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  1. Ebon Hawk "Would it be presumptuous of me to ask that we name one of the twins Aiden?" Alriana smiled gently and took one of Tavaryn's hands in hers. "Of course we can name one of them Aiden." She said gently. "I'm sorry to hear you went through something like that though." "I can teach you little one as I will my own daughter. And I think Alriana and Tavaryn would like to help with that. What do you think?" Velra smiled. "I want to be like my father. I want to be a Jedi." She said quietly. What is it like to be a Jedi?" She asked carefully.
  2. Ebon Hawk "They are there moi chroi. I sense them." "I'm glad." Alriana smiled. "And thank you for agreeing to accompany me to the medical bay when we get back. I'm not going to lie, I am a bit nervous." She listened quietly as Tavaryn told the tale of being trapped in the bacta tank. "His name Aiden. He was the Jedi I was to protect. We were captured and Aiden was injured trying to save me. We ended up in the tank and left to die slowly. He continued to save me by instructing me how to use the Force to control my breathing. He gave me the basis to experiment with other abilities." "If I may ask, how did you survive the encounter?" She asked curiously. "How did you manage to escape the tank?" "It is okay to cry little one. Remember the good things he did." Velra nodded and she looked back up as the hologram flashed for a brief moment and the image of Varith reappeared. This time he was sitting in a pilot's chair with the background of a star-fighter behind him. "Velra. I only have a brief amount of time before I reach the station. The shuttle sent out a distress call and I'm on my way. If you are watching this, then I did manage to rescue you. However, if I'm not there, then I died in the attempt. I only hope that Tavaryn Onashi and Jedi Alriana are the ones who managed to get you off that blasted station. I have a favor to ask of them along with the one known as Jun-la." "I know that my daughter is force sensitive. I could sense if when I first encountered her. I ask that she be trained in the ways of the Jedi by the one known as Jun-la when she feels she is old enough. I also ask that she be given a home on the Resistance vessel Ackbar for as long as Onashi and Jedi Alriana remain aboard." The sound of a computer voice echoed through the room from the hologram. "Arrival in thirty seconds. Please stand by." Varith smiled as the hologram shut down leaving an empty space that was quickly replaced by the image of a Cathar woman holding a baby. "That must be my mother." Velra said quietly as she looked up at Jun-la. "Are you Jun-la? Are you going to teach me how to be a Jedi?" She asked quietly.
  3. Ebon Hawk "Twins? For certain?" Alriana smiled brightly. "Yes...I wasn't sure at first. It was difficult to tell but I eventually managed figure it out. I was going to go to the Ackbar's medical bay when we returned. You're welcome to join me if you wish." She said in a teasing tone. "I would like you to know. I would like you to know who I was trapped with. He was the reason why I have some control over my Jedi abilities. If you are willing." "Of course I'm willing to listen." She said gently. "Just put it into that slot." "Okay." Velra smiled as she placed the data-chip in the slot. A life-size holographic image began to form to reveal the former Cathar dark Jedi Varith. "If this message has been activated, then I have managed to give you a better life then I could have ever hoped for. I was once a paragon of Light and Justice but when your mother was taken from us, I fell to the Dark side and began hunting those that I once considered brothers and sisters of the Order." The image of Varith smiled for a brief moment. "For years I did horrible things but then I learned that I had a daughter that I never knew about. Your mother came to me in a vision and told me...told me what I had to do. I am sorry for all the years you lived without a family Velra, I can never make that up to you. But I can give you a better future." The holographic image of Varith looked behind as the sounds of blaster fire began to sound in the background of the image. "I don't have much time. But I want you to know that your Father loves you. And I entrust you to those who I know will always look after you." "Jedi Alriana and Tavaryn Onashi. I ask that you look after my child and welcome her into your family. I ask that you love her as you will one day love your own children." The image of Varith ignited his lightsaber as the sound of blaster fire began to grow louder. "You are my redemption Velra. Always remember that." The image faded after a moment and Velra wiped a few tears away. "Father..." She said quietly.
