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  1. Nice. Censor the person who is being accused, given the middle finger, and has written nothing offensive. Slightly ironic. But fine, I am not participating in this travesty anymore. Merry Christmas Bennyboy, and the rest of you. Back on topic.
  2. https://adventuregamers.com/articles/view/sam-max-save-the-world-remastered
  3. It is not a serious question. It is what we would call a loaded question, akin to "Have you stopped beating your wife?". The first part of the question implies that I have not made an effort to understand the arguments. The second part of the question implies that I must be some basement dwelling troll from an echo chamber, traversing the internet, looking for places to leave my racist remarks. This is a worn and well-known tactic used to limit replies to those that directly serve the questioner's agenda. I have not written what you stated. I wrote 'privileged' white people. I ha
  4. Oh. Your post is still here. I thought you would have sobered up and removed it by now. Cute.
  5. I guess this is also dependent on if you by ‘acting world’ mean the United States of America. In my country, the number of ppl of color in acting roles appears disproportionately large compared to what percentage of the population they represent. I also do not see many white people in huge acting industries like Bollywood or East Asia. It is not about this particular case, it’s just that as a general rule, I like to see that the person who is best qualified gets the job, not the person with the right gender, skin color or similar. Quotas are a bad I idea in general.
  6. I think privileged white people tend to forget that not all (in fact most) white people are not very privileged or powerful at all. The same relationship between privileged and common people exist in non-western cultures as well. Racism also exists between other races than white and colored. I am quite capable imagine feeling a victim of racism myself, it’s called empathy. And the reason I think we should treat everyone the same, not worse or better on the basis of their skin color. We we just had a debate in my country where people of eastern descent were
  7. I don’t want to start this discussion again either, but the answer ‘please google it and educate yourself’ is quite exhaustive to relate to as well, and the most common answer to difficult questions I see online. It seems this answer is the easiest when one does not really have any good arguments. Anyway, ‘reverse’ racism (I don’t like this term either, it is a nonsense term to me. I suppose what you mean is racism against white people) most definitely exist. And if someone thinks that races or cultures other than white/western ones are not racist, I would encourage them to drop g
  8. I dunno, to me it seems the people who are most vocally aggressive in these debate are the ones defending/demanding the changes. But I have not read the reviews in question. I view it more as a matter of principle, as I see more and more changes in different areas, like art, entertainment and history. And the changes seem extremely selective and frankly, unnecessary, coming from a place of fear of being accused of being associated with the 'wrong' crowd. I am not a fan of such group thinking, nor special rules for certain groups. Thinking in these terms quickly becomes very black a
  9. It may not be LucasArts, but I enjoy these remixes.I wish TWAU had a proper HQ soundtrack released.
  10. I dunno ... "to fix some of the audio issues at the beginning" maybe?
  11. Great. So I guess I will have ... 3 ... copies of the same game (4 if you count the physical release) Is it at least possible to gift my GOG key to someone else if I claim it? I can't really claim a game I already have in my library
  12. What if you bought the games on Telltale AND GOG, like I did? Do I get the remaster for free?
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