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  1. Thanks, but I'll wait for elTees scan, I want to plot this out at my school
  2. I would love to have a high res scan of both! If you don't have access to a large scanner, copyshops and printstores can usually do it for free or very little.
  3. Great to hear that this has not died! Looking forward to an update, great work.
  4. I hope it pops up on gog. would be nice to get a copy without SecuROM:)
  5. Yeah, I didn't mean to butt in Jesse has the final say of course, just my opinion.
  6. I think you should respect Jesse's wishes and just remove it anyway. Fans should buy the soundtrack if they really want it.
  7. +1, downloaded both, you made my day! Thank you again!
  8. well, Ron Gilbert posted this last year, so it might have been underway for quite some time, even back in the maniac mansion days;) http://grumpygamer.com/5694081 edit; nevermind; just noticed this:P "*UPDATE:* I just want to clarify, these are not from the kickstarter adventure game, these are from the game that is the real reason I'm at Double Fine."
  9. Great! Thanks a lot! This really adds to the game experience:)
  10. I guess you have to put the converted dxt files back in the appropriate game subfolders, replacing the original ones?
  11. Interested but not optimistic. What are you aiming for exactly? A remake? A sequel? What is you story idea? Are you planing to do it in 3D or 2D? What do you bring to the table? I think you need to flesh out your concept a bit more if you want to attract anyone willing to contribute to your project.
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