  4. Ebon Hawk "Don't overdo it moi chroi. The baby...?" He held still and then added, "if you want to know, I will tell you about my phobia." Alriana relaxed a bit as she continued to accelerate Tavaryn's healing. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to." She said with a slight smile. "And about the baby...there's something I need to tell you." She said as her smile widened slightly. It had been difficult for her to tell at first since this was her first pregnancy but she was finally sure what she had suspected was true and she was ready to tell Tavaryn. She leaned down next to him and spoke a single word into his ear. She was hoping to get a reaction from him. Hopefully something that they could both share a laugh about later. "Twins." She whispered in his ear. "Well it is a data chip. This one looks like it might have a personal message. Lets see if we can get it to show up." Velra smiled and walked over towards the console that Jun-la was standing by and looked down at the chip and than looked up at Jun-la. "How do we get the message to show up?" She asked. The orphanage she had lived in on Cathar had data-chips and machines that could play them but the children were never allowed to operate them. They were somewhat expensive to fix if they were broken.
  5. Ebon Hawk "It will be okay. Go ahead and sit with Jun-la in the main hold. She will look after you." Velra smiled and hugged Tavaryn before turning and running for the main hold. She saw Jun-la and ran up to her. "The man in the med-bay told me to go and sit with you." She held up the data-chip. "Can you help me with this? I don't know what to do with it." There is a reason why I am a pain with the tanks moi chroi. I had an unfortunate experience with one. I was buried alive in it. Now I understand why you always try to avoid the tanks at all costs. She thought back at him. Don't worry, I'll try to keep you from needing to visit bacta tanks from now on. Alriana closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Hold still." She said quietly as she let the power of the force flow through her and focused it into helping Tavaryn heal.
  6. Ackbar "Perhaps that young Jedi. The one called Andros may be able to help when the Hawk returns." "I'll keep that in mind." Belina said as she turned to look at Garja. "I want all further communications checked twice before they go out." Garja nodded. "Yes Admiral." Ebon Hawk "If you don't mind helping moi chroi. I really want to avoid the tank. Please." Alriana sighed and smiled. "Fine. Just lay down and I should be able to help fix some of the damage." "I can show you how it works. Let me just fix myself and I will show you a'ghra. Okay?" Velra nodded and wiped away the last of her tears. "Okay." She said simply.
  7. Ackbar Belina smiled. "Good to hear. Now if you'll excuse me for just a moment I need to check on something." She turned and headed to the other side of the room where a holo-communicator that was built into the wall was beeping. She activated it and the life-size hologram of the armored warrior she had been speaking with before appeared. "Admiral Belina. We have begun redistributing our forces to rendezvous with those of the Resistance. However, we have noticed a disturbing occurrence among a small sith force that entered Mandalorian territory. Two frigates and a heavy destroyer entered our space and engaged the forces guarding one of our shipyards. We managed to destroy them but we lost two ships while doing so." The armored warrior paused for a moment. "The Sith Force was unusually well coordinated and informed. They were able to get past our boarder defenses without triggering an alarm and they knew exactly which shipyard was the least defended. We may have an informant in our forces or you may have one in yours. We are currently investigating and I would advise you to do the same." Belina shook her head. "This is bad. I'll have my forces begin checking outgoing transmissions to see if it's a problem on our end. Belina out." She turned to look at the group and shook her head as she signaled the bridge. "Begin checking outgoing transmissions. Red flag anything that you see fit to." "Yes Admiral." Ebon Hawk "Perhaps we could take care of it before we get to the Ackbar, the better. Less chance of the viper getting her way. " Alriana was about to make a comment about the Death Head's medical facilities but thought better of it. "If you want to try and take care of it now you're more than welcome to." She said with a chuckle. "But no matter what happens, you're probably going to be ending up in a bacta tank." "Your father told me to give it to you and to say that he loves you." Velra took the offered data chip and held it close to her. "Do you know how to use it?" She asked.
