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  1. The War between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic didn't end with a treaty or one side finally destroying the other. It ended with the two Galactic Superpowers turning against their so-called protectors. It was the day that both the Jedi and Sith found themselves under attack by the governments they had sworn to protect. Korriban fell within hours as the Dark Council was forced to flee the Citadel on Dromund Kaas and were picked off one by one as they tried to find a safe haven. There was none. The Imperial military that had once served alongside the Dark Lords of the Sith hunted them like animals as they fled. Only a few members of the Sith managed to flee Korriban. The Jedi Order fared no better. The Jedi council was wiped out as the Temple was destroyed from orbit and many of the Jedi Knights and Padawans were slaughtered as they tried to flee from attacking Republic forces. Many Knights gave their lives to try and smuggle the youngest of the Jedi off world to safety. It's the end of an era, will you survive? Rules No Godmodding No Super powerful characters No more than three characters Language is to be kept at a Pg-13 level. You can insult the characters but not the people controlling them. No killing other characters without permission. Jedi and Sith fugitives are welcome! Feel free to create a force sensitive character, but be warned, you'll be hunted by many, many people. Character Sheet NAME: AFFILIATION: GENDER: AGE: SPECIES: APPEARANCE: WEAPONS: EQUIPMENT: OCCUPATION: HISTORY:
  2. "The sooner we vanquish this thing, the better." Zarev simply nodded grimly as he ignited his yellow double-bladed lightsaber and landed on the ground with the saber held in an attack stance as figures began to emerge from their hiding spaces. Voss commandos that were armed to the teeth with weaponry, Republic and sith troopers with blaster rifles ready. But more alarming to Zarev were the three masked Sith holding their crimson lightsabers ready. Avriela smiled grimly and dropped from the ship and landed between Varik and Zarev and her red double bladed lightsaber ignited with a hiss. "Try to disable them. Only kill if it's absolutely necessary." Zarev said softly as the mind controlled forces began to advance.
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  7. "Are we going to jump?" Zarev nodded. It's not that far of a drop and if we were to try and get closer to this thing on foot it would most likely send everything it had against us before we got close. I think this is the best idea." Avriela nodded as she approached the ramp and winked over at Vlalkor who's face turned red as he turned back to the console. "I agree with Zarev." She said as the Shan began to rock slightly as far off weapons fire began to impact the hull not causing enough damage to knock it out of the sky but enough that to show that if the Shan stayed still much longer it would most likely be knocked out of the sky. "Alright everyone. Time to go."
  8. "You're not coming with us?" Vlalkor shook his head and smiled. "I'm going to try and clear the sky of the fighters that the entity is controlling, Don't worry. I did pretty well in the training sims in fighter combat. Now, we're almost at the drop point, get to the loading ramp and get ready for the fight of your lives." Vlalkor hit the thrusters again and the Shan shot forward until it was in the middle of the nightmare lands only a few hundred feet from where the Commando transmission had come from." ""Alright everyone, we're here. Get ready and let me know if you need a lift out or anything." He said as he looked over at Avriela and winked. "And I'll see you when we're done here." He grinned as he began to open the landing ramp.
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  10. Vlalkor gritted his teeth as the Shan tore through space as he did his best to avoid Turbolaser blasts and incoming torpedoes. He saw two of the Republic ships that were providing cover for the Shan explode as they were hit by turbolasers from a Republic battleship. Just a few more seconds..."Entering the Atmosphere in...three...two...one!" Vlalkor called out as the Shan managed to get past the capital ships in orbit and began to shake violently as it tore through the atmosphere. "This is Shan to all remaining Imperial and and Republic Vessels! We have broken through the blockade. All ships, withdraw to a safe distance at once! I repeat, withdraw!" "Understood Shan. May the force protect you." A voice came back over the comnlink as Vlalkor turned the ship towards the nightmare lands. "Get ready everybody. I'm going to drop you as close as I can to the source of the transmissions from the commandos. Be prepared." Zarev nodded grimly and Avriela smiled as she headed for the ramp as she clipped her lightsaber to her belt before turning back and heading back to Vlalkor. "Vlalkor?" The trooper turned and looked at her for a brief moment and his eyes widened in shock as she pressed her lips against his and broke the kiss a moment later. Avriela smiled at Vlalkor's shocked expression. "Been wanting to do that for awhile." Avriela said calmly. "Once we get back, I think you and I should go out to dinner. What do you think?" "Uh..I mean...yes." Vlalkor looked shocked. Avriela winked. "Sounds fun. Be back in a bit." she said with a smile as she headed to the ramp. Zarev raised an eyebrow and smiled at Vlalkor's expression. "Have fun Vlalkor." he said jokingly as he followed Avriela to the ramp. Voss Nightmare lands The entity's eyes were closed as it sensed the battle and the approaching strike team. But it didn't matter.
