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  1. Finally I found it ... the original Sam & Max Booga Booga Tshirt from mid of the 90s! Litte info on the edge: I heard that there were only made around 100 shirts in total as it was a limited edition.
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  2. As mentioned earlier, my wife is playing through Curse of Monkey Island and thoroughly enjoying it. She has just lost the Blood Island "map" to Captain Rottingham and encountered the second-biggest time waster on the sea, the dreaded rhythmic shanty. She is now about to embark on insult swordfighting, against random pirate captains and then finally against Captain Rottingham himself. I was shocked to see that within the manual that comes with the game there is no space to track insults -- not even a Notes section on the last page. Just as well, within the official strategy guide there is no space to track your insults and retorts -- but are plainly written out (but shockingly not easily found within the guide). So I decided to whip up the following. These are essentially a first draft and also why I was hoping to get a larger quality version of Haggis in a separate thread here. Special thanks to: @Laserschwert for the upscaled and enhanced background art for CMI. Clearly I used the Game Options/Save background screens here. I wanted it to fit in with Guybrush's diary journal aesthetic as seen in the opening cutscene (seen here). Mojo Game Database - Curse concept art. The SCUMM Bar - Curse Insults list. Legend OF MI - Curse Insults list. Curse of Monkey Island - Official Strategy Guide Insults list. Ordinary Pirates - Empty page - For the CMI player who has never played before. Ordinary Pirates - All insults and retorts. Captain Rottingham - Empty page - For the CMI player who has never played before. Captain Rottingham - Half page - For the CMI player who has all of the retorts. Captain Rottingham - All advanced insults and retorts. I'll continue to play around with the design, adding in accent marks, and matching the shade of sketches to match across the pages (skeletons are maybe closer to what I want than the darker Barbary Coast pirates). If anyone wants the PSD file, I can make that available, specifically if someone wants to make language variations. Just looking for some opinions.
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