  8. Ackbar Belina turned to look at the assembled people around her. "Once they get back, we should begin planning our next move and possibly discuss relocating the main bulk of our forces." Ebon Hawk "And I'm full of holes." Alriana smiled. "That's what Bacta tanks and bandages are for." She teased gently as she watched as he handed a small data chip to Velra. "I have something for you a'ghra," Velra looked at it curiously as Tavaryn wiped away her tears. "What is it?" She asked as she took it and held it in her hands.
  9. Ackbar "Ebon Hawk to Ackbar. We're clear. Repeat we're clear." Belina let out a relieved sigh. It was excellent news that they had managed to get away from that station. "Ackbar to Ebon Hawk. Good work. Meet up with us as soon as you can." Station "It's okay moi chroi. It will be all right." "I know." Alriana said quietly as she looked down at the Cathar child and then back up at Tavaryn. She could tell he was in pain and she knew he should probably lay down. "Come on Tavaryn." She said quietly as she sent the Cathar child down. "You need to rest for a few minutes. Sit down at least until we get to the Ackbar."
  10. Ackbar "Ackbar the structural integrity is failing. We've had a major explosion. Will hold out until..." Belina looked up sharply as she heard the comn cut out. "We've lost communications with them." She said quietly. Station "I'm all right moi chroi." Alriana had tears running down her face. Tears of sorrow and also tears of relief. Velra was standing next to her with tears running down her face and she was sobbing. "I...felt that Cathar force user die." Alriana said quietly. "I could sense the light-side in him at the end. He managed to finally put an end to Tyrannus. He gave his life not only for us, but for his daughter." Velra continued crying as Alriana picked her up and gently hugged her. "It's going to be alright Velra." She said quietly. "Your father was a hero and I'll make sure the Jedi remember his name with honor." She gently freed one of her hands and pulled Tavaryn into the hug while softly planting a kiss on him. "I'm glad your safe Tavaryn. And thanks to Varith we no longer need to worry about Tyrannus. A good man sacrificed himself to make sure of that."
  11. Ackbar "Alpha team is on standby ma'am. We just need a means of getting there. And I believe that the Ebon Hawk is still on location. Perhaps we should check in with the Jedi." Belina looked over at him and nodded. "I think your right." She said as she opened a channel to the bridge. "Open a channel to the Ebon Hawk as soon as possible." She instructed the comn officer who immediately began attempting to track the Hawk's transponder signature." "Channel open, Admiral." Belina spoke as clearly as she could. She could hear static in the transmission which meant that it wasn't the best connection. "Ebon Hawk, this is Admiral Belina aboard the Ackbar. What is your status?" Station "We need to pick up Tara before boarding." "Leave it to me." Xandros replied as they finally managed to reach the Hawk and he let Tavaryn grasp the ramp leading up into the Hawk. "I'll be right back." He said as he headed back down the corridor and after a few moments of searching he found the AI and grabbed the data-chip containing her and began running back towards the ship. "They're on their way. I know it." "Good to hear." Alriana replied anxiously. "We need to get out of here. The station has taken severe structural damage. We need to leave before it collapses." "What are you doing?!" Varith smiled sadly. In this brief moment before his death, he was at peace. His daughter would be safe. And he no longer would be what he had once sworn to destroy. "Making sure they can get away. I can't beat you one on one. But as I said to the Shinigami: I am very good with explosives." Just as Varith hit the power conduit with the force lightning, he unleashed another stream of lightning at a plasma conduit. Goodbye Velra. He thought as the white-hot explosions of the plasma conduit and the power conduit tore through the room and engulfed the two of them.
