Clone Wars General. Ooooook. I thought this looks terrible. And if he looks like that in EPIII, I will be sure to post a suicide note up here so you all know where I went...


The 3 packs of clone troops looks awesome, as does the droids. The Geonosion fighter and rolling tank thing are pretty nice too. I can't wait for the new line of 12" guys! Han drawing action (never did get the European version...), Lando Skiff, and At-St Driver all look nice.


Well. Post your thought as if you agree or disagree with me.

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Originally posted by dark jedi 8

the yoda looks ok:rolleyes: , I thought that the jedi starfighter in the deleted scenes in AOTC was a darker green than teel? All in all it looks good cant wait for the hailfire droid or those awesome clonetroopers!


I thought they were all red... I have only seen those scenes twice and you must admit, it is rather dark in the hangar and light doesn't come until Obi-Wan and Mace leave...


I like the Gunship, maybe we'll see that in that stupid cartoon (Why must they make a SW cartoon look sooooo stupid looking? Make it like He-Man animation, not Samauri Jack :mad: )

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