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Durge, huge discrepancy or major contributer to character's back story?

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Posted Today on StarWars.Com:


Introducing Durge


Discussing the upcoming toys, comic books and animated shorts on cartoon network concerning a new character, Durge.


Excerpt from StarWars.COm's Durge Description:


Spotlight: Durge

A long-lived bounty hunter who has replaced Jango Fett as Count Dooku's right-hand man, Durge has long held a grudge against the Mandalorians. Emerging from hibernation after the Battle of Geonosis, the bounty hunter learned that the Mandalorians were all but extinct. Their legacy continued, however, in the form of the Republic's clone troopers, forged from Jango Fett's genetic material. Durge then joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems to enact his revenge upon Jango's clones, and fights alongside Asajj Ventress in the Clone Wars.


Now take a look at these pictures from StarWars.Com:


Durge Pic 1

Durge Pic 2

Durge Pic 3


Notice the familiar symbol that graces Durge's Breastplate? That is the same symbol found on everyone's favorite bounty hunter, Boba Fett, albeit Boba's is red, not blue, and located on Boba's shoulder, not chest.


Now here is my question: If Durge hates the mandalorians so much that he takes up the fight against the republic solely for the purpose of fighting the genetic clones of ex-mandalorian, the late Jango Fett, then why does he share a symbol with Jangos' very son and genetic twin, Boba Fett?


Does Durge play a vital role in the development of young Boba Fett? Does Boba know of Durge's despise for his father and the mandolorians, and his hatred of his very genes? Does Boba, denounce his father and his mandalorian heritage altogethor and later Join with Durge? Or does Durge overcome his hatred for the mandalorians and take Boba under his wing? Or is this just some oversight in character creation and design?


Notice, I never said the symbol in question is mandalorian, as a matter of fact, at this point I would be more likely to think the symbol is anything but mandalorian! So why does Boba Fett end up using this symbol, especially considering Boba has a mandalorian heritage and Durge hates his father?


Can somebody shed some light on this new development? Maybe somebody knows more about this, Durge character, than I do, and can answer a few questions for me.

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Here's some pictures of the unknown symbol on Boba:








Like I said, it's red, not blue like Durge's, and it's on his left shoulder guard, not his Breastplate like Durge's, but Identical otherwise.


This symbol has long been associated with Boba Fett, but nobody knew why. Maybe we are going to finally find out, and Durge plays a big part in it?


Heck, maybe it means Boba Fett killed Durge!

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Originally posted by StarWarsPhreak

I think Jango Fett has that symbol too. It's on the Bounty Hunter game


Really? I wasnt' aware of that. I though it was unique to Boba. Where does Jango display the symbol?


Even so, why does Durge use the symbol if he hates the Mandalorians? :confused:

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OK. this is feom (mostly) the new essential guide to characters, and a little from what I have heard about bounty hunter. boba wears the armor of jaster mereel. the insignia is jaster's mandalorian "regimental" sign. This armor became the trophy of Montross whn montross killed jaster. Jango, when he killed montross (in BH i assume) took the armor back. Boba then wore that aror when he became a pro hunter. what this sign has to do with this "durge" character, i know not.

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