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  1. Wow, nice work! This is going to get handy. Nice and easy to check out if custom walkmeshes look decent when compiled with Kaurora.


    ^_^ I'll try to find some time to play with this!

  2. Not yet, got sidetracked by a girl ;)

  3. I'll give it a test run. See how it turns out on my end :p

  4. Aah, the old days. When I started to sweat to get my first hilt model in the game. Following T7 Nowheres tutorial. What a struggle, but what a pay off. I remember the big influx of new modders. That was often a bit 'annoying', as the newbies just kept posting the same questions over and over. Though it certainly didn't do the community harm. As Milestails nicely listed above, we have top quality mods now. And some of the old guru's like DI stick around to show us younger ones the follies of our ways Ah, the fun times with DarthDingDong. *sigh*
  5. What version of MDLops are you using?

    There are 3 versions out there. And sometimes it's better to use the oldest one => 0-5-0


    As 06a1 or the 06alpha4 might give odd results such as misplaced/ enlarged models .

    I've been converting the gun models from Toasty Fresh to TSL myself. So far I haven't had any troubles :)

  6. Oh dear :lol:

    Well, it's a good thing it ends up just being this little silly mistake.

    It happens to the best of us all the time ;)

  7. Héh, just recently I dug up some older series, which I saw on TV, saturday mornings or somewhere in the afternoons when school was finished. So for a nostalgia trip, I found back Teknomen or Tekkaman Blade. I wanted to see if I still liked the thing. It's dated, but flashy and often oddly edited. But it still has it's charm to me. I rewatched the whole series. Another oldy I enjoy is Rurouni Kenshin/ Samurai X. Haven't read the manga yet. Other stuff I've seen are I would guess the classics: Spirited Away. Grave of Fireflies. Ghost in the Shell. Akira. There a few others, my brother in law is a bigger fan of anime things. So I've seen a few more movies, but I can't recall the titles. For fun I did get a chance to read the Dragon Ball mangas. Fun stuff.
  8. First reason I got Kotor, was it got Star Wars labeled on it. I was a fan of Dark Forces, my first shooter and SW game. I played Fable and some other more action focused and less RPG games. So when I found out about this SW RPG thing. I had to get it. Like most fellow gamers/ forum dwellers I got hooked by the characters. The enjoyment I got in actually thinking I was talking to these digital persona. Further enjoyment by finding out what they would say next. How they would respond to my own, allthough silent anwsers. And the idea, if I had choosen another response, they would say something differant. Making me curious to replay the game to see what happens when I do something differant. And then there's the story, the planets and the gameplay. I can't count how many times I replayed both K1 and TSL. I lost hours on these 2 games, no small part ofcourse since I like to mod them. Thing is, I find that both games have aged rather well. Sure the graphics aren't that awesome anymore, but it's less jarring then say, replaying Dark Forces.
  9. Happy B-day J7; the most finest man I've ever met online!
  10. Enjoyed it very much. We're on the same page, Bioware did a good job on all the characters envolved in the 3 games. Though I have the same 'feelings' towards Kaiden and Ashely. Most of the times I just got bored talking to them. I never cared much who ended up dead. I loved Wrex more Allthough, I found out with ME3, I had met so many characters I started to care less about the new ones in my crew. After the dirty dozen routine of ME2 I wasn't up to go through the whole 'hello, I'm Shepard' let's be friends conversation thing. And the ending of ME3 is just weird... I do need replay ME3 again, haven't tested the Citadel DLC. So I skipped that bit of your 'review', as not to get spoiled to much, just took notion it's the best thing out there ^_^ I would have enjoyed an ending where the super weapon just started to shoot the Reapers out of the sky. Rallying the Alliance fleet... the turning point in the war. Or follow the Illusive Men, taking his place and go with the Reapers or some such crap. Though it doesn't really fit. Anyway Bioware has always done this sort of thing. But it fitted better for say Kotor to have this black and white choice, it fits better within the games universe.
  11. Yeah, we did have few pranks with amongst our group. But all of us, still saw minecraft as a game. It never caused big fights our a fall out between people of our group. Plus our private server had problems now and then. We ended up with huge holes in our terrain. Everything just dissapeared into nothing. So we all losed certain things we've had build or gathered. Just like in real life: we had to deal with it and carry on.
  12. Hah, me and my cousin started a Minecraft server before the game had it's big break through. So at first it was just 2 guys running about and digging. Me like a mole on heroine speed crack, making impossible bending tunnels and stairs. My cousin followed awhole method of grids, to dig as optimale as possible. Hilarious stuff, going on. Later on more friends picked up the game and populated the server. I can say it was always exciting to log on and see what was new. I didn't keep playing though at some point I had enough. But I don't consider it wasted hours. It's just great to share a world among friends!
  13. Fun article Lynk! It's a real treat to see how strongly everyone feels about the look of his Shepard. I called mine Boris and I sort made him for the 'funnies' at first. But I stuck with him through out the whole 3 games. I started a second playthrough once, but stopped. I just didn't like this new Shepard I made. Seems like I'm the only one who enjoyed the Mako exploring thing o_O
  14. Found this trailer. Think there are two. And if I remember; the suit will appear as 'steel' and black in the movie. Not sure what to think of this remake. The 80's Paul Verhoeven is just great stuff; not sure what their aim is. To do better or more OTT action seems pointless; another 'view' on the story could work, but again it feels somewhat 'méh' to me. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  15. The funny thing about that is other people (ILM and stunt specialists) created and layed out most of those scenes and not Lucas himself. @OT: I understand the feeling, the whole PT trashing has been done to death. Just like ME3 ending bashing and whining. Saddly I'm biased; I saw the OT when I was just 6 on VHS together with my dad and a friend. It left a pretty big impact on me So, yeah, the nostalgia rules suprime. Though, once you start to disect most movies, none of them make much sense and most have some big plot holes or other sillyness that 'break' the magic. I guess it's really all on a personal level, in how deep you want to look into a structure of any given movie. Star Wars and most Hollywood things are just pure entertainment and CGI fest, so you get a fun ride, a few good laughs, just don't look for any 'sense'. Sometimes you just have to enjoy this stuff for what it is.
  16. Well; I've been doing silly things in Terragen 2.0 which is a powerfull tool to render out landscapes and skies. I could give it another try and come with something that fits for Malachor. Like I mentioned I've only scratched the surface of what I can do with it. Messed around with just the clouds. You might not believe it but the picture below took some 20 minutes to render. The quality and detail you can put into it is amazing; but it does have a cost in render time...
  17. Hey. No problem mate. I haven't done much either on the project. The second area is going forward very slowly. My life has been a bit of a mess the last few months. It's all bit depressing, so I'm back in a bit of therapy aswell to get my thoughts straight on all that has happened. So don't feel bad about it, hope you get well soon :)