  12. The Sith Resurrection lives up to it's name xD. Anyway, it's back up and running if your interested.

  13. Ackbar "Alpha Leader's suit integrity has been compromised." Belina looked over at Tariq as she headed over to the communications holocomn. "Is it possible we can get a team to their location? I'm sure I can spare a ship. Possibly a frigate." She reached the corner and smiled as the image of an armored warrior appeared above the holocomn. "Admiral. I have spoken with my government. We stand ready to assist. And you will speak to your government?" "I will. And I think I can guarantee full contracts with the Resistance. Access to the specified uninhabited worlds in our agreement and I assume your Government has agreed to the last request?" "Yes. The Mandalorians and Galactic Alliance will assist one another in times in crisis in accordance with the Ackbar Treaty. As long as the treaty is honored, you can count on us to assist in anyway possible." "Excellent." Belina grinned. "Stand by to rendezvous with the Third Fleet in the Lakaris sector. Belina out." Station "We need to go. It's his battle. "I...understand." Xandros said quietly as the door slammed shut separating the group of them from Varith and Tyrannus. "Let's get aboard the Hawk and get out of here." He said as he pulled Tavaryn up and supported him as best as he could as they limped towards the Hawk. "You are most certainly welcome to try old friend." "She will be loved with us." "I will hold you to that." Varith muttered to himself as the door closed. "Friends? Never. A means to an end? Yes." Varith snarled as he avoided the sudden lunge and unleashed a stream of lightning as Tyrannus with one hand while launching another stream of lightning at a power conduit.
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  16. Just so you know, the Group is now in transit to Voss. I was going to do a timeskip once everyone posted.

  17. "Hold on a minute," Yeira Karitta said. "By the way, nice to meet you, Juhani." She smiled and blushed, embarrassed at her momentary lack of manners. There was something else about the Cathar that intrigued her, and not only because she'd never met one. "You're telling me I can use the Force?" Juhani managed to calm herself and stop the flow of tears with no small amount of effort. For her, the past years hiding in the shadow lands and being on the run from the sith had been a living hell. She had seen things that had haunted her dreams for years and would most likely continue to haunt her, such as the man with the glowing red eye who seemingly refused to die. But now she was safe. Among friends. And hopefully the one who had hunted her across the stars was dead as well. She turned to look at the woman who had spoken and took a closer look at her for a brief moment. She could sense the force in her, but it was not as strong as it was with Juhani herself. "We won't steal it. We'll borrow it to save our minds." Valean shook her head. "We shouldn't do it. From what I understand, the masters have had experience with this world. We should leave it to them to handle this unless they absolutely need it."
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  19. I hadn't checked recently. I was on earlier and managed to finish an Ops run. I thought most of the issues had been solved.

  20. "It's too bad we're never that lucky. Anyway, If everyone's ready I think we should take off. I'm already getting anxious just waiting around, and they can continue their conversation on the way there if they wish." Vlalkor nodded. "Agreed. Time to head to Voss. I just hope whatever this thing is doesn't manage to blast us out of the sky when we approach Voss's atmosphere." He grinned. "Just a joke." Vlalkor headed for the bridge and sat down in the pilot's chair and began flipping switches and hitting buttons. The Shan rumbled as the engines came online and the ship slowly began to rise into the air. "Entering Hyperspace coordinates for Voss." Vlalkor said over the intercom. "It looks like it's going to be about one day's journey. You all should probably take the opportunity to rest before we arrive." Voss Unknown Location Voleran may have fallen but I have others to finish these fools, The being thought as it sent a single command through the force. A command that echoed through the minds of the people of Voss. Whether they were republic, imperial or the native Voss. Rise Many of those people who heard the command looked towards the sky for a brief moment. Voleran's death had wounded the being through the force and as such he wasn't as powerful as he had once been. But he could still bring forth those who had already had contact with those he controlled. And his power was still far beyond those of nearly any force user. To me. Amongst the confusion that was now erupting across Voss, speeders and other vehicles sped across the surface of Voss as they helplessly obeyed the call of the dark being that now had control of them.
