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  1. Yeah , the NPC need better AI , its amazing that they don't run away or sense in some way you are a DARK EVIL CHARACTER !!! Sertenly the more important , power persons : like the chief of police or like that Queen TSL , I was sometimes amazed how easly you could fool them . Maybe somesort of Coven of Sith Witches would be nice "Enemy" to fight , like ten kreie's in one bunch ( ofcourse not all the same age ! ) .
  2. Maybe the That Sith lord should have a twisted love relationship with the his female apprintes . First he dies some where early on , then you think she's the real deal , and somewhere on the end you fight her . She gets redeemed or killed and the true EVIL being "their child" emerges from the shadow . Now this kid is truely a Sith on speed , using massive force powers ( thinkin like does crazy scene's in Akira ) . I think that would be truely something else . OFcourse this might give problems with rating stuff , so make the child very unhumenly evil , he's just using the body as vessel or something .
  3. thanks lads , been on wookipedia before but got distracted by the cool sith lord thingies ( I just clicked and read and clicked on something else ... etc , Lol read a ton off info ) Anyway I was just curiuos how the blank is filled between part 1 and 2 . Oh and no need for spoiler tags , I've played through and through .
  4. Hey , I've played the games a lot and read a lot off threads here on the forum , but I'm still a bit confused about all the events that happen before Kotor 1 , in Kotor 1 and what happens between the to games ???? I know the anwsers are in the games and loading screens , but hey I'm playing it now for the action .
  5. Yeah it's strange that every badguy has to have this kind of special name , but then again it sounds so much cooler if they do have meaning . Can't wait to see Darth Patrick in kotor 3 a super uber Sith lord from beyond the void of space . But if you look at Sion or kreia they use their normal names even Malak doesn't change his name or bears some sort of title . ANakin becomes Darth Vader and Palpatine changes to Sidious ... strange guess that some of the sith have bigger ego's and choose a new "name" ( title ) but others don't , anyway who gives them their names and well aknowledge it . You know , you can't declare yourself lord or king , emporer before the people in general agree that you are indeed worthy to be such ( wow heavy stuff , guess I think to much . And call you so . Anyway seems like Malak wasn't that bigheaded like nihilius ( can't be his real name , I think it's Ferdinand
  6. Well I just knew that the artist's just didn't invent his out of nothing , in many games you'll find that ( the monsters espially ) have names that come out legends and so on . But I like discovering this , because this malak daemon is like a fallen angel , wich reflects a bit the story from kotor . Malak was a good student but turned around . Finding out these things just gives more depth to the character , even if you already played the game a 100 times it gives me a new look to Malak .
  7. Well , it still fits with his Evil and violant nature , and lots of games uses names of these daemons and religious thingies ... even the ship Levithian it is a name given to some big snake like monster from out mythologie But I'm still looking for Kreia , LOL , seems like everybody just hates that charecter Not me , just liked her cold motheriing the exile thing ... I must be drunk typing this ... Those Kotor games sure leave some scars on us ... sigh
  8. Was reading some things about daemons and angels on wikipedia and found the name of Malik ( Keeper of Hell ). How suiting , not ?? Here's a link to the page that explains more if you don't believe me ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malik Anyway do you think Bioware has chosen the name because of this ??? Cheers
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