  11. Vlalkor smiled grimly as he rerouted what little auxiliary power the Shan had to the engines and shields. "Dash for the planet it is." Vlalkor opened up a comn line to the remaining Republic and Sith ships using an encrypted frequency. The sith would most likely have a harder time breaking the code then the Republic forces but he hoped they would understand what they were trying to accomplish. "Attention all remaining ships. This the Republic vessel, Shan. We have located the entity responsible for commandeering the solders and vessels in orbit and are in the process of eliminating it. We need cover for a few moments to reach the planet." Avriela looked up and saw a few of the Republic vessels forming up on the Shan in a position to intercept whatever they would throw at the Shan. "Full power to engines...now!" Vlalkor called as the Shan shot forward and turbolaser fire from the Republic and Sith Vessels that were behind them began slamming into the ships that the entity had control of. "This is gonna be rough. Hold onto something." Vlalkor said as the Shan maneuvered through the firestorm as it approached Voss.
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  13. ((Didn't have internet for awhile and I still don't have it on a consistent basis for now. I'll try to post when I can.)) Bridge "Vlalkor I have a plan but you're not going to like it. We're going to use the Republic battle group as cover to get to the planet.", he paused. "It's our only option." Vlalkor looked up as an idea came to mind. "I feel that you might be right. I can send them a warning and let them know that we need to reach the planet. Maybe they can cover us until we can reach Voss and then retreat." "Are we being attacked? Zarev and I...uh...were out of the loop for quite a while. I apologize, but there must be something we can do to help. This is chaos." Avriela looked up at the two as Vlalkor looked back down at the controls. "Whatever this thing is, it prepared for us. It's blasting anything that gets within firing range and it has control of both Master Satele Shan and Darth Marr. We need to reach the planet and end this thing. If we kill it, maybe we can break the control it has over everyone." Vlalkor didn't look up as Light spoke up. He was busy redirecting power to the shields and engines just in case they attracted more attention then they already had. "Patience Varik. We have not yet been engaged. I recommend that we send a message for the Republic group to flee. Remember, they asked us to surrender. This should be our opportunity. We can either pretend to surrender, and then swiftly accelerate when they get close. Or, if we are unable to escape that way, then we may end up on one of their ships. The Mentophage isn't so far away, else it's troops would not be clustered here. Do we have confirmation on a location yet? If I had to wager, there would be a large heat signature, either due to the creature's forces on the ground, or due to its own mass." Vlalkor turned to look at Light. "I've been scanning since we arrived in the system. There's no heat signature or anything. From what I can tell it's throwing everything it has at the uncorrupted forces on the plan-...wait. Hold on, picking up a transmission from Voss itself." A voice that could barely be heard over the sound of blaster fire and the sounds of activated lightsabers filled the bridge. "This is Commando squad 12, we have found what we believe is where whatever this thing is is commanding it's forces from. Repeat, the entity is located somewhere in the Nightmare lands! Inform the rest of the commando squads!" The voice cut off as the sound of blaster fire grew more intense. Vlalkor looked up at everyone. "I think we should make a run for the planet. What do you all think?"
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  15. ((Time to arrive at Voss. The one day time-skip is over.)) Republic Vessel Shan Entering Voss Orbit Zarev slowly opened his eyes and smiled at the sleeping form of Per'dra next to him. He couldn't help but smile despite the fact that if the Jedi council knew what he and Per'dra had done they would most likely be kicked out of the order but he didn't care. He had found someone that he loved and all that mattered to him was making sure she was safe. "Did you sleep well?" He asked softly enough that she would be able to hear him if she was awake, but not loud enough to disturb her if she was still sleeping. Shan Bridge Vlalkor couldn't help but be a bit suspicious as he looked at the amount of Comn traffic coming and going from Voss. He paused for a moment as he tried to identify the various signals. Imperial...and Republic? This can't be good. He thought as the Shan dropped out of Hyperspace. His eyes widened in shock as he saw the charred aft section of a Sith Harrower class dreadnaught drift past the bridge view-port. "Aw...Kark." He muttered as he took in the situation. There were three Sith Harrower class dreadnaughts and two Republic heavy battle cruisers surrounding Voss, they were firing at any vessel approaching the planet. Approaching Voss were two Republic battle cruisers and a small group of Republic Destroyers that were taking heavy fire. Further out were two heavily damaged Sith war ships and a larger Sith Dreadnaught who's bridge had been destroyed that looked as if they had seen much better days. They must have knocked out those dreadnaughts earlier and waited for the Republic battle group. A console beeped indicating incoming decrypted transmissions. "- Is Lord Gel of the Sith Empire to the Dark Council! My troops and acolytes turned on me! I can sense something here, something far stronger then I have ever encountered before! Requesting any and all nearby forces to be redirected to Voss! Something is controlling the vast majority of the