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  1. Wow, nice work! This is going to get handy. Nice and easy to check out if custom walkmeshes look decent when compiled with Kaurora.


    ^_^ I'll try to find some time to play with this!

  2. Not yet, got sidetracked by a girl ;)

  3. I'll give it a test run. See how it turns out on my end :p

  4. What version of MDLops are you using?

    There are 3 versions out there. And sometimes it's better to use the oldest one => 0-5-0


    As 06a1 or the 06alpha4 might give odd results such as misplaced/ enlarged models .

    I've been converting the gun models from Toasty Fresh to TSL myself. So far I haven't had any troubles :)

  5. Oh dear :lol:

    Well, it's a good thing it ends up just being this little silly mistake.

    It happens to the best of us all the time ;)

  6. Hey. No problem mate. I haven't done much either on the project. The second area is going forward very slowly. My life has been a bit of a mess the last few months. It's all bit depressing, so I'm back in a bit of therapy aswell to get my thoughts straight on all that has happened. So don't feel bad about it, hope you get well soon :)


    And I won't give up on the project!

  7. Missed you to. Hope all goes well for you!

  8. About the Sleheyron arena?

  9. Yeah, the update was for the full Yavin zip. It's one of the few modules that should work a bit more easely then my other created stuff.

  10. Never did any voice work before :p

    English isn't my main language though, it's dutch with a terrible west-flamish accent. :lol:

    Ofcourse this could be what you're looking for. What program should I use to do voices?

  11. I'll dumb the newer version into the dropbox asap. I just need to add 2 extra bits to the walkmesh; then you have the full walkable zone of the model.

    All the other stuff is extra "cake' :p

  12. Alas, you can't do elevators in Kotor. The invisible walkmesh can't move. It's something the game engine doesn't do. Though, you could 'fake' it. Not by moving elevator itself. But the whole model around it could move up and down.


    But I never messed around much with animations. And it's one thing Kaurora still doesn't handle IIRC. Still you could build something very simple, just a few boxes; to see if the trick would work.

  13. Got registered at your forum ;)

    I'll do my best to keep in touch a bit better.

  14. It's been awhile since we made some nice render shots! :p

    Can you include the finished Juhani skins aswell. I still got her rigged in Max; but I only have your older versions of her skin.


    I'll do my best to get you the other hilt model Max files; ASAP.

  15. I'll be honest; I can't see a differance... at all :lol:

    And as you say, when people just play the game, they won't go zoom'n in all the time to peek at the weapon.


    I'll pack up the Max file from the other saber. I think I've got a save where everything stands ready to be exported.

  16. Oh, yes. To get sabers to work in the game. Always use the Replacer function in MDLops. Also make sure its the oldest version of MDLops. IIRC 0.5 or something. The other 'newer' version give faulty sabers. They get misplaced and the meshes for the 'blade' get stretched.


    So the method is; get a standard double bladed hilt out of the game; with Kotor tool. You just need the BINs; no need to compile. Then name your new model properly. MY_SABER or AWESOMENSS. Something very obvious. Then just export out. With the replacer function; load in the standard dbl saber in the BIN slot. Your new model in the ASCII slot. Then its just a few clicks to replace the old hilt with your own.


    The new hilt always gets dumped in the folder with the old game hilts. it has a suffix k1-bin or something :-p

  17. My saberhilts are a bit heavy on MDLops and the export script. Think each hilt gets close to 3000polyies. They do work fine in the game; I've tested them in combats. But I wouldn't equip a 100 hostile NPCs withem :lol:


    I got Max 2010. I might not be able to open it...

  18. IIRC; I got the marble from Mayang Textures or CG Textures websites. Allthough I also have 2 PDFs with a range of marbles at big resolutions 2000x3000pix stuff.


    Thing is I cant't upload much, atm I'm using my smartphone as modem to get on the internets. So it's a bit expensive. My internet woes should get solved this month though. Then it would be easier to share my resources :-)


    For your other question: no a saberhilt must be 1 object. That's because of the 'replacing' stuff in MDLops. It doesn't allow to replace to 1 mesh with 2 others. And we're using the replacing thing so the animations would work properly.


    I don't think anyone has solved the anim problem fully. Though... Mmm, I think an old modder, named Vosh or something posted a lot on sabers and 3D models. But I can't remember if he had a method that worked.

  19. That's odd :confused:

    I thought you got message warnings, whenever something was added to a conversation?

  20. I think another bit that might have caused the messy UVW; is that the saber was made out of several seperate objects. I then attached them all to oneanother to form "1" object.

    Which I then UVWmapped. I do know from experience to correct the UVW map you can detach 'to element' all the bits of your model; as you mapped the model. Or in some lucky cases just a few bits needed to be detached.


    But with this model... I didn't get a good result :-S

  21. Thanks for the hard work Redrob. It's odd though... Whenever I tried to fix that UVW it turned out worse in the game itself. :confused:

  22. Dang, Redrob... I was gutted to get back into that UVWmap... because I never used that Attach List command... So much for my superiour knowledge :lol:


    Alas, my older files of the saberhilts are all prior to UVWmapping.

    I can get quiete sloppy with my save files. :-S

  23. Euh; yeah... I get carried away sometimes when I make 3D stuff. It's that 2048x2048 comes out nicer when I render :lol:


    True, you don't see much of the details in the game... So it's a bit over the top. It'll be better to reduce the size. And yes, that black line on the spirals shouldn't be there! There some other black lines on other bits of the hilts to. But it's rather tiny... I guess they stick out more for me. Working all that time on an item, makes you insane :p

  24. Heyo,


    I've worked a bit more on Juhani's saberhilts. Finished up the item files. Gave both hilts some extra bonusses and an icon. Almost forgot to give'em that.


    Alas, the texture problem is still there. Like I said earlier I can't seem to get rid of the minor deformations on certain bits of my hilts. All the fixing attempts only made it worse... Bit of a shame. But I think the fans have been waiting long enough on this pack.


    So I rather give'em somthing to enjoy then nothing at all :)


    Here's the linky to the package:


  25. Ahoy, sad news. I can't seem to get rid of these annoying faults in my UVWmap of the hilt. All my new attempts on the model actually made it worse, then it was before... I'm a bit :confused: on what I can attempt to fix it.


    I hate to restart the UVWmapping. It's such a big job and rather boring... Fine punishment for a sloppy model >_>


    If it's okay, I'll give you the working game models with the 'tiny' texture faults in them. They're only visible once you start looking for them and more up close. I don't think most people will notice it; but I just don't like the idea of releasing something that isn't 'right'


    What you think on this?

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