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  23. "Does that mean you will all be heading into the heart of danger and leaving us here? With no Masters or Knights at the Enclave, it will be unguarded. If any Sith remnants are on Dantooine, they'll attack us posthaste. We won't be able to defend ourselves against such a threat, or even against raiders." "That is true, Padawan Talt, and that's why I'm leaving Master Atton behind. He has mastered tricks of the mind that can protect him against the Pulse. If this matter is settled, Knight Icarus, I need you to come with me and Headmistress Visas." Brianna beckoned to the Twi'lek. "The rest of you may return to your personal quarters." "With all due respect to Master Atton, What happens if we're attacked with overwhelming force?" Valean asked quietly. "I've learned from studying that all it can take is one shot to cripple or kill an opponent and that applies to us as well." "Thanks for the vote of confidence." Atton muttered. Valean looked mortified. "I'm sorry Master, that came out wrong." Atton laughed and shook his head. "Don't worry about it, I understand where your coming from. But don't worry, I learned from the best and I think I can take care of anything that's thrown at us." Jolee was listening to the exchange of words and sighed. Atton seemed a bit overconfident and that was a dangerous trait for a Jedi. He could feel something in the force. Not the pulse from earlier but something else...something familiar. He turned around and reached out through the force to try and identify it. Old friend...a familiar voice called through the force as whatever it was sensed his actions. It appears that the years have been kinder to you than I. Jolee was shocked enough that he actually could feel his own shock through the force, most likely the others could sense it as well. "Master Bindo?" Valean asked quietly. "What's wrong?" She asked again as the doors to the temple medbay opened and a battle scarred figure hesitantly walked through. "Jolee..." Juhani said quietly as she walked towards him. "I...It...I am so glad to see you again old friend." She said quietly as tears began to form in her eyes. Jolee Bindo couldn't believe his eyes. He had thought she had died during the purge but he had apparently been wrong. And he couldn't be happier that he was wrong. Jolee held his arms open and the Cathar hesitantly paused for a moment before returning the hug. Jolee looked at the Jedi in the room and the woman from Czerka. "Everyone...this is Juhani." He said quietly as the Cathar woman began to let the tears of joy and relief run down her face as she began to shake slightly from crying. "And she traveled with me during the Jedi Civil War." He said quietly as he let the Cathar Jedi continue to weep while he hugged her.
  24. Outskirts of the Jedi Temple The cloaked figure slowly looked around the Jedi Temple grounds as her mind was flooded with memories of her time amongst the Jedi. Not all of them were good. Her Master had tested her once while sparring and she had fallen to the dark-side as a result of that test. A man she considered her best friend had managed to bring her back to the light-side. So many years...So much has changed. She thought as she looked at the Jedi Temple. It looked as if part of it had been rebuilt after the bombardment by Darth Malak. The cloaked figure looked on and threw back her hood to reveal a battle scarred cathar face. Her eyes were filled with hope as she slowly began to walk to the Jedi Temple. Juhani had returned. Jedi Temple Medbay Jolee closed his eyes and began to focus as he tried to determine the cause of Yeira's symptoms. Jolee's hand shook slightly as he continued focusing. After a few moments he pulled his hand back and shook his head. "I can sense that something's wrong. But I can't determine what exactly is wrong. It's confusing." Quirzar quietly pushed his way forward and looked at Jolee and than at Yeira. "I sense this. I can hunt it." He said quietly as he placed his leathery hands on the Czerka woman's head. "Do not fear. Quirzar will find this." The trandoshan closed his eyes and could already sense something...wrong. Wrong with the woman but also wrong with himself in a different way yet somehow the same. Quirzar will find you... The trandoshan's thought's echoed the force as he tried to track down the source of whatever it was. And for a brief moment...he thought he had it. It was than the Trandoshan for one of the few times in his life was stunned. In his mind...he saw a battle scarred world twisted and cracked by the forces of Gravity itself, the wreckage of hundreds of ships caught in an unstable gravity field. This world was covered in the cloak of the dark-side. The Trandoshan pulled his hand back quickly. "I saw a world...cracked and twisted. Hundreds of destroyed ships caught in orbit. The dark-side is strong there. It is everywhere and everything." I have heard of worlds like that. But I have not set foot on them.
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