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  1. That's good! Glad o see you're alright. :)

    Oh wow, really? I'll check it out right away. :D

  2. Hey, Phil. How are you?

  3. You're right. And I deeply apologize for taking long, Phil. A lot has been going on in life... I'll try and post this week.
  4. Name: Jenna Age: 21 Gender: Female Race: Human Appearance: Click Here Occupation: White Mage Allegiance: Sanctum Weapons: Staff Magic/Abilities: Heal, Barthunder, Barfire, Reflect, Limit Break: (Will update) Biography: (Will update)
  5. It's good to see you guys again too! I really miss this place... After reading a little bit on ME and seeing some videos, I'll make a sheet. Give me a few minutes to come up with something.
  6. Just a heads up: I'll be joining the Old Republic RP too. Still getting use to Mass Effect. Lol

  7. Thanks! And it's good to hear from you too. :D

  8. I understand. Thank you. I just haven't been feeling up to RPing as much as I use to. But I'll try. :)


    Lol Yeah. I was happy about that. But yeah, it's good to keep in touch with old friends.

  9. Hey! Long time no see! *Big hug*

  10. I know... And I'm sorry. I just missed the place. Plus, PK aka DrPhil wanted me to come back. I'll try though. It's just that I've been super busy on my end.

  11. Goodness... It's been a long, long time... How's everyone? I'll post a character sheet later, Phil.
  12. Awww! Glad to see you're doing all right too. ^^


    True, true. And thanks. :)

  13. Well... not really. Sorry...


    I just wanted to see how my old buddies were doing. :)

  14. Thank you! Trying my best to create volumes for it. ^^
  15. Been doing all right. Trying to finish college too. *sigh* But, I'm still hanging on. ^^


    It's good to see you all again.

  16. AWWWW!! I'm so sorry, MA! :hugs:


    How ya been, old buddy? ;)

  17. That's good. I know, huh? Man, I miss those days where we RPed together with PK and all them. Good times, good times. ^^

  18. Hey, Cyborg! Good to see ya again! Just stopped by to say hi to my old buddies here. ^^ How's everything?

  19. Sorry, guys, I meant to give you all a link, but I can't on my phone. Google in "Cryptic Yume". Feedbacks and critiques are welcomed. I say this because this is my first webcomic I'm practicing on to become a good comic book artist in the future. Thanks!
  20. Good to see ya'll again! Say, quick question: Does anyone here have DeviantArt? I'm making a new webcomic and was wondering if anybody would be interested on seeing it.
  21. Hey, Chev! Great news: PK said it was all right for you to use his character. Good luck on your story!

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