    And I won't give up on the project!

  18. My first serious PC games where Diablo I and Starcraft; I enjoyed both very much. Though Star Craft takes the cake as I loved all the characters that appear in the story. Diablo doesn't have much of those. Though it's all about the action and killing dozens of monsters I also played a lot of Warcraft II, Warcraft III and their expansions. I loved that with each RTS you get this level editor, to create your own maps and stories. Spend long hours in those tools! Though, honestly looking back, Blizzard games never had very special stories, they always where a bit cheesy. Their games shine in the polish and smooth gameplay. And the long support with patches and tweaks. I tried WoW, but it couldn't capture my attention for long; I'd rather had another RTS in the Warcraft setting.
  19. Missed you to. Hope all goes well for you!

  20. Wow; cool; didn't really know if Earth was still playing. I'll certainly check out their other numbers. I'dd love to see these guys live. I also enjoy this other band; Stoned Jesus. Seven thunders Roar. Sometimes the songs remind a bit of Jimmy Hendrix. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  21. Of late been enjoying this band: Truckfighters Gravity X, labeled stoner rock. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) I also discovered this, Earth - Pentastar: In the style of daemons. Just love the slow pace and 'groggy' vibe this band gives. Gues that's why it's called stoner rock (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) Love the second number; has some crazy lyrics. [u][size="3"]High Command[/size][/u] Bones are feeling sleazy Head spinning around Spend the night with Josef Goebbels Think I'm coming down Life isn't easy Thru having fun Spent the night with Heimlich Himmler Think I'm on the run Always done the best of everything around flew the plane for Rudolph Hess I've landed upside down Always have to have something in my head Shot cocaine with Hermann Göring now I wish I was dead And by chance, stumbled on this band; The future sounds of london. The Isness is just one of many things they did. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) Bit whacky, but the lyrics are great. Please tell me mister spaceman Can't you really spare the time To float in innerspace? It's the most extra-ordinary place Please tell me mister policeman Can't you really tow the line And float in innerspace? It'll blow even your most criminally neglected mind Where do we come from and where are we going to? Life's a blinder when you find her Life's a downer when you've found her Can't you see this isn't life's mystery? Where do we come from and where are we going to? Welcome to the Galaxial Pharmaceutical (pharmaceutical) Miss medicinal Do you think it's critical? Look into the my wide eyed retina You'll see I'm at my Most illogical Irrational An instutional Maybe suitable Do you think I'm animal? Or maybe mineral? Or simple a vegetable? Cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo You see my mind is projecting everywhere In innerspace Manifesting three dimensional Illusional Inexplicable And while you're here miss medicinal When I think you're cutical So beautiful Oh so magical Almost edible Is my love incurable? It is all so inconcievable? Where do we come from and where are we going to? How come you're never around anymore huh? Am I big or am I small? Everyone seems ten feet tall A lamp shade glides like a guilloteen above my bed The world seems like a million light years From my head The spacecraft has been programmed for me So let there be a message on my answer machine From friends or lovers who will miss me When I'm gone When I'm gone (5, 4, 3, 2, 1, lift off) When I'm gone When I'm gone
  22. Méh, I don't see what's so nasty about shifting. The whole thing gives lots of controle on what your car does. It takes practise, certainly when driving in a city, lots of traffic; bikers, pedestrians... Hahaha, done if before. I did a lot of road for my first job, second job is a bit more relaxed, can do it by bike. I remember the first day I got to use my 1st car to go to my job. I took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up in the middle of the city; there was just a big market going on. Had to drive really slowly and up hill most of the time. I learned to use my clutch and pedals really well that day. But I'm in Europe; Belgium, you have to ask a car dealer for an automatic. Almost all cars are stick shifters .
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