population and is setting them against us!" "- Jedi Master Lelkan to the Jedi High Council. There is some sort of Dark-Side entity here on Voss. Something far stronger then we have ever encountered before. It's attempting to take control of our forces here! I have managed to keep it from corrupting my Padawan but I don't know how much longer we can hold out! The native Voss seem to have gone mad, they are marching on both our Embassy and the Sith Embassy. Not sure how much longer we can hold out!" "Attention to any Vessel's approaching Voss, this is Voss Orbital Control. We are under attack by an unknown entity which appears to have taken control of the vessels surrounding the planet. Requesting assistance from any vessels in the area!" "This is Captain Veka of the Republic vessel Hope's Star. We're being fired on by Republic and Imperial Warships! Requesting assistance from any loyal Republic Vessel!" "-Arth Kellis to any Imperial vessels. We have been attacked by a joint force of Republic and Imperial vessel. Our Battle force has taken severe losses. Requesting assistance and instructions." Vlalkor hit the intercom button. "Looks like we're expected." He said as his voice echoed through the ship. "Whatever this thing is it looks as if it's been getting ready for us, the whole planet seems to be in a state of chaos." He looked down at the consoles as they began beeping again. "Incoming transmission from the ships surrounding Voss. Putting it through." "This is Satele Shan, formally of the Jedi High Council. Republic Vessel Shan: If you do not submit you will be destroyed. You have interfered in affairs that you cannot comprehend. We know what you have done to interfere with the Master's plan. I offer you a choice. Surrender yourself to us or die." It has control of the Grand Master of the Jedi Council. This isn't good. "This is Darth Marr, formally the leader head of the Dark Council. This being's mind remembers the traitor that I now sense on your ship. She will make a fine vessel for the master. I suggest that you power down your vessel and prepare to become one with the Master." Seriously? The head of the Dark Council?! How far does this thing's reach extend?! He heard the sound of footsteps coming up and saw the former sith Avriela approach and sit down in the co-plot's seat. "So...this thing has control of two of the most influential people in the Republic and the Sith?" "Looks that way. Got any suggestions?" "Yeah. Stay alive until we can get to Voss."
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  17. ((Time skip will be upcoming soon. Possibly after Light and Corsail post and MrsFicwriter posts.)) "Of course. What's on your mind?" Zarev was about to respond but he was quickly losing the courage he had managed to briefly summon. He was about to change the topic of the conversation he was about to bring up but he could hear Light's thoughts in his head. "Don't miss a chance to be together." Zarev took a deep breath. Light was right. It could be their last chance to be together. "Per'dra...We could possibly be going to our deaths within the next day." He said softly as he gently took her hands as they approached the crew quarters. "I don't want to risk dying before telling you how much you mean to me and how much I love you." He said softly as he bowed his head towards her. "I...I'm not that good at this sort of things." He said as his face turned red. "I just want to let you know how much you mean to me."
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  19. "All right." Zarev looked at Per'dra as she turned and headed for the crew quarters and caught her eye for a moment as she turned to look at him before continuing on to her quarters. He turned to look at Light and smiled sheepishly. "Excuse me, I need to talk to her." He muttered as he turned and ran after her. "Per'dra! Per'dra, may I have a word with you?" He asked carefully. Tython Rise Satele Shan rose to her feet. Her eyes had a blank, vacant look in them. Without looking she grabbed her double-bladed lightsaber and headed for the Temple's docking bay which would take her to her small personal shuttle. The others await you. Join them aboard the Courageous and rid me of these pests forever. Despite a few inquiring looks as she passed through the temple, she arrived aboard the Republic capital ship and spoke softly. "Set course for Voss. The Master has summoned us." Dromund Kaas Rise "Set Course for Voss. Best possible speed. We have been summoned." Darth Marr of the Dark council looked ahead through the forward viewer as the Sith Harrower class dreadnaught Starblaze engaged it's hyperdrive. "Alert all stations that we expect to encounter limited resistance once we arrive. Failure to destroy the resistance will not be tolerated." "Yes, my lord."
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  21. ((Finally got my home computer hooked up to the internet! )) ((EDIT: Never mind. about to lose my connection again )) "Could the mentophage be operating upon the same basic principle -and improving it with every mind that it 'eats'?" Zarev shook his head. "I don't think so. Whatever this thing is it seems to infect others by contact. Someone must have ran into it at some point and it took control and began spreading it's influence across the galaxy. If it can dominate minds like that it must have already been extremely powerful." He looked over at Per'dra for a moment. "Is it possible that this thing is somehow feeding off the force itself and growing stronger and stronger the more it feeds? It could have discovered some sort of way to drain the force itself and feed off it. Whatever the case, we need to rest. We have a day until we arrive at Voss and I suggest we rest and get ready for the battle to come."
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