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  1. That's good! Glad o see you're alright. :)

    Oh wow, really? I'll check it out right away. :D

  2. Hey, Phil. How are you?

  3. Just a heads up: I'll be joining the Old Republic RP too. Still getting use to Mass Effect. Lol

  4. Thanks! And it's good to hear from you too. :D

  5. I understand. Thank you. I just haven't been feeling up to RPing as much as I use to. But I'll try. :)


    Lol Yeah. I was happy about that. But yeah, it's good to keep in touch with old friends.

  6. Hey! Long time no see! *Big hug*

  7. I know... And I'm sorry. I just missed the place. Plus, PK aka DrPhil wanted me to come back. I'll try though. It's just that I've been super busy on my end.

  8. Awww! Glad to see you're doing all right too. ^^


    True, true. And thanks. :)

  9. Well... not really. Sorry...


    I just wanted to see how my old buddies were doing. :)

  10. Been doing all right. Trying to finish college too. *sigh* But, I'm still hanging on. ^^


    It's good to see you all again.

  11. AWWWW!! I'm so sorry, MA! :hugs:


    How ya been, old buddy? ;)

  12. That's good. I know, huh? Man, I miss those days where we RPed together with PK and all them. Good times, good times. ^^

  13. Hey, Cyborg! Good to see ya again! Just stopped by to say hi to my old buddies here. ^^ How's everything?

  14. Hey, Chev! Great news: PK said it was all right for you to use his character. Good luck on your story!

  15. Oh, that's cool!


    And yeah, no problem. :) Sorry I took long to reply. Had to do something for my mom.

  16. Ooh... It's okay though. I've seen your stories on the poem/fanfic section. They're great. :)


    College is great! Hoping to become a comic book artist/animator after I graduate.


    Yeah, I've seen him a few times. He told me he was busy too, due to his works at his college. Hope he's doing okay though.

  17. Awesome! I'll definitely let you know. ^_^


    Awww, it's all good. But yeah, I've been super busy lately, now that I'm in college. Say, do you go on DeviantArt?

  18. Hey! Been a long time indeed. *hugs* It was wonderful. Yours?

  19. Thanks!


    And Happy New Year! ^^

  20. Been doing all right. Busy, but good